What Chris Burch Did With A Surf Hut On Sumba Island

If you happened to be one of a few lucky people to know good surfing locations in Indonesia, you may have known about a remote beach on Sumba Island in Indonesia. But now everyone is finding out about it because Chris Burch now owns a good portion of the island since he and his partner James McBride bought the place in 2012. Burch started having contractors and designers come in and building the island into a resort that has tree house villas, masseuses who come into your rooms when you need a relaxing massage, top-of-the-line interior designs in the buildings and beautiful pools overlooking the ocean. Chris Burch said he wasn’t simply interested in only making millions on returns in this investment, but he also wanted to have his legacy cemented in this property and have ownership passed down through his family.

Long before Chris Burch became a billionaire beach resort owner and venture capitalist, he built his own business in sweater and casual fashion retail. That business which became Eagle Eye Apparel was simply a door-to-door hobby he had selling sweaters, but as retail stores opened it began generating millions in sales and had its own factories. Burch would eventually sell Eagle Eye Apparel and move into other private equity investments as well as buying shares in various hotel and housing properties, read this on wingsjournal.com.

Chris Burch helped launch a big name fashion brand in Tory Burch in 2004, named for his then wife Tory Burch. About 10 years later he made his second big name brand investment in ED, a group of lifestyle products named for TV personality Ellen DeGeneres. Burch officially launched his venture capital firm Burch Creative Capital in 2008, and some disruptive retail and Internet of Things companies that have come out of this firm include Powermat, Pypestream, Actua, Jack Rogers and Voss Water, refer to (Prnewswire.com). The firm has also been a partner with real estate developers like the Argentina based Alan Faena Group who Burch partnered with to open the Hotel + Universe project in Buenos Aires as well as buying up condos in the Miami area. Burch also bought several homes on Long Island and Nantucket Island that he had redeveloped and sold off for millions. With all the holdings in his portfolio and the total assets under account valued at over $1 billion, Burch made the list of current billionaires in Forbes in 2013. He also has served as a trustee and donor to organizations like the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation and the Tilton School.

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