Vijay Eswaran Appreciates The Art Of Risk Taking

Young people should develop a habit for taking risk as soon as they enter the workforce according to Vijay Eswaran. Most people are secure with the idea of looking for a job and finding a place to belong to. It is important to find employment before taking any kind of individual risk in business. However, the platform in business changes very rapidly. These changes will affect the types of jobs and become available for people who are new to the market.

Vijay Eswaranq knows that it is important to gain experience. However, he believes that this experience can be gained while creating jobs at the same time. Those who are new to the work force must be open to opportunities that will enhance the skills that they bring to the table. It is important to decide whether it is necessary to work for a large established corporation or a startup company. The job seeker must do careful research in order to decide which option is the best for them.

There are advantages and disadvantages to working with small startups and large corporations. However, most overlook the life cycle of a startup company that will eventually grow into a large enterprise. People who are new to the workforce will have an opportunity to be a leader in a small startup company and grow with the organization. They will be responsible for the ideas that they come up with and therefore get the credit they deserve when a project is completed. There is very little delegation when working with a small company.

It is essential that the new job seeker is thoroughly invested into the vision of a startup company. The environment will be fast-paced and changing often because the company is continuing to grow. This dynamic is the complete opposite of a large corporation that has a set way of doing business and will be more thorough about simple tasks.

Vijay Eswaran is originally from Malaysia. He is the Executive Chairman of QI Group, which has its headquarters in Hong Kong. He came from a two-parent home where his father worked for the Ministry of Labor in Malaysia. Eswaran’s mother was a school teacher. He went on to earn a degree at the London School of Economics before relocating. Vijay spent time at Southern Illinois University where he obtained an MBA and began his journey in multi-level marketing.

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