The diversity of Doctor Saad Saad in his profession as a Pediatric Surgeon

Flexibility and diversity are some of the most important characters that one should have to fit in any market, the field of profession and area of operation. With these two characters, you can be assured of enjoying great success in the society today. One of the most important people in the world who have benefited much from their diversity and flexibility in their career is Doctor Saad Saad. He is a pediatric Surgeon from Eatontown who was born in Kuwait and brought up there. In the family where he came from, there was a surgeon, a teacher and an engineer and now him who was the youngest kid in his family and is now a surgeon. Doctor Saad Saad could get a lot of inspiration from his siblings, and he wanted to follow them especially his brother who was a surgeon.

Before having the idea of becoming a surgeon, he wanted to follow his brother’s footsteps who was an, but after he observed the conditions under which his brother was working during the summer, he decided to change his career and become a surgeon like one of his siblings.

Nevertheless, his passion and interest in engineering did not just end there. After going to Cairo University and attaining a medical degree, he was able to work in various hospitals such as the K Hovnanian Children Hospital where he worked as the Chief-In-Surgeon and the Co-Medical director at the Hospital. He also worked in King Faisal Specialist Hospital after he was given the golden opportunity to work for a royal family in Saudi Arabia. It is here that his diverse character in his career portrayed itself. He proved himself to have a talent for engineering by making two most important inventions that have become of great use and help up to date.

One of the inventions he made was the establishment of a catheter that would perform various functions at the same time. One of the most critical roles of that catheter was to make the right location inside the patient’s body thus eliminating the use of X-rays which poses some risks of illnesses due to exposure to excess radiations.

The second invention involved the establishment of an improved endoscope. His primary purpose for this invention was to make sure that the patients do not undergo extreme pain during surgery. The endoscope plays a vital role in helping the surgeons observe the body organs of the patient and how they are functioning without doing operations or using X-rays. The improved endoscope also makes sure that the doctors have a clear vision of the body of the patient without the fogs created by the body fluids that act as a block to clear vision. Learn more:

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