How End Citizen United is Bringing Reforms in America

Americans have always enjoyed being one of the most powerful nations in the entire world. This nation is currently one of the leaders when it comes to its economy. Americans always have the democratic right of choosing the leaders of their choice after a period of four years. Last year, the country appointed a new president who has emerged to be very controversial compared to the other leaders who have been in the office of the president. Although this country commands respect because of its great economy and democracy, it has its share of challenges in many parts. The political system, for instance, has been a bone of contention for decades. There are people and organizations that believe that there should be reforms in the political system so that the citizens are given the opportunity to appoint the leaders they want in their political offices. Things got worse in the political system in the year 2010.

The Supreme Court decisions in America are always respected. In 2010, this respected and prestigious organization announced a decision that sent shock to the people living in America. The American political system was significantly affected by the decision made by the prestigious body. The consequences of the decision of the powerful institution have been felt by all people in the country, almost two decades later. Many people are still debating about the ruling of this court. Some of the influential individuals in the large country have gone ahead to form organizations so that they can look for a way to overturn the ruling that affects the kind of people selected to become leaders in the country. One of these institutions is called End Citizens United.

There have been so many cases in the American political system. Some of these cases have changed the political arena, and they have remained to be very controversial even after many years. The results from these cases have been felt even in the modern terms. The decision made by the American Supreme Court in 2010 is very similar. Thanks to the decision that was made, a lot of black money has been used in the American politics, and this has affected the leaders being appointed.

End Citizens United was brought into the country so that it could end the use of the corporate money in politics. End Citizens United has been very fortunate.End citizens united has introduced a lot of change in the political system.

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