How End Citizen United is Impacting the American Political System

In the year 2010, the Supreme Court in the United States made a shocking decision. This simple decision sent a lot of shockwaves in the American political system. Several years later, the implications of the court decision are still being felt. There are many institutions that are still opposing the ruling of this court and doing anything possible to make sure that the decision is changed. Several political action committees have been established in the country to make things right. One of these PACs is known as End Citizen United. End Citizens United came into American political system after this ruling was announced. People in many parts of the country did not like this decision, and they have been offering support to End Citizen United so that their views can be considered. End Citizen United has made a lot of progress since its inception in the American society.

In each generation in the world, there are several court cases that change the political ground for a very long time. These cases will always alter the ground in which the nation is standing. Most of them have remained to be controversial immediately they were announced to the public. The 2010 case remains to be one of these. The results of the decisions remain to affect many people in the country for many decades. Most of these have even brought permanent consequences in the American political arena.

End Citizens United has remained in the mind of many Americans since the Supreme Court ruling in the year 2010. The decision has had significant political results to the country. Experts had even warned that the controversial decision was going to have an immediate political pushback. There are many political organizations that have been looking for a way to reduce the effects of the ruling and at the same time find the best legal platform to overturn the decision.

When End Citizens United came into the market in 2015, many people were hopeful that the court decision was going to be overturned. The organization has made a lot of progress in this department, and this explains its popularity although it has only been operating for less than three years. The leaders of the successful PAC have made great strides in managing America’s political financial system, making sure that the candidates given leadership positions are capable of handling their jobs. The candidates that enjoy the endorsement of the PAC must have similar agendas, and they should not accept black money for their campaigns.

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