Susan McGalla Discussing the Ways through Which Women Can Achieve Their Career Goals

The corporate world is male-dominated, and there is no hiding that fact. It has been so for years, and women continue to find it challenging to move up the ranks in any company. Even though there has been a massive change in the last few years and many women are now holding important positions in different top companies, the ratio of men to women in an executive position in corporations is far from being equal. It does not tell that women are in anyway less capable than men but apparently signifies that the glass ceiling problem is real and existing even on today’s date.

Susan McGalla is one of the few very highly successful women who has made it to the top in the corporate world through her sheer determination and dedication towards her work and career. As VP of Creative Development and Business Strategy at Steelers Inc, Susan McGalla has helped the company become a leader in the industry and increase its sales and revenue tremendously. Previously, Susan McGalla has worked with other clothing companies that are highly popular such as Wet Seals Inc and American Eagle Outfitters in the capacity of CEO and President. Susan McGalla has attended Mount Union College from where she has completed her graduation in business and marketing.

As a woman who has worked her way through the top in the male-dominated industry, she understands exactly the challenges that the women can face in becoming successful in the corporate world. Susan McGalla says that women today need to focus on their education and complete their education from a reputed college to ensure they are placed in their dream company.

Without quality education, landing a dream job in the corporate world is always difficult and it is what Susan McGalla speaks about in all her interviews and articles to create awareness among women. She also says that the industry needs to find in-house means to sponsor and guide dedicated women in the companies to help them achieve the better position in their career. Having a mentor in the company for women would help them get through the daily hustle smoothly and achieve their career goals with ease.

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