Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping: Joao Pessoa’s Exclusive Leisure Hub

For over 30 years now, Roberto Santiago has used his entrepreneurial ability to establish successful businesses. He established one of the largest shopping centers in Joao Pessoa, the capital of Paraiba. He founded the Manaira Shopping Mall in 1989. The mall is located between the main land of Joao Pessoa and the north coast beaches, making it a leisure and entertainment hub. Roberto Santiago designed the mall in a way that it caters for the needs of all; old and young. The Manaira Shopping has become a reference in the city because of a wide variety of shopping options as well as leisure and entertainment venues it offers.


Different Venues Available at the Mall


Roberto Santiago has tried to balance between shopping and leisure in his investments. There are eleven cinema halls, all equipped with state-of-the-art and advanced display and sound devices for amazing movie experience. The movie theater has VIP and 3D rooms, and stadium-like system. It is a perfect place to watch the latest movies. Another entertainment venue at the mall is the amusement park. There are about 200 game machines with a wide range of features and taste to accommodate the needs of all ages.


Another great venue at the mall is the Domus Hall. This venue was established in 2009, after redevelopment of the mall. It is a two story facility at the roof, which can accommodate over 10,000 people, some seated and others standing. The ground floor of the Domus Hall is for public events like mega shows, graduation, presentations, live performance, wedding and others. The other floor is used to host private events, accommodating up to ten individuals at a time. Arts and culture has also found its way at Manaira Shopping, where local communities are offered the opportunity to entertain and showcase their culture to visitors. In fact, kids from different schools visit the mall during exhibitions, offering them fun and opportunity to learn new things.


Under the leadership of Roberto Santiago, Manaira Shopping is considered as the largest commercial hub in the state of Paraiba. The shopping complex has over 300 stores dealing in all kinds of products and services. The Gross Leasable Area (GLA) of the complex is approximately 75,000m². It is described as a place where customers spend the entire day shopping from one store to anther. Roberto Santiago is a successful sportsperson who participated and won various motocross competitions. This is one of the ways he spends his free and leisure time. Mr. Santiago earned his undergraduate degree in Business Administration from University Center of Joao Pessoa. His entrepreneurial skills are clearly highlighted from the time he started his career, and later becoming one of the greatest businessmen in Paraiba and around Brazil.


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