Alex Pall defines their new music style

The chainsmokers are among the most celebrated music artists in the world. The duo, Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall met through Andrews then manager who is still currently managing them. After the release of their track Closer featuring Halsey, they had a chance to interview with Mathias Rosenzweig of Interview magazine who asked about how they planned to create their identity and grow their audience while still being relevant.

Mathias was curious to know how they met and knew that they were musically perfect for each other. Both were Deejaying and while at it a kid who worked for Alex’s manager told Andrew about chainsmokers, a Dj duo looking for a second artist and he travelled to New York where he met Alex and immediately started working together. Alex said that he knew this musical relation would work because they had the same interests and with him being a Dj and Andrew being a producer, marketing their work would be easy.

On building a strong identity like an artist being a Dj duo in the electronic genre, Andrew agreed that it was deceptively simple. He said that a million people would be creating similar content thus having to work hard enough to create something that is unique. Mathias was impressed by the fact that the pair wrote their compositions unlike other artists of their age. In response to that, Pall said that their goal was to write songs that are related as opposed to having an album of songs that have nothing to do with each other.

Alex acknowledged that working with Halsey on “Closer,” was incredible because of her strong voice and the fact that she was unapologetically herself.He added that their music cuts across all ages and thanks to Instagram they have fans internationally. Since their music had grown from their college audience to having a below 15 and over 30 audience, Mathias wanted to know how they were planning to change their shows to cater for their growing audience. Alex said that they would keep pushing because they didn’t want to keep doing the same kind of things.

The Historical Sites One Can Find In Samoa

     Once you have deplaned at Fagali’i Airport in Samoa there are a lot of things to see and do here as a tourist. There are many hiking trails for those who want to spend time exploring nature. There are also museums, places to shop for unique items, great restaurants, and Polynesian cultural things to do. Visiting Samoa can be an enriching experience for tourists who want to experience something unique.

Landing at Fagali’i Airport can be a fun thing for those who have never flown in a smaller plane before. The planes that land her are DHC-6 Twin Otter flown by Samoa Airways, the government-owned airline. These planes sit just 19 people and there are two pilots on board. These planes were featured on some episodes of Survivor when that show was taped in Samoa.

One of the historic sites in Samoa is the 1962 Independence Memorial, marking the day Samoa left behind its colonial past. There are also a number of American, British, and German memorials, the locations for which can be obtained from the Samoa Visitors Bureau. There are also tombs of historic Samoan leaders, such as the mausoleum of Tupua Tamasese. The most impressive one is the one for the Tu’imaleali’ifano dynasty which features seven tiers of tombs.

Another historical site is the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum. This museum was recently restored and includes many of this famous author’s belongings as well, such as travel mementos, as some of his library. There are also a few botanical gardens here. About a half-hour walks away people can visit his tomb at the top of Mount Vaea. This spot has excellent views of Apia, where Fagali’i Airport is located, and the surrounding tropical forest. This museum subsists on donations and is open M-F 9 am to 4 pm as well as on Saturdays from 9 am to 12 pm.

How End Citizen United is Impacting the American Political System

In the year 2010, the Supreme Court in the United States made a shocking decision. This simple decision sent a lot of shockwaves in the American political system. Several years later, the implications of the court decision are still being felt. There are many institutions that are still opposing the ruling of this court and doing anything possible to make sure that the decision is changed. Several political action committees have been established in the country to make things right. One of these PACs is known as End Citizen United. End Citizens United came into American political system after this ruling was announced. People in many parts of the country did not like this decision, and they have been offering support to End Citizen United so that their views can be considered. End Citizen United has made a lot of progress since its inception in the American society.

In each generation in the world, there are several court cases that change the political ground for a very long time. These cases will always alter the ground in which the nation is standing. Most of them have remained to be controversial immediately they were announced to the public. The 2010 case remains to be one of these. The results of the decisions remain to affect many people in the country for many decades. Most of these have even brought permanent consequences in the American political arena.

End Citizens United has remained in the mind of many Americans since the Supreme Court ruling in the year 2010. The decision has had significant political results to the country. Experts had even warned that the controversial decision was going to have an immediate political pushback. There are many political organizations that have been looking for a way to reduce the effects of the ruling and at the same time find the best legal platform to overturn the decision.

When End Citizens United came into the market in 2015, many people were hopeful that the court decision was going to be overturned. The organization has made a lot of progress in this department, and this explains its popularity although it has only been operating for less than three years. The leaders of the successful PAC have made great strides in managing America’s political financial system, making sure that the candidates given leadership positions are capable of handling their jobs. The candidates that enjoy the endorsement of the PAC must have similar agendas, and they should not accept black money for their campaigns.

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IC Systems Community Care

IC Systems cares about the community both locally and nationally. IC Systems is a premier provider of receivables management services for original creditors. The debt recovery company places a high premium on people and has done so since their founding in 1938. Built into the company’s DNA is the imperative to give back to the community. For over 35 years their in-house charity team ECHO (Employee Charitable Help Organization) organizes and runs the company’s charitable activities including donation drives, community events and fundraisers

IC Systems’ sentiment towards the community is reflected in this statement from their In the Community publication, “ECHO wants to make sure our employees and the community knows that we’re willing to help out those in need in whatever ways that we can.” The company takes pride in the accomplishments of the ECHO committee in the community (

A few highlights of the community events reveal the breadth and level of care IC System shows in their neighborhoods and the local community.

Dedicated employees volunteer to put together breakfast bags for the Ronald McDonald’s house. They also fed dinner that evening to the patients and families at the Ronald McDonald House.

The Annual Polar Plunge for Special Olympics Wisconsin was another cool event Echo has participated in over the last several years.

IC System has hosted the American Red Cross bloodmobile in support of saving lives by increasing the available blood supply for emergency situations.

The first core value of IC Systems is people. The debt recovery company, privately owned by the same family since 1938 lives up to that core value with their charitable and volunteer activities the entire year. Their in-house charity team ECHO provides all types of services for the community from blood drives to shoe drives to feeding families and stocking the local food pantries. In all of these activities, IC Systems’ love for the community is evident.

Career and Life Achievements of Fortress Investment Group Principal, Peter Briger

Fortress Investment Group’s Board of Directors Co-Chairman and Principal, Peter Briger is a living legend in the alternative asset management sector. Today, he heads one of the best global management firms for alternative assets. His achievements and accomplishments in business through the years have earned him position 317 in the Forbes Top 400 Billionaires list. These are many spots up from No. 962 four years earlier. As a business leader, Peter is loved by his employees and colleagues. To them, he is famously known as Pete.

Mr. Briger at Fortress Investment

This accomplished alternative asset manager joined the Fortress Investment Group back in 2002 as a Management Committee member. He worked at this position diligently and was promoted to a Director position in 2006. In August 2009, he became the Board’s Co-Chairman, and soon after, he went ahead to become the Credit and Real Estate Head and principal at this firm.Before joining Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger was working at Goldman Sachs for over 15 years. Here, he served as the Trading Businesses and Whole Loans Sales Co-head. He also worked in the same position in other departments including the Fixed Income Principal Investments Group, Asian Distressed Debt business and Asian Real Estate Private Equity business.

Prior to Goldman Sachs, The Fortress Investment Group Principal had worked at International Finance Corporation as a Distressed Debt Advisor. Early in his career, he was a member of Linktone Ltd. Advisory board. Academically, Mr. Briger attended Princeton University where he graduated with a B.A. He then joined University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business for his M.B.A. Apart from being a sharp business person, Peter is also a philanthropist. His philanthropic efforts are directed towards uplifting communities and promoting education. He is currently one of the biggest donors to the revolutionary Princeton Entrepreneurship program. As a financial investor, Peter Briger is dedicated to helping create professional and highly capable leaders for the business world.

Peter’s take on Bitcoins

It is no doubt the Bitcoin virtual currency is taking the world by a storm, and from its onset, Mr. Briger has been a big believer in its potential. Back in 2013, he and his Fortress Investment Group had a sit-down with the major American banks to discuss the direction and impact of bitcoins. He encouraged these banks to take Bitcoins seriously and be part of the movement to stay relevant in the future. Today, he still believes that Bitcoins are simply a digital goldmine. Peter Briger is leading other Wall Street giants over to this goldmine, and he has successfully impacted many.

Wasseem Boraie Talks About His Company’s Latest Projects

Boraie Development is a three-decade-old company which established itself in New Brunswick, New Jersey. they engage in real estate development, property management, and the marketing of their buildings. They spent many years building just in downtown New Brunswick but have since branched out to other major New Jersey cities like Newark and Atlantic City.

This company was founded by Omar Boraie. One of his sons, Wasseem Boraie, is a vice president at Boraie Development and has been taking a lead on the Newark and Atlantic City projects. He said that the real estate in Newark was bought about 10 years ago but they were biding their time on getting a building put on it until the market conditions were right. Once this happened they started to have a 22-story apartment complex going up. It will be a high-end property that will cost $79 million to complete. As it is the first high-rise in Newark since the 1950s it has become a hot topic of conversation.

One of the things that has people talking about Boraie Development’s property is that Shaquille O’Neal is a prominent investor in this residential tower. For this reason people have taken to calling it “Shaq Tower”. He was at a recent celebratory milestone event which was also joined by both Omar and Wasseem Boraie as well as a number of elected politicians including the governor of New Jersey. For more info you can visit


Boraie Development also owns some other real estate in Newark. They, along with Shaquille O’Neal, have already announced that they will be putting a high-rise on this property as well. This building is projected to cost $150 million and will feature 350 luxury units. This one is located at 777 McCarter Highway and O’Neal said they had decided to call it the “House that Shaq Built”.

Being a visionary company, Boraie Development has known for awhile that their buildings should appeal to millennial professionals. They more than anyone want to live in urban cores and in buildings with the latest improvements and amenities. Both Newark properties are being built to appeal to this generation as is their building going up in Atlantic City. Wasseem Boraie has said that their research shows that Atlantic City is poised to appeal to millennials in the future which is why they are building an $81 million apartment project there. This one will feature amenities that no other apartment complex in Atlantic City can deliver. You can visit for more details.



OSI Food Solutions Receives the Honor

OSI Food Solutions is a top leading company in the food industry. The company has rapidly grown, and that has led it to open more offices worldwide so that it can be able to perfect its services to customers. The market wise of the OSI Company is remarkable since it occupies the most significant market share and at the same time ensures quality delivery of its food services.

The food solutions that are offered by the firm are diversified so that all the clients can feel well catered for based on their taste and preferences. For its services to well offered, it has employed lots of staff members where over 20,000 people have been given jobs so that they can work at designated companies with OSI Food Solutions globally. Through the services that are provided it has made it be ranked amongst the top 100 private companies in America that are doing well in the industry.

The ranking of the company has been contributed by the fact that the company is most reputable and well known by people for its top quality services to all customers. Moreover, the OSI Food Solutions have been awarded lots of honors of which it was honored by the British Safety Council’s 2016 Globe of Honor. The award is mostly offered to the company that has passed all the tests that the council looks at when awarding the honor and evidently the OSI Food Solutions always keeps the requirements necessary.

Furthermore, the OSI Food Solutions has a vast experience in the food industry, which has made it possible for the company to be performing well in the market. Through the experience, the company has a significant knowledge about the market, hence offering the right services that are of high quality to its customers. Also, the OSI Food Solutions Company has been expanding its services to other countries through the acquisition of other companies such as Baho foods, flagship Europe. Through this acquisition, the OSI Food Solutions have improved its services to other countries and making it do well in the market arena in both the foreign and domestic countries.

The expansion of the company has led to the establishment of approximately 65 facilities all over the world in about 17 countries. By making the services to be convenient to the customers has made lots of people to like the firm and its services. Therefore, it is evident that OSI Food Solutions is a great influence and contributor in the food industry.

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How Jorge Moll Came To Be a Successful and Highly Reputable Neurologist

The number of people showing great interest in studying the modern medicine has continued to increase. Medicine is a field with various complex areas and the most complex one happens to be neuroscience and neurology. Most of the research work that goes on in neurology field is fascinating. Some of the research work that has been done associate neurological conditions with moral sensitivity, worthlessness feelings, depression, again, Alzheimer’s disease, feelings of disgust, social and moral beliefs among others. According to the most competent neurologists such as Jorge Moll, neural mechanisms can highly influence the social preferences and choices a human being makes.

In fact, the latest research of Jorge Moll has shown that the neural and psychological mechanisms could be based on values and morals and be modified by culture, experience, and neurotechnological interventions. A far-reaching research on neurological mechanisms has revealed that neurons play a great role in determining the values a human being would develop in their mind. The neurological system would determine one’s social conduct and moral cognition. The social group members such as soccer players usually get the altruistic motivation they need from the neural mechanism. This means there is a section of the brain in soccer fans that are involved in the way they behave. Neural mechanisms are responsible for the pro-group behavior and group belongingness that one develops. Neurons develop modulation techniques in the brain to help it address some clinical problems like antisocial behaviors and other aggressive behaviors and attitudes that are sports-related.

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Jorge Moll has come a long way in his career to a point of being a professional neurologist. His motivation since his childhood was being a medical professional. He graduated with a degree in medicine in 1994 from Rio de Janeiro Federal University after his high school studies. He majored on the neurology course in Federal University and graduated in 1997 with excellent results. Jorge Moll then proceeded to the Sao Paulo University for his Doctorate studies in 2004 where he did Experimental Physiology and Physiopathology. His main area of specialty is Cognitive Neuroscience. In 2007, Moll went to the Neurological Disorder and Stroke National Institute based in the United States.



NGP VAN Ups Their Efficiency Game

It is no secret to anyone who has ever worked on a political campaign that things can become messy and disorganized in an instant — and what’s worse is it can drastically cut into the amount of time you spend coordinating volunteers and creating canvassing lists for them. Luckily, the folks at NGP VAN have once again gone above and beyond in creating software that can help progressive campaigns get organized and make life easier on the candidate, their staff and all of the volunteers.

Cutting turf, one of the most dreaded tasks of the campaign, is obsolete with this new update from NGP VAN (who has been at the forefront of campaign technology since their inception in 2001). By pioneering a new system known as Distributed Canvassing, the new NGP VAN software will give campaigns more time out on doors by automatically creating list of voters from a predetermined universe. Instead of wasting time (and paper) creating lists and packets for volunteers, merely have them punch in a list number on their phone and they can hop out on doors immediately! Thus saving the campaign resources, while also increasing the amount of voters you can reach.

In the world of political campaigns data is absolutely everything, and nobody understands data and trends better than the folks at NGP VAN. It goes without saying that working with monumental campaigns (such as Barack Obama’s) means that you have to understand the changing trends and data points that are emblematic of a successful campaign. While the political climate may be totally different than when NGP VAN was created they have been able to remain so successful due to their ability to keep up with the changes in voting habits. As academic studies are undertaken to better understand what motivates people to vote, the good news is the folks at NGP VAN already have a good idea AND a top-of-the-line tool to maximize support for your campaign.

The midterms of 2018 will certainly mark a turning point for our country’s political climate, and if the purported “Blue Wave” is supposed to arrive it will be due in large part to the folks at NGP VAN and their cutting edge software.

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Matt Badiali: Freedom Checks Are A Tex Advantaged Investment Opportunity

Unique investment opportunities are few and far between, and whenever they do come up, it pays to be cautious as many times they are not what they first appear to be. Upon first hearing of Matt Badiali’s unique investment opportunity which he refers to as Freedom Checks, many individuals are understandably doubtful of their veracity. However, as you look closer into the details of these so-called Freedom Checks, it is easy to see that they really are a true investment opportunity.

Matt Badiali has had a long career and although he has spent the majority of it as a financial and investment advice expert originally began as a trained scientist. He went to University in pursuit of a bachelors degree in Earth sciences. Read more at Agora News about Freedom Checks. After graduating, he pursued further higher education and received his Master’s degree in geology from Florida Atlantic University. He was in the process of pursuing his Ph.D. and teaching geology classes at the University of North Carolina whenever he was first recruited to be part of the team that was working on researching financial and investment advice. He was first recruited by a close friend and financial expert and was given the opportunity to travel the world and see firsthand the workings of the various corporations and the natural resources and commodities markets. Matt Badiali was quickly traveling the world and meeting with some of the heads of industries in the natural resource markets. It was during some of his travels that he first learned of a unique classification of Corporation within the United States of America known as a master limited partnership.


Master, limited partnerships are a result of legislation which is known as Statute 26-F. As a result of this legislation, if a corporation to meet a specific set of requirements, they are able to operate tax-free as a master limited partnership. In order to be considered a master limited partnership, the corporation must generate 90% of its revenue from the production, processing, storage, and transportation of oil and natural gas domestically inside of the United States of America. Besides the source of their revenues, the corporation must also pay out portions of its revenues regularly to its investors. It is this periodic payment that Matt Badiali is referring to whenever he speaks of Freedom Checks. These Freedom Checks are incredibly similar to dividends from conventional stocks with one key difference. Instead of being taxed at the higher personal income tax rate as you would from conventional stocks you are only subject to the much lower capital gains rate of tax. Read this article at