Billy McFarland’s Magnises Card Supplies Industrial-Strength Integrity

Billy McFarland is one of those type of persons who think, engagingly, outside of the box. The preceding statement is not a cliché–not really. The term of outside of the box thinking was created for thinkers, such as McFarland. Learn more about the creative McFarland and his inspired payment tool and social benefits card, Magnises, within the post which follows:

Benefits are tremendous using the Magnises’ super cool black card. The member’s name is very conspicuous. It is a captivating lifestyle card and payment tool. Anyone who wishes to experience New York, or the cities where Magnises has launched or is launching is obliged to carry it, according to the encouraged member. The following said, the way to use the card is simple.

Once a person, achieves membership status, he or she activates the card by merely applying a credit or debit card, he or she normally uses, to the Magnises card. There are friendly instructions how to complete activation, supplied by Magnises. Once the cool black card is activated, by means of the member’s preferred debit or credit card, it not only provides spending power, it provides the user with social freedom.

The benefits, from a social standpoint, are tremendous. The age range of the persons, using the card, inside of New York is between twenty-one years of age and thirty-two years old. It is during this time of life, when a club nightlife is very important.

The card, provides the user, with tremendous authority and clout, in this regard. There are access members-only evenings, which the Magnises card member is entitled, complete with secret performers; and other terrific nightlife events, at out-of-the-way city speakeasies. Further, the true enchantment of the cool black card is that, not only does it provide precision-perfect use, for the person engaged in the New York night-life, it is a terrific payment tool too.

There is never a hassle, for its member, gaining entry at the door of the club. The member of Magnises is always treated as he or she should be treated: As a VIP. Billy McFarland created a card where getting into all the right places, socially, is not an issue, by way of using his perfected black card known as Magnises. A member can add ClubPass, to his or her Magnises card, and assure entry, into the best nightclubs within New York City; or the city where the card is in use and the member resides.

Billy McFarland is twenty-three years of age. He is a young entrepreneur who wishes to provide a young, targeted, talented audience with that of an exclusive social presence, in way of specific events and other deals, by the exclusive use of the Magnises black card.

As indicated within the above text, the cool black Magnises card is simple enough to link with that of a bank card or credit card, when using it for purposes of payment. The preceding stated, the main draw of the card is its social perks.

The heavy-weight black card, made of durable metal, allows its member to enjoy a host of discounts at eateries, nightclubs and bars, within the New York City area or any city where the card has been launched. That said, there are also perks, such as private concerts, in using the card, as well as lavish getaways.

The millennial, according to Billy, is provided with a platform, containing new businesses, in the virtual environment and offline business enterprises, which he or she may connect. In example of the preceding statement, New York eateries, which are very well-known, and popular nightclubs, are partnered with the Magnises card. The member of the Magnises card may receive discounts on Helicopter trips, which transport him or her to the Hamptons, and also attend private performances, by musical artists.

The cool black card has over six-thousand members. The yearly payment is a reasonable $250. A mobile application is linked to the membership, which allows the Magnises member to choose an activity, that he or she prefers and attain instantaneous accessibility to incredible deals.

The niche audience of the black card, referred to as Magnises, is between twenty years of age to thirty-five years of age—as indicated, within the above text. The majority of the age group works in the industries of highly refined finance; the fashion and style industry and the technical realm.

The person, wishing to apply for membership of the card, is required to fill out an application, online. He or she, then, must be approved by the staff of Magnises, before membership is official. The idea behind the preceding process is to assure that an individual truly wants to take advantage of the card’s social attributes—according to Billy McFarland. (Statement is not verbatim.)

During its launch period, mentioned in another post, the Magnises members were encouraged to socially take advantage of a clubhouse located, within the West Village. The company, however, has outgrown the townhouse, as a members’ clubhouse and are now located inside a penthouse, at the Hotel on Rivington, which is on the Lower East Side. Magnises makes good use of the New York Penthouse location, hosting many events, from that of late-at-night sets, wherein a disc jockey is provided, to friendly happy hours.

Members can use the penthouse as a place to work or hold business meetings, during daytime hours. The penthouse is convenient for the Magnises’ client, since now Magnises is able to provide open bar services and catering. (According to McFarland, there are nights wherein two-hundred persons may show up at the Magnises penthouse.) It is correct to state, it is certainly good for Magnises that the Hotel on Rivington is a Magnises’ partner. Many members are delighted by the news.

 McFarland indicated that the business, Magnises, plans launching ten more cities within the next year.

Impressively, Magnises has raised funds, nearing three-million dollars, to current date. McFarland indicated that the company is generating enough, in the way of revenue, that there is no need to raise additional funds, within the near future.

The game plan is set then. According to McFarland, the business of Magnises is ready for expansion to other city markets. Within the new markets, the same terrific social benefits and discounts will be provided to millennials, who reside within the new city marketplaces.

Notes regarding Billy McFarland: There are many unique and engaging sides to Billy McFarland. He is a described genius, in the way of business startup, according to many well-respected business professionals and establishments.

He gives back to the community, through his philanthropic organizations. He is the founder and CEO of Magnises. Magnises is an experiential benefits platform, which is achieving business growth, at a rapid pace.

The company was established in 2014 and allows its members to appreciate the various elements and establishments, of their respective cities. It serves residents in NYC, and now, Washington DC, Chicago and San Francisco.

Billy has been referred to as a technical wizard, a mastermind and a natural entrepreneur, by many high-profile corporations and media sources. Billy McFarland, has found a creative way which to monetize on the millennial.

Billy McFarland has established, too, many not-for-profit initiatives. LEAP, in example, allows middle school students and high school students to develop technical skills.

The Accelerate Foundation allows athletes to transition, successfully, to a corporate work environment.


Securus Technologies Employees Earn Certification From BICSI

Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI) is an organization known worldwide. The organization provides assistance to professionals in the information and communication technology (ICT) industry. One of the services that the organization provides is certification for professionals in the ICT industry.


Recently Securus Technologies announced that multiple field specialists within its company have received certification from BICSI. The certification from BICSI for the field specialists is a great honor. The certifications from BICSI do not come easy. The organization is dedicated to providing quality service to the ICT industry and the certifications awarded by BICSI are well respected within and outside the information and communication technology industry.


Securus Technologies is a company that is known for its products and services. The company is a technology company that provides a wide array of technology based products and services. Securus Technologies provides its services and products to several industries. Some of these industries include community protection, correctional facilities, police, and prisoners.


Securus Technologies offers products and services that involve biometrics, emergency situations, data management, public data, incident administration, examinations, screening products, and prisoner self-assistance.


I feel that the certification that the field specialists received will help them in their professional career. The certification is widely respected in the technology industry. Also, the organization that gave the certification, BICSI, is widely respected in the technology industry.


The information and communication technology industry is recognized worldwide. The type of projects that the industry provides for clients are important in this technology driven society.


Securus Technologies  understands that employees need to be well trained and provided the opportunity to get training. The certification received by some of the field specialists at Securus Technologies is evidence of the fact that the company is willing to provide quality training for its employees.

How Is Seattle Genetics Planning To Help More Cancer Patients?

Seattle Genetics is a medication firm that we started by Clay Siegall as he worked on an antibody medication he created himself. He has been working on medications for a long time, and Seattle Genetics has been hoping to expand because now they have enough money and resources to invest in up to twelve of the new drugs that they think are important. Clay Siegall wants to try to see how many cancers he can deal with, and he also wants to make it simpler for someone who has been in trials for years to try something new.

They have the trust of a lot of doctors already because their first two cancer drugs are doing so well. That is why people need to be sure to see how Seattle Genetics will look when they have put out all these extra drugs that they are thinking of making. They want to be able to create drugs that they can market to anyone, and they want to get all the doctors that trust them back on board for a new medication. Clay Siegall has gotten a lot of funding for the company, and he has worked very hard to make sure that he can keep the companies stock as high as possible.

The other good thing about Seattle Genetics is that they have partnership with other companies that help them put out their medications in the right time and place for everyone.  People can start to recover from various types of cancers after they put their trust in Clay Siegall, and the company will move quickly to create as many medications as possible.

The Kabbalah Center Looks To Change The Way We See Spirituality

Creating a relationship with an infinite being is something that is promoted by the majority of world religions that are seeking to attract as many followers as possible to their teachings. The study of Kabbalah takes a somewhat different approach to the relationship each person has with the God they believe in, including the fact the divine can be found in two different forms of the concealed and revealed God; the concealed God can be found as an essence within the things we see and feel around us in the teaching of Kabbalah, and is accompanied by a relationship with the God we see in a persona attached to this being.

The Kabbalah Center has become the top provider of teachings into the inner workings of this ancient form of Jewish religious teachings, which can take many different forms across four basic areas of teaching. Location for The Kabbalah center can be found in the majority of major cities in the world, with the organization providing personal teachers for those who seek a greater understanding of the workings of this complex ancient religious teaching.

One of the major aspects of teachings provided through The Kabbalah Center is that of Klippot, a blockage each person in the world is afflicted by that does not allow them the chance to reach the higher levels of spirituality allowing them the chance to form a personal connection with an unbounded God. The ancient aspects of Kabbalah have been retained in the teachings of The Kabbalah center, including the belief in astrology that became popular with scholars during the Middle Ages when the study of Kabbalah was still an underground activity.

The chance to learn about Kabbalah in the 21st century is one of the major changes made to the religious lives of many who understand the history of these teachings that were difficult to understand and learn.

Lovaganza Provides Culture For Audiences Around The World

Every culture is unique and offers differences that make each culture special. These differences can be seen in many ways, but entertainment on has a way of bringing out the differences between cultures in a manner that can be easily seen and appreciated. Music, dancing, singing, and acting are various forms of entertainment that highlight cultural differences.

One of the entertainment companies that brings culture to almost every performance is Lovaganza. The company is known around the world for providing entertainment that is performed using cultures from around the world. The use of various cultures is a way that Lovaganza separates itself from the competition. Audiences around the world have seen the power of various cultures during a Lovaganza entertainment show.

Audiences appreciate the performances provided by Lovaganza because the performances are outstanding and the audiences can see the amount of talent that is shown on the stages. The culture that Lovaganza brings to the performances is unique but it adds to performances that are already special.

With locations around the world, Lovaganza is an established company that has ties to many different cultures. The company is able to attract talent from around the world and entertainers want to work for Lovaganza. The company on has a rare situation where it can provide something special in a unique way and the core of its company is able to develop the talent used for the performances.

In 2020 from May through September, Lovaganza will be putting on an entertainment celebration that will combine all the qualities that make the company unique and highly popular the world over. Lovaganza will be providing a Bohemian adventure theme for its 2020 celebration. The celebration will have film, exhibitions, live events, and a variety of other interesting entertainment.

Starting in 2017 Lovaganza will send out a traveling show to lead up to the 2020 celebration. The traveling show will provide an array of entertainment that will leave audiences spellbound with the performances. In addition, the traveling shows will have three motion pictures that will be introduced during the shows.

The three motion pictures will utilized some of the latest technology on the market to help make the motion pictures a must see event. The traveling shows will use some of the latest technology in the shows to provide a glimpse into what will be waiting for audiences during the 2020 celebration.


Makari’s Has Many Great Products For Your Skin And Hair, Along With Great Accessories

When you are looking to lighten your skin, it is important be sure your product is both safe and effective. One great brand of skin lightening creams to pick is Makari. This company is the leading producer of skin creams. You can select from a variety of their skin lightening creams, and they have been shown to work well through studies. They have an exceptional safety record, because they don’t contain hazardous chemical additives. They use natural ingredients. If you have skin problems, such as acne and dark spots, Makari’s products are often helpful. Makari also has a variety of non-lightening skin creams. They have a wide range of skin lotions. In fact, they even have skin creams made with carrot oil and other uncommon ingredients, including caviar.

If you are interested in products for your hair, Makari has these items as well. They have both conditioners and shampoos, and their hair care products are also available for babies and adults alike. In fact, Makari has a whole line of products for babies, called Bebe.

They also sell accessories and supplements. Makari‘s skin lightening supplements are designed for both skin and hair, and these supplements have a strong safety and effectiveness record. You also can get jewelry and handbags from Makari. The company also sells a variety of different types of makeup.

All of Makari’s products are sold through e-commerce on the company website. It isn’t uncommon to see sizable discounts on their items, and you can see them on their website.

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InnovaCare Health – The Leading Provider of Medicare Advantage Plans in America

Currently, a considerable number of people are getting their health coverage directly from Medicare. However, there are still those that would like to get their coverage from an advantage plan provider. Based on statistical findings, about a third of the Medicare beneficiaries today get their coverage through a Medicare Advantage Plan (also known as Medicare private health plan). The advantage plan is offered by private providers, who have contracted with the federal government. As such, the providers are paid a fixed amount per person for offering the various Medicare benefits. Some of the well renowned plans offered by such providers include:

* Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs)
* Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs)
* Private Fee-For-Service (PFFS)

The advantage plans offered by various providers are governed by certain rules and regulations. Such regulations can affect where and how you get your Medicare benefits. Again, different providers will have different regulations on the same plan. As such, it is important that you choose your provider well. InnovaCare Health is one of the reputable Medicare advantage plan providers you should consider using.

About InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is one of the largest and leading managed healthcare providers in North America. Currently, the company manages healthcare needs for more than 275,000 Americans, who are beneficiaries of Medicare. To deliver quality and reliable services, InnovaCare applies two main care channels:

* Delivering Medicare advantage plans of high quality to its customers
* Establishing innovative provider network models

Read more: InnovaCare Health Solutions, LLC: Private Company Information

Management at InnovaCare Health

Currently, Richard Shinto is the Chief Executive Officer and president of InnovaCare, Inc. a position he has been holding since 2008. Prior to his ascension to this position, Shinto was a member of the management team of the company. Having been in the healthcare industry for a considerable period, Dr. Shinto boasts of expansive experience in operational and clinical healthcare. Before joining InnovaCare, Inc, Dr. Rick Shinto served as a chief medical officer with NAMM California, the chief medical officer as well as the chief operating officer for Medical Pathways.

The current Chief Administrative Officer for InnovaCare, Inc is Penelope Kokkinides, who rejoined the company in June, 2015. Previously, Kokkinides served as the Chief Operating Officer for the company.

In the hands of these qualified, skilled and experienced professionals, InnovaCare is in a better position to continue being the leading provider of management healthcare in America. InnovaCare has also been in the process of redefining its healthcare management, hence be able to fit in the competitive healthcare industry.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Achievements

Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the most influential cosmetic surgeons in her field. She has made a lot of achievements in her life. Her achievements come from doing something that she is very passionate about. She was passionate about cosmetic surgery to the point that she has studied on the topic for years. She has started in New York and graduated from University of Texas Medical Branch. She has then went to New York to work at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. She was mentored at the facility and even continued on to be of great influence to the cosmetic surgery industry.

Jennifer Walden has made a huge name for herself in New York and has gone on to be very famous. She has even written sections in a textbook that students study from. She has not only shown a lot of skill in the work she does as a surgeon, she has also shown a lot of friendliness towards her patients. She makes sure that the procedures for surgery are followed as closely as possible to avoid any side effects.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has eventually returned to Austin Texas in order to spend more time with her family. While she is a great surgeon, she is an even greater mother. She has built a new practice in Austin Texas so that she could give more people the opportunity to get the best possible cosmetic surgical procedure. She also is a good example for female doctors to follow. She is aware of the statistics of plastic surgeons that are women. She has scene that there are less than 20 in Austin. Therefore, she has decided that she wants to add to the number of women plastic surgeons in the area so that people have more options.


Read more about Jennifer Walden:


Securus Creates Awareness of GTL Wrongdoing

Securus Technologies has long had a reputation for being one of the world’s greatest institutions concerned with public safety. It thinks of itself as a justice technology solutions company for both criminal and civil disputes but Securus Technologies also has expert capability in the areas of monitoring, corrections and also investigative procedure. Recently Securus Technologies issued a series of reports and other materials that definitively show Global Tel Link(GTL) behaved unethically by performing breaches of integrity and other wrongdoings.

The Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies made a statement following the release of the reports. In it he publicly affirmed his love and support for all those who work in the corrections industry including law enforcement, their families, and even inmates. He expressed immense frustration with GTL’s recent unethical behavior because their actions hurt the entire industry by lowering the bar of integrity that people have come to expect from professionals in the corrections industry. He wishes for all concerned to be aware that he cares about more than just making money and that he wishes to serve the community and especially Securus Technologies customers who have put their faith in him.

As a result of GTL’s actions, Securus Technologies will conduct a review of all their reported wrongdoings over the coming months with the hopes that it can shame them into behaving better. In its preliminary review, Securus Technologies found evidence that GTL programmed clocks in their telephone systems to add time to calls so that they could fraudulently earn more profit from inmates. It also increased the rate per minute of phone calls in violation of industry wide rate caps without permission from authorities. Furthermore, it was found that there was no reasonable excuse for GTL’s behavior. 

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Andy Wirth Chosen to Improve Air Service to Resort Area

Andy Wirth was recently announced as the newly elected chairman and president of Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation. He is the CEO and president of a company that operates the Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows ski resorts. The company is called Squaw Valley Ski Holdings.

RASC is the group that is responsible for increasing air service into the Reno-Tahoe area airport. Board members include hotel, casino and tourism companies in the area around the cities of South Lake Tahoe, North Lake Tahoe and Reno. Wirth said he is honored to serve in his new role. He believes air service is very important to a thriving economy in the area.

Andy Wirth has previously worked to get air service to various communities and resorts. Colorado and Quebec are two places that benefited from his expertise in this area.

He recently helped to get air service running from JFK Airport to Reno-Tahoe International Airport through JetBlue Services. Andy Wirth also helped work out a deal to have Alaska Airlines provide flights into Reno-Tahoe from John Wayne Airport and other airports.

Andy Wirth has worked as the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings to make his resort one of the best vacation spots in the world. He also works with community service and environmental groups to improve the Lake Tahoe area. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

After a serious skydiving accident in October 2013, Wirth was inspired to co-found an Ironman racing team to raise funds for the Navy SEAL Foundation. The team is called “Wounded Warrior Support.” The foundation helps Navy Seal members and their families after the special operations members return home.