OneLogin: Growth and Improvements in 2017

There are a lot of changes that have taken place at OneLogin this year. Some improvements to their mobile app as well as management decisions have improved integral functions to a great degree. Ultimately the year has resulted in drastic changes to the way that OneLogin operates. A growing customer base has influenced the way that progress has transpired for this company too. With more satisfied clients it is no surprise that OneLogin is at the forefront of innovation and design in their field.

Cloud sharing has improved the way that numerous companies operate online. It offers large scale solutions that can influence entire industries. OneLogin has integrated with multiple services in order to provide the highest quality outcomes when it comes to software platforms designed with cloud storage in mind. Web access points as well as management systems are a couple of the ways OneLogin has improved their standards in order to address cloud computing.

Other aspects of change at OneLogin include their consistent improvements to existing infrastructure. They have updated their mobile app to have better access points, features and functionality. For example, their improved portal can make accessing the app as well as relevant details easy and in a single screen. This helps users and saves time when trying to perform essential functions.

The flexibility of searching has also improved with the new interface and design. Instead of being limited on how many fields can be manipulated at one time, the new systems in OneLogin can generate consistent results with faster processing speeds.

Another major improvement OneLogin saw in 2017 was the use of multi factor authorization. These functionalities are important because of their adaptability and cohesiveness to industry standards. The benefits of what was previously known as Adaptive Authentication means that credentials will be reviewed multiple times by the machine.

The purpose of this is to improve safety and help user information remain private. The results have been great because of the benefits towards OneLogin services and features. With so many changes throughout 2017, OneLogin is poised for the new year with improved services and customer friendly design.

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