Oncotarget Trails Further Ahead with Its Successes

Being founded in 2010, Oncotarget has its beginnings as a multidisciplinary traditional journal with an ultimate focus around oncology with the dedicated aim to eliminate diseases before they become a problem for the patient, especially in regards to cancer.

Oncotarget is different from other journals in the areas where it utilizes democratization as a method to spread its published papers at a much faster rate.

Oncotarget is such a supporter of the advantageous Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License in its aims to support the democratization and easier spread of information for the published papers.

This fast, open, and free method of using published reports in order to spread information faster has lead to studies and experiments to be conducted much more expediently.

While initially focused on solely oncology, Oncotarget has gradually adopted other related topics such as chromosomes, autophagy, immunology, and other topics of interest.

Oncotarget’s Involvement with the Media

Oncotarget continues with its trend with accomplishing feats.

Earlier in 2017, Oncotarget originally stated that it would adopt a twice-weekly publication schedule.

Successfuly Oncotarget has adopted a twice-weekly publication that enables readers to be able to receive two issues on the same week consistently on both Tuesday and Friday.

Previously, the original arrangement that publication was a weekly publication beforehand.

Because of this increase frequency, Oncotarget was able to make sure that its readers was able to make sure that they were up-to-date on the current ongoing with Oncotarget.

Also, although this was part of stated benefit, this was to avoid hiatuses and any odd future delays in the future.

Now with the aforementioned objective completed, Oncotarget had another mission that it had to fulfill.

Oncotarget had set out a target objective to create a podcast with the purpose being an auditory avenue to present information in a easier method that is digestible. Follow Oncotarget on Twitter.

Listeners can listen to Oncotarget (the podcast) on Soundcloud, iTunes, Stitcher, and Player. FM.

Recognized Noteworthy Achievements

The trend of recognizable achievements for Oncotarget continues.

Also, Oncotarget now carries an impact factor of 5.168. This is showcasing that Oncotarget is growing on influence and recognition.

As it should be growing influence and recognition as the world’s largest known oncology journal.

Adding to the list of accomplishment is that Oncotarget researchers have been successfully able to identify proven novel therapeutic strategies to treat thyroid cancer. Download output styles at Endnote.com

Oncotarget is still remaining indexed by most scientific databases such as OAIster (The Open Access Initiative), Scopus, Journal Citation Reports/Science Edition, BIOSIS Previews, Biological Abstracts, and Embase.

Oncotarget’s accomplishments have been rather notably well-meaning.

Trend of Democratization, Moving Forward

Oncotarget has embodied and continues to embody the concepts of democratization and as a result, it is responsible for the aforementioned successes that Oncotarget has had.

Learn more: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/journals/1558/

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