Omar Boraie Single-Handedly Saved a City

Often times in a bad situation, it only takes one person to be a hero. This was true for Omar Boraie, the leader and patriarch of the real estate corporation, Boraie Development LLC. Because of his work and commitment to New Brunswick, New Jersey, the city is not only alive today, but it is a thriving hubbub of economic activity.

Omar Boraie is a man with a tender heart, and he has infused this compassion throughout his organization. Often times, you do not envision an organization having a love and heart for the city where it was born, but this is true of Boraie Development LLC. This organization wanted the city to soar to new heights and accomplished the greatest success the European cities had in their prime. This work has taken 40 years of hard labor, but now that those four decades are over, Boraie Development LLC is seeing the fruit of their labor., the official site for Boraie Development LLC, proudly discusses how they were able to invest $150 million of their own money into the city of New Brunswick. These investments focused on building commercial and residential areas so that families and their businesses could relocate easily to New Brunswick. further describes what these investments intended to do.

Omar Boraie intended that these investments would help the city of New Brunswick in four areas. At the time, New Brunswick was the last place that families wanted to live. It was struggling to gain new businesses and was fighting tooth and nail to keep the business es they already had. Lastly, the middle class had no reason to stay, and this would result in the city failing. For more details visit Bloomberg.

Omar Boraie focused on creating loving families inside loving communities. He accomplished this by securing ways for families to spend time with one another. An article on New Jersey Stage describes how Omar Boraie united with the New Jersey Stage to provide a summer of movies for families free of charge.

Omar Boraie then focused his attention on the business sector. He was able to convince the big boy in town, the corporation Johnson and Johnson, to stay in the local area. He knew no other business would come if they left.

Once Johnson and Johnson decided to stay, Omar Boraie was able to build several commercial real estate offices and residential buildings for new professional and business families.

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