Modern Renaissance Man, Greg Secker, Created Learn to Trade to Empower People

An interview with English businessman, Greg Secker, was recently published in CEOCFO Magazine. The interview was conducted by Lynn Fosse who discovered the philosophy behind the trader and why he seeks to teach people how to make money trading.

The modern Renaissance man is more than a mere trader. He owns a hedge fund, a brokerage and a variety of companies that are leaders in creating motivational courses, success summits, and philanthropy. He is also incredibly dedicated to helping the Filipino people.

The creator of Learn to Trade didn’t start in finance, however. Instead, he studied agriculture and food science at the University of Nottingham. During his studies, he would build computers and learn to code. He even build a #D model of the fluid dynamics of a follicle. He only joined the world of trading after speaking to a representative of Thomas Cook Financial Services at a job fair. He was able to secure an interview, where they hired him to join to work on the Virtual Trading Desk. This was one of the first trading platforms built for online trading and currency. As he was building Virtual Trading Desk, Secker began to understand the systems and strategies of the traders. He converted those strategies into code for the computer.

After retiring, he began going to many success conferences with speakers like Tony Robbins and Jack Canfield. He was inspired to create a similar seminar to learn how to trade. He wanted to provide people with the tools they needed to feel confident making money in the stock market. He began speaking as early as 2003 and has since spoken at nearly 6,000 seminars. He believes that everyone has a right to access such tools. Teaching them to earn through trading and gain financial people provides them with choices and it empowers them.

Greg Secker, the English businessman from Norfolk, gained early success in trading companies. He became a multi-millionaire by his twenties. He created a trading company that coaches and helps the average person gain financial freedom through learning to trade. He owns Learn to Trade, Capital Index, and SmartCharts Software, tools which help people learn how to trade in the stock market.

Greg Secker is also a dedicated philanthropist. He created the Greg Secker Foundation which partners with youth programs to improve the life skills, leadership abilities, and education to improve the quality of life for people. He also started the “Build a House, Build a Home” foundation in the Phillipines which have built over 100 permanent homes.

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