Milan Kordestani Building Many Businesses At A Young Age

Milan M. Kordestani is a multi-successful businessman who was born in Standford, California. He is an entrepreneur and owns multiple companies, but is also an accomplished equestrian. Mr. Kordestani moved a lot in his childhood, but it strengthened his desire to become successful in life.

The future entrepreneur started his early life in California but after his parents divorced, the family would move to London, England. Only there for a year, they moved back to the Bay Area to Atherton where Milan would graduate Heart Preparatory high school. Going back in his history Milan Kordestani started riding horses at the age of 10. This would become a huge career success for him because Milan would win many awards in his equestrian career. He would win first, second, third, and fourth place in many races including the World’s Championship Horse Show. These victories would provide Milan with the confidence he needed to run his own companies one day.

Milan is not only an equestrian and a owner of a farming business, but also an Huffington Post writer, college student, and founder and Chief Executive Officer of to other companies, Dormzi and Guin Records. Milan Kordestani is at his first year at Colorado College to receive the education he always dreamed of. This will also give him a more solid foundation to work from and knowledge to boot. Speaking of education Dormzi is an app for students to have access to all the services they need to run their day to day lives.

Milan Kordestani is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Milan Farms which was launched in 2015. Milan Farms is dedicated to transparency of their products and are of the upmost quality. They focus on growing and raising certain products such as organic mint, organic poultry, organic and free range, and organic 100 percent pure saffron. Milan Farms are constantly finding new sustainable ways to grow their saffron including aquaponics and hydroponics. They made history by growing saffron hydroponically on microfiber sponges which worked out. The most incredible part of this farming business is that Milan Kordestani started it in his sophomore year of high school.


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