Lime Crime: Playful Cosmetics Made for Unicorns

For lovers of mermaid hair and glitter, Lime Crime is the holy grail of cosmetics. Since its founding by CEO Doe Deere in 2008, this high quality brand had accumulated a cult following. Created to match unique styles and bright wardrobes, Lime Crime’s popularity is completely understandable. It’s cruelty free and vegan friendly, and they include a special discount on their website for students! Plus, it’s hard not to fall in love with the slightly retro, pastel goth packaging, and the array of bright, fun colors that would rival even the largest box of crayons. Lime Crime specializes in whimsy, from their Unicorn Hair dye, to mermaid themed hi-lighters and glittering lip color, this brand is anything but boring.

Having hit the mark in the fantasy theme category, Lime Crime has moved on to recreating some of our favorites childhoods memories, and the result is beautifully nostalgic. As of Sept. 19, Lime Crime is selling a line of Polly Pocket inspired eye shadow pallets called Pocket Candy Pallets. With three different color combinations to choose from, these pigmented shadows are the epitome of feminine and fun. The pastel blue, yellow, and pink compacts look like something straight out of Polly’s dream house, and open up to reveal five gorgeous shadows to help you get dolled up. You can get your own at $34 a piece, or $90 for all three if you just can’t choose one. This line promises to be a big hit with 90’s kids, so make sure you pick one up while they’re still available. Hopefully, Lime Crime will continue the trend and recreate some other retro favorites this year.

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