Felipe Montoro Jens Throws His Weight behind the Recent Government Intention to Form Partnership in Infrastructural Development with the Private Sector

Felipe Montoro Jens who is an expert in infrastructure projects is rallying massive support for the recent government announcement that it will support development in infrastructure by making concessions with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development. In an exclusive interview, the President of Trata Brasil; an organization with vested interests in the management and improvement of basic sanitation facilities, said that the water and health services should be revamped through a concerted effort. He is advocating for changes to be brought in the basic management of critical resource areas so levels of waste can be efficiently managed, and conservation efforts improved.



Edison, the President of Trata Brasil, decried the exclusion of the public sector from involvement in sanitation by pointing out that government is directly responsible for over 90% of basic sanitation in Brazil, of which 70% are serviced by state organizations. He, therefore, recommended that the public be allowed to complement the work of the private sector so that the two can form a stronger working team. The government experience and expertise can be leveraged through partnering with private organizations. Water resources should not be wasted, and so Filipe Montoro Jens said that the financial situation should be significantly improved and the advanced technologies of public companies should be used in the management of water resources. The government was also urged to increase investments in water and sewage networks.



Filipe Montoro Jens has a graduate degree from the Thunderbird School of Global Management, and he also has an undergraduate degree in Administration and Development from Getulio Vargas Foundation. He has been a senior executive, President, and CEO for many local and international companies in Brazil, and he is a key stakeholder in mineral and oil exploration, waste management, and development of infrastructure.



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