Fortress Investment Group: Setting Industry Standards For Other Financial Companies To Follow

Fortress Investment Group is a company that has consistantly demonstrated an incredible amount of expertise when it comes to dealing with clients within the field of asset and investment management. Through the years, the company has emerged into one that can stand tall, even amongst some of the biggest names in the industry. The dedication to the clients and the work that the company does for them have all been some of the more prominent reasons why the company has emerged as such a well-reputed name in the industry.

Fortress Investment Group first started accepting clients in 1998. The company was founded by Peter Briger, Wes Edens, and Randal Nardone. All three of the leaders of the company had been a part of the financial industry for many years before they decided to go out on this venture. They had been working with big names and big clients through the course of their career. Each one of the founding members did have a specific area of expertise, which later was then used to build up different sections of the company. Being people who have an ample amount of experience in the industry, the founding leaders of the company sought out to build a company that could one day stand among some of the biggest and best in the industry that they were in. Using their knowledge and skill, they were able to implement several positive developments that worked for the benefit of the company and the things that they took on. SoftBank Group Completes Acquisition of Fortress Investment Group

Over the years, Fortress Investment Group has truly evolved into a name that can stand among some of the biggest in the industry. The company has been able to implement a number of changes to improve its workings and improve the quality of services that are offered to the clients who come to them. One of the more significant developments that the company took on was in 2007 when the leaders of the company decided that it would be a good idea to help make the company public. Before 2007, no investment or asset management company in America had ever gone public. All of the companies that existed operated as private companies, with no involvement of the public sector. The leaders of the company knew that this was something that would set them apart, and hopefully help them achieve the better status that they were hoping for. As soon as the company went public, Fortress Investment Group suddenly becomes a company that everyone was talking about. The company had done something that no other firm had done in the past, and was now setting the pace for others in the industry. This was a big move for the company and was one which paid off incredibly well. A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group

Focusing on the clients and corporates that come to them has always been one of the main principles that the company works around. As the company moves forward into the industry, the leaders hope to keep improving so that they can retain their position within the financial sector. Hidden Fortress: Behind SoftBank’s $3.3B buy of the asset manager


The Historical Sites One Can Find In Samoa

     Once you have deplaned at Fagali’i Airport in Samoa there are a lot of things to see and do here as a tourist. There are many hiking trails for those who want to spend time exploring nature. There are also museums, places to shop for unique items, great restaurants, and Polynesian cultural things to do. Visiting Samoa can be an enriching experience for tourists who want to experience something unique.

Landing at Fagali’i Airport can be a fun thing for those who have never flown in a smaller plane before. The planes that land her are DHC-6 Twin Otter flown by Samoa Airways, the government-owned airline. These planes sit just 19 people and there are two pilots on board. These planes were featured on some episodes of Survivor when that show was taped in Samoa.

One of the historic sites in Samoa is the 1962 Independence Memorial, marking the day Samoa left behind its colonial past. There are also a number of American, British, and German memorials, the locations for which can be obtained from the Samoa Visitors Bureau. There are also tombs of historic Samoan leaders, such as the mausoleum of Tupua Tamasese. The most impressive one is the one for the Tu’imaleali’ifano dynasty which features seven tiers of tombs.

Another historical site is the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum. This museum was recently restored and includes many of this famous author’s belongings as well, such as travel mementos, as some of his library. There are also a few botanical gardens here. About a half-hour walks away people can visit his tomb at the top of Mount Vaea. This spot has excellent views of Apia, where Fagali’i Airport is located, and the surrounding tropical forest. This museum subsists on donations and is open M-F 9 am to 4 pm as well as on Saturdays from 9 am to 12 pm.

Neurocore – Treating Depression into the 21st Century and Beyond

Depression is a common mental illness that afflicts many in our society; about 16 million annually. Its more common for women but depression can affect any one at any age and usually starts in adulthood. As with other mental illnesses, the stigma alone is enough to discourage many from seeking treatment. Education is needed to spread awareness of what depression really is; a serious but very treatable mental disorder that is not caused by an individual’s personal weakness.

Most people associate depression with something stressful occurring in someone’s life, such as the death or loss of a loved one, some type of abuse or financial issues. Although this may be the case in some situations, in others there is no discernible cause. So while stressful events can bring about a depressive episode and genetics may create a predisposition, no one as of yet has been able to pinpoint anything that actually causes it.

Depression can be broken down into different types dependant on various factors. Daily feelings of low self esteem and sadness for two or more weeks are symptoms of major depressive disorder. Persistent depressive disorder can last for years but daily symptoms aren’t as severe. Seasonal affective disorder occurs when the amount of sunlight lessens and postpartum depression afflicts mothers after childbirth.

Depression is experienced and dealt with in many different ways. General symptoms include continuous sadness, worthlessness and sometimes no feelings at all. Other common symptoms are sleeping a lot, fatigue, moodiness, weight loss, and no interest in things once enjoyed. Many people who suffer with depression don’t show any outward signs; this is referred to as high functioning depression.

The impact for those suffering from depression is not only mental but physical as well. Symptoms include headaches, difficulty breathing, stomach issues and tension.

Depression is a major cause of suicide and suicide is at a very high rate for youth, second only to accidents. Feelings of hopelessness and other general symptoms sometimes become too overwhelming.

Depression is impacting our economy as well in that it is the main cause of disability for people between the ages of 15 through 44, costing as estimated $80,000,000,000 in work output and health care.

Research for depression is severely underfunded. The death toll for suicide, which is directly related to depression, is equal to that of breast cancer but funding for breast cancer research is almost 100% more than that of depression.

Depression is a very treatable illness even in severe cases, although its best to start as early as possible. Treatment usually includes medication and some type of therapy. For those that aren’t successful with traditional treatments, neurofeedback is an alternative therapy which is drug-free and non-invasive.

Established in 2004, Neurocore evolved into a nationwide authority in applied neuroscience. They operate nine brain performance centers in Michigan and Florida. Neurocore Brain Performance Centers offers assessments and training programs that assist children and adults with concentration, sleep and managing stress.

Neurocore utilizes advanced technology to record the brain’s electrical activity. The data acquired is then analyzed to discern the causes of symptoms and development of a program based on that. Some of the tests and methods used in building a profile are the electroencephalogram (EEG), heart rate variability (HRV), integrated visual and auditory continuous performance (IVA), and a behavioral checklist.

For more information follow Neurocore on Facebook, here.

Classdojo – Using Technology to Make Classroom Experience Better

Technology has a significant role to play in the world of education as it would allow the students to make progress in their studies with ease while also helping teachers to find new creative ways to teach. Over the years, we have seen technology integrating with the classrooms and educational system in ways more than one. The rapid development of the technology sector continues to transform the traditional education setting as we know it, and for good. One of the recent developments that have taken the education world by storm is the creation of Classdojo communication application.

It is an application that ensures that teachers can share their ideas on how to teach their classroom or just about anything they want related to improving the classroom experience with the fellow teachers, students, and even parents. It would help them get feedback and suggestions that would then assist them to refine their ideas further to perfect it eventually. Similarly, parents who feel that the classroom experience can be further enhanced by implementing any particular idea can share with the teacher through messaging or posting as a suggestion for many other teachers to see and revert on.

Students can use the Classdojo application to communicate with the teachers in case of any questions during non-school hours and can even share the pictures of any events in schools with the parents in real time. It essentially makes a virtual classroom including parents, and facilitates free flow of ideas and suggestions. Classdojo is one of the most helpful applications for the teachers and students available today as far as enhancing classroom experience is concerned. It has a lot of features that would certainly motivate teachers to do well in their classroom and add life to their work by making it possible to share their hard work and accomplishments with others.


NuoDB empowering Cloud-based applications

NuoDB is a technology company specializing in database management system (DBMS) using SQL technology to access data in the cloud. The company was launched in 2008 where it was known as NimbusDB but changed to NuoDB in 201.

Its functioning has been characterized as NewSQL due to its elasticity. Though it’s innovation, it still retains the characteristics of the old SQL technology while also allowing scaling by adding new features to improve the cloud computing experience.

Cloud based applications will communicate with NuoDB databases through SQL database injections to provide a reliable exchange of information just like the other databases such as relational databases enabling it to handle more than one million transactions per second.

But the difference is in the architecture. NuoDB utilizes a tiered technique which comprises of transaction engines (TE) and storage managers (SM) which enable data to be predictable. Also when the need arises to increase the size of the database, you just add more storage managers along with transaction engines.

Besides this, NuoDB beats the other databases when it comes to ease of scaling. Instead of replacing its hardware like the others, with NuoDB, you increase the number of servers.

NuoDB is a freemium service, where there are a free version and two premium package; professional and business version. This has empowered the company to work towards its goal; building a database that enables businesses that rely on cloud-computing.

Talks Energy is Part of the Mexican Offshore Drilling Group

Talos Energy is one-third of the part of the group that is drilling for oil offshore in Mexico. They are based out of Texas and they make up the part of the group that represents the United States. This is something that has allowed them the chance to make sure that they are doing things and that they are going to be able to continue operating the rig in combination with the other two companies that have come from different areas. The rig is a combination of an oil company from the United States, an oil company from Mexico and an oil company from England. There are many different ways that they can make decisions and all of these are close to the options that they have with their oil rigs. It has given them the chance that they need to try new things and to get more out of the options that they have. Thanks to the Mexican offshore opportunities, they know what they are doing.

Despite the fact that Talos Energy is a part of the United States group, the company continues to offer people the chances that they need to make things better. It has allowed them the chance to continue working in the area that they are in and has also allowed them to grow the way that they want to be able to. In the past, Talos Energy was only able to make decisions with oil rigs in the United States.

Talos Energy wants to make sure that they are doing everything that people need in different areas. It is something that has given people a chance to try new things and do more with what they have. It has also allowed them to experience all of the options that come along with oil drilling. It can sometimes be complicated for Talos Energy to find the oil that they need but they usually have someone who can help them find the oil and help them get all of the options that they need to make the oil drilling as successful as possible in different areas.

Talos Energy Could Mean Job Growth in Mexico

The trio of Talos and their business partners Sierra Oil & Gas, and Premier Oil Plc announced they have discovered oil offshore Mexico using their Zama-1 Exploration Well.

The Zama-1 is the first offshore well drilled by a private sector in Mexico. The well sits in 546 feet of water, 37 miles from port of Dos Bocas, and reached an initial vertical depth of 11,100 feet.

Tim Duncan the CEO of Talos believes this will lead to “new capital, new participants, and a spirit of ingenuity that leads to local jobs and government revenues for Mexico.” Tim finished off that statement with “the future is bright for offshore Mexico for years to come.”

Talos and partners accomplished this task using an Ensco 8503 which is a moored floating drill rig. Although there are no immediate well testing plans in place at he moment, once further evaluation is conducted the goal will be to reach a total vertical depth of 14,000 feet.

In 2015 the company executed two production sharing contracts with the National Hydrocarbons Commission which awarded them block 2 and block 7, located in the Sureste Basin covering approximately 162,904 acres of land in a proven hydrocarbon province.

Talos is a technically driven company in the oil field. Most of their work is conducted in the Gulf Coast, primarily Texas and Louisiana. Their year end net preserves were over 100 million BOE with production of 30,000 BOE/day net.

Current shares breakdown is Talos at 35%, Sierra with 40%, and Premiere Oil at 25%.

The Music of Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi earned his MBA from the Universidade de Sao Paulo from 1999-2000; and his Bachelor from Pontificia Universidade Catolica de Sao Paulo from 1989-1994. He is fluent in both English and Spanish languages. He is a financial planner and has great hopes that he will be able to help people to become debt free, because he believes that debt is a major problem in almost everyone’s life. He also believes if you want to get out of debt you must have a solid plan for your financial future.

Cassio Audi loves music. Music is a way for him to express himself in so many ways. Even though he is very successful in the business world, he hasn’t lost his love for music, nor his love to create music. He hopes that with his love of music he can help to make the world a better place by giving hope to the people who listen to it.

South America and Brazil has its own style of sound, it can make one feel as if they are in the jungles of Brazil, or the beaches of Rio. Cassio Audi’s music is so wonderful because it has sounds that bring back his childhood memories.

Cassio Audi works hard and is very talented with his music, his music is just the escape he needs from the day-to-day frustrations work can bring. He hopes that with his music, he can also bring this same relaxation and escape to the people who listen to it.

For more information on Cassio Audi follow him on Facebook.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America collaborates with Allscripts and NantHealth to Launch Clinical Pathways

Recently, NantHealth collaborated with Allscripts to implement a custom technical solution that will enable clinical decision support to access clinical workflows in Allscripts Sunrise electronic health record. The clinical decision support solution has a seamless integration that helps inform the cancer treatment procedure without interfering with doctor’s clinical workflow. The clinical operating system interface was established with the input of thousands of oncologist across the nation and comprises a comprehensive collection of developing cancer data.

Note that the system is designed with the patient in mind, and it integrates the modern cancer research technology available, treatment schedules and corresponding therapies into the Allscripts Sunrise EHR. This gives the oncologists the capability of creating a curated list care etiquettes at the point of care. Once the treatment platform is engaged, it gives:

• Custom treatment procedures specific to the patient, their health condition and specific disease condition.
• Comparison between cure alternatives, comprising average market budget of delivery.
• Supporting clinical data.
• Real-time functionality.
• Access to referenced updated guidelines, rate of response, adverse drug reactions and toxicity.

Clinical pathways are known to create a great transparency around the therapeutic selection and care delivery. It also helps in improving quality and efficiency by minimizing variability in care. Having the integrated platform in place, clinical professionals and patients can talk over and compare different treatment procedures. This will play a great role in giving patients the confidence of the appropriateness of their recommended cure for their particular diagnosis. Also, clinical pathway platform can accelerate approval from insurance by providers by effectively offering the required clinical information to support the preferred treatment regimens.

About Cancer Treatment Centers of America

This is a national network of five prominent hospitals that admits and take care of older adults who are struggling with cancer. Cancer Treatment Centers of America Global Inc. has its headquarters in Boca Raton, Fla.
CTCA is known to provide an integrative methodology to the care conglomerates progressions in genomic testing and precision cancer cure, surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and radiation.

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Cassio Audi – An Unavoidable Figure In The Brazilian Investment Management Industry

Brazilian investment management is driven towards asset management, and people are not ready to expand their investment beyond the asset management because of different financial crisis condition in Brazil market. However, the current investment trend of Brazil is changing towards higher investment solutions with great strategies and accuracy to create more wealth with the help of many specialized investors like Cassio Audi.

A lot of financial investment experts including Cassio Audi have become primary investors of different securities including shares, equities bonds, and real estate, etc., encouraging people to move beyond asset management. It has not only helped the country’s economy to climb well but also decreased the economy crisis of the country. According to the industry experts, an immense growth can be seen in the Brazilian economy in coming years.

The Brazilian Securities Commission (CVM) has also projected new rules for the investment management sector that will be applicable for the administrators, managers and investment advisors to ensure best management practices of these professionals which will lead to a better economy in future. These rules have been suggested and supported by specialized investment experts of Brazil including Casio Audi who is a senior manager in Brazilian investment management sector.

Cassio Audi is a prominent figure in the Brazilian investment management industry. He is well-known for providing many useful investment strategies and ideas that helped many financial companies to achieve huge profit noticeably. Cassio Audi has 23 years of experience in the investment industry, which has helped him to gain a clear understanding of the investment market.

He has gained expertise in many sectors including Accounting & Financial Management, Fundraising, IPO, Resource Management, Business Administration, Modeling and Analysis, M&A & Investor Relations, and many more. Cassio Audi has gained proven record by offering streaming growth, effectiveness and profit to many private and public organizations in the investment management sector.