Alex Pall defines their new music style

The chainsmokers are among the most celebrated music artists in the world. The duo, Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall met through Andrews then manager who is still currently managing them. After the release of their track Closer featuring Halsey, they had a chance to interview with Mathias Rosenzweig of Interview magazine who asked about how they planned to create their identity and grow their audience while still being relevant.

Mathias was curious to know how they met and knew that they were musically perfect for each other. Both were Deejaying and while at it a kid who worked for Alex’s manager told Andrew about chainsmokers, a Dj duo looking for a second artist and he travelled to New York where he met Alex and immediately started working together. Alex said that he knew this musical relation would work because they had the same interests and with him being a Dj and Andrew being a producer, marketing their work would be easy.

On building a strong identity like an artist being a Dj duo in the electronic genre, Andrew agreed that it was deceptively simple. He said that a million people would be creating similar content thus having to work hard enough to create something that is unique. Mathias was impressed by the fact that the pair wrote their compositions unlike other artists of their age. In response to that, Pall said that their goal was to write songs that are related as opposed to having an album of songs that have nothing to do with each other.

Alex acknowledged that working with Halsey on “Closer,” was incredible because of her strong voice and the fact that she was unapologetically herself.He added that their music cuts across all ages and thanks to Instagram they have fans internationally. Since their music had grown from their college audience to having a below 15 and over 30 audience, Mathias wanted to know how they were planning to change their shows to cater for their growing audience. Alex said that they would keep pushing because they didn’t want to keep doing the same kind of things.