NGP VAN Ups Their Efficiency Game

It is no secret to anyone who has ever worked on a political campaign that things can become messy and disorganized in an instant — and what’s worse is it can drastically cut into the amount of time you spend coordinating volunteers and creating canvassing lists for them. Luckily, the folks at NGP VAN have once again gone above and beyond in creating software that can help progressive campaigns get organized and make life easier on the candidate, their staff and all of the volunteers.

Cutting turf, one of the most dreaded tasks of the campaign, is obsolete with this new update from NGP VAN (who has been at the forefront of campaign technology since their inception in 2001). By pioneering a new system known as Distributed Canvassing, the new NGP VAN software will give campaigns more time out on doors by automatically creating list of voters from a predetermined universe. Instead of wasting time (and paper) creating lists and packets for volunteers, merely have them punch in a list number on their phone and they can hop out on doors immediately! Thus saving the campaign resources, while also increasing the amount of voters you can reach.

In the world of political campaigns data is absolutely everything, and nobody understands data and trends better than the folks at NGP VAN. It goes without saying that working with monumental campaigns (such as Barack Obama’s) means that you have to understand the changing trends and data points that are emblematic of a successful campaign. While the political climate may be totally different than when NGP VAN was created they have been able to remain so successful due to their ability to keep up with the changes in voting habits. As academic studies are undertaken to better understand what motivates people to vote, the good news is the folks at NGP VAN already have a good idea AND a top-of-the-line tool to maximize support for your campaign.

The midterms of 2018 will certainly mark a turning point for our country’s political climate, and if the purported “Blue Wave” is supposed to arrive it will be due in large part to the folks at NGP VAN and their cutting edge software.

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Review for NewsWatch TV

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