How End Citizen United is Bringing Reforms in America

Americans have always enjoyed being one of the most powerful nations in the entire world. This nation is currently one of the leaders when it comes to its economy. Americans always have the democratic right of choosing the leaders of their choice after a period of four years. Last year, the country appointed a new president who has emerged to be very controversial compared to the other leaders who have been in the office of the president. Although this country commands respect because of its great economy and democracy, it has its share of challenges in many parts. The political system, for instance, has been a bone of contention for decades. There are people and organizations that believe that there should be reforms in the political system so that the citizens are given the opportunity to appoint the leaders they want in their political offices. Things got worse in the political system in the year 2010.

The Supreme Court decisions in America are always respected. In 2010, this respected and prestigious organization announced a decision that sent shock to the people living in America. The American political system was significantly affected by the decision made by the prestigious body. The consequences of the decision of the powerful institution have been felt by all people in the country, almost two decades later. Many people are still debating about the ruling of this court. Some of the influential individuals in the large country have gone ahead to form organizations so that they can look for a way to overturn the ruling that affects the kind of people selected to become leaders in the country. One of these institutions is called End Citizens United.

There have been so many cases in the American political system. Some of these cases have changed the political arena, and they have remained to be very controversial even after many years. The results from these cases have been felt even in the modern terms. The decision made by the American Supreme Court in 2010 is very similar. Thanks to the decision that was made, a lot of black money has been used in the American politics, and this has affected the leaders being appointed.

End Citizens United was brought into the country so that it could end the use of the corporate money in politics. End Citizens United has been very fortunate.End citizens united has introduced a lot of change in the political system.

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How End Citizen United is Impacting the American Political System

In the year 2010, the Supreme Court in the United States made a shocking decision. This simple decision sent a lot of shockwaves in the American political system. Several years later, the implications of the court decision are still being felt. There are many institutions that are still opposing the ruling of this court and doing anything possible to make sure that the decision is changed. Several political action committees have been established in the country to make things right. One of these PACs is known as End Citizen United. End Citizens United came into American political system after this ruling was announced. People in many parts of the country did not like this decision, and they have been offering support to End Citizen United so that their views can be considered. End Citizen United has made a lot of progress since its inception in the American society.

In each generation in the world, there are several court cases that change the political ground for a very long time. These cases will always alter the ground in which the nation is standing. Most of them have remained to be controversial immediately they were announced to the public. The 2010 case remains to be one of these. The results of the decisions remain to affect many people in the country for many decades. Most of these have even brought permanent consequences in the American political arena.

End Citizens United has remained in the mind of many Americans since the Supreme Court ruling in the year 2010. The decision has had significant political results to the country. Experts had even warned that the controversial decision was going to have an immediate political pushback. There are many political organizations that have been looking for a way to reduce the effects of the ruling and at the same time find the best legal platform to overturn the decision.

When End Citizens United came into the market in 2015, many people were hopeful that the court decision was going to be overturned. The organization has made a lot of progress in this department, and this explains its popularity although it has only been operating for less than three years. The leaders of the successful PAC have made great strides in managing America’s political financial system, making sure that the candidates given leadership positions are capable of handling their jobs. The candidates that enjoy the endorsement of the PAC must have similar agendas, and they should not accept black money for their campaigns.

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What you need to know about George Soros

George Soros is a Hungarian-born American entrepreneur and philanthropist and political reformist. He is that kind of person who cares genuinely for the well-being of the poor and the voiceless and goes an extra mile to do everything in his power to correct it.

Many recognize his investment efforts and regard him as the biggest speculator and risk taker in stock markets. And that has been his motto, putting his own life and wealth on public limelight, to rescue the voiceless. His total net worth ranges $25.2 billion.

The most admirable thing about him is that he never flinches even a little when donating. Mr. Soros dished $33 million within one year to human rights groups based Ferguson as indicated by the Washington Times. These groups later initiated a protest that shocks the whole country after the police shot a youth. Learn more on about George Soros.

Through Mr. Soros’s foundation, the whole country was able to stand against the injustice and offered their support to Ferguson residents.

Soros’ acts of helping the racial discrimination victims can be linked to what happened to him and his family when he was young. Born and grew up during Nazi regime, he witnessed the murder of more than 500,000 Hungarians Jews. This incident has contributed to his constant fight for justice to injustice victims.

So when he heard of the criminal act where the police shot a young African American, Soros; immediately assembled his team to help the Ferguson residents seek the justice.

Though Mr. Soros aided the protests financially, he never directed it. Washington Times noted that the events erupted due to the public’s outcry and later joined by Soros’ Foundation and other human rights groups.

Besides the financial support the protests received from Soros’ foundation, it also gained more exposure through social media campaigns and media houses coverage. This enabled them to achieve their goals due to more voices.

After the incident, Mr. Soros donated funds to the Staten Island and Ferguson police departments to check their systems and uphold accountability and transparency to avoid future scenes like the one they had witnessed. Read more at The New York Times about George.

George Soros values a community that respects and accepts everyone. And to achieve this, leaders should be accountable and ready to drive positive changes. Soros knew this very well that’s why he supported leaders with policies that would benefit the citizens if implemented.

This made him support Mr. Obama back in 2012 because he believed in Obama’s agenda for the Americans. He donated over $2 million towards Obama’s campaigns. This was also seen in the recently concluded US elections, where he supported Hillary Clinton.

Mr. Soros also seeks to empower the systems that implement and reinforces laws and reforms. As indicated by Politico News, Soros donated $3 million the U.S. legal systems to fund their reformation activities.

George Soros is just but a fellow human who understands what it means to be undermined, neglected, and your rights being trampled on, he valued human life more than anything else.

End Citizens United Commits to Reforming the Campaign Finance System in America

The Third Largest 2016 U.S. Political Action Committee (PAC), End Citizens United (ECU) made a commitment to transform the financing system of political campaigns. Since March 1st, 2015, they continue to run as a traditional committee by accepting donations from contributors in the amount of $5,000 or less to support political candidates. Their membership has reached over three million members, and they have 330,000 financial supporters. ECU’s main objective is to eliminate the manipulation of the political system by fighting against Big Money political donations. To accomplish this, they hope to elect Democratic promising leaders to promote campaign finance reformation and pass state legislation.


The committee recently announced their endorsement for 19 Democratic candidates for the House in 11 U.S. states, on April 25th, 2017. Candidates from Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Washington will unite with EUC to support campaign finance reform as a significant problem in the U.S. Campaign financial supporters donated over $825,000 to support local and national media for Jon Ossoff, a Georgian Democratic Congressional political candidate. USA Today reported on the 4th of April that he raised over $4 million for the Republican House seat election, held on the 18th of last month.


End Citizens United raised $4 million for first quarter ending March 31st, 2017. The committee told USA Today they were projecting $35 million in donations to help with reforming the political financial system for 2018 Congress elections. Mr. Ossoff came up short of winning the seat by less than two percent of the 50 percent required votes in the April 18th election. He will now go against Republican Karen Handel in the June 20th run-off election to replace former Republican Congressman Tom Price, who now serves as U.S. Secretary of Human and Health Services.


Sources say End Citizens United continues to evaluate active elections in 2018 and supports two democratic senators, Sherrod Brown and Jon Tester. They expect to raise more donations for next year’s elections compared to the $25 million raised in 2016. Most of the donors, last year, donated $4 up to $5,000 to support Democratic politicians in various elections. Thus far, Ossoff has raised over $8 million and spent approximately $6 million to support his campaign.


The mission of End Citizens United is to push political campaigns reform and fight Big Money in manipulated political elections, after two years in operations. The committee’s commitment to defeat Citizens United, stop dark money, and end unlimited donations reduces the chances of deceptive manipulation in campaigns. ECU is dedicated to supporting Democrats in major races who share the same support as they do to reform campaign finance system.

George Soros’ Contributions to the Just Concluded Elections

Born in Budapest in the Kingdom of Hungary, George Soros is a successful businessman, investor and political activist owning the Soros Fund Management. His prominence roots from the short sale of US$10 billion Sterling Pound that earned him $ 1 billion in the Black Wednesday United Kingdom money crisis. Soros is known as one of the richest men in the universe. Apart from being an investor, Soros is a politician with a broad participation in the American Progressive and Liberal Political teams on With his passion for humanity and peace, Soros was a major component of peace building in Eastern Europe. He transitioned communism to capitalism in Europe.

The Reemergence of Soros on the Political Scene

After taking a long hiatus from political activism, George Soros resurfaced on the political scene by pledging up to $25 million to support Democratic Party’s candidates and various causes to be voted on during the November 2016 elections. The funds were to be channeled through super PAC’s supporting Hillary Clinton’s campaign which had earlier received up to $7 million in donations and other candidates vying for various seats on the party’s tickets. Voter mobilizations on Forbes initiatives also received part of the funds which marked Soros’ most active political participation since 2004 when he spent a staggering $27 million in campaigns in his attempt to oppose the re-election of President George Bush.

George Soros’ Post Trump’s Victory Strategy

The Washington’s strategic meeting follows George Soros’ telling active participation in the just recent concluded elections marked by significant financial contributions. George Soros with other powerful politicians Left Wing Democrat Donors gathered in Washington to strategize and take stock of the election aftermath. On the cards during the meeting was how to counter some of the political policies contained in Trump’s 100 days play which aimed at rolling back some of President Obama’s policies. Some of the policies include The Obamacare including policies aimed at equitable distribution of resources to the citizens. Besides, the politicians discussed polling with a focus on reaching out to the middle-class voters at who played a key role in Trump’s resounding victory over Hillary Clinton in the just concluded Presidential Elections.


Soros attended the London School of Economics and graduated with a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Philosophy.