Clay Hutson expected at the second round of Soul2Soul global tour

The famous married duo, Faith Hill, and Tim McGraw recently announced that Clay Hutson the renowned tour rigger will be joining them for their second round of Soul2Soul global tour. According to the duo, it’s been close to a decade now since the last time they toured together was in 2007. The first round of their Soul2Soul tour was pretty successful as they received warm reception and even sold out tickets to their 70 concerts which spread between April 2017 and December 2017.


Even though the first leg took place the whole spring, it seems that the fans of the duo had missed them so much because they still wanted more dates to be added. This is why they had to add Clay Hutson the champ of all tours to be part of their second tour as he has what it takes to set the ball rolling and ensure that everything is at par and be the fuel that facilitates their ability to meet and exceed the anticipation of their fans. The second leg of the soul2soul tour kicked off in Richmond Virginia on 31st May and featured Caitlyn Smith as the opening act. It features a long string of great artists who are sure going to set the tour ablaze and with Clay Hutson aboard, there is no doubt that the Soul2soul tour will be at a high tempo throughout the second round.


Who is Clay Hutson?


Clay Hutson is a Nashville Tennessee resident who no longer needs introductions wherever he goes because his accomplishments in the entertainment industry already speak volumes for him. He is a man with many feathers to his hat as he triples up as a sound engineer, stage manager, and tour producer. He has been the man behind the scenes of successful world tours of A-list artists like Pink, Kid Rock, Kelly Clarkson and a whole horde of others.


Having been in the entertainment arena for over two decades, Clay Hutson has achieved notable milestones and has grown from a mere Billy Graham’s crew sound engineer to a fully-fledged king of live performances. His career which he says was inspired by rock music has turned him into a globetrotter and he has been to continents such as North America, Europe, Australia and many others.


What sets him apart from most stage managers is his dedication to ensuring that the A to Z of any tour he is in charge of is implemented to utmost perfection and often works himself to the finger bone to ensure that everything from the design, machines and even logistics are at par with what the artists he works with expect. Hence with him on board, there is no doubt that the second leg of the soul2soul tour will be even more successful. Learn more: