Billy McFarland’s Magnises Card Supplies Industrial-Strength Integrity

Billy McFarland is one of those type of persons who think, engagingly, outside of the box. The preceding statement is not a cliché–not really. The term of outside of the box thinking was created for thinkers, such as McFarland. Learn more about the creative McFarland and his inspired payment tool and social benefits card, Magnises, within the post which follows:

Benefits are tremendous using the Magnises’ super cool black card. The member’s name is very conspicuous. It is a captivating lifestyle card and payment tool. Anyone who wishes to experience New York, or the cities where Magnises has launched or is launching is obliged to carry it, according to the encouraged member. The following said, the way to use the card is simple.

Once a person, achieves membership status, he or she activates the card by merely applying a credit or debit card, he or she normally uses, to the Magnises card. There are friendly instructions how to complete activation, supplied by Magnises. Once the cool black card is activated, by means of the member’s preferred debit or credit card, it not only provides spending power, it provides the user with social freedom.

The benefits, from a social standpoint, are tremendous. The age range of the persons, using the card, inside of New York is between twenty-one years of age and thirty-two years old. It is during this time of life, when a club nightlife is very important.

The card, provides the user, with tremendous authority and clout, in this regard. There are access members-only evenings, which the Magnises card member is entitled, complete with secret performers; and other terrific nightlife events, at out-of-the-way city speakeasies. Further, the true enchantment of the cool black card is that, not only does it provide precision-perfect use, for the person engaged in the New York night-life, it is a terrific payment tool too.

There is never a hassle, for its member, gaining entry at the door of the club. The member of Magnises is always treated as he or she should be treated: As a VIP. Billy McFarland created a card where getting into all the right places, socially, is not an issue, by way of using his perfected black card known as Magnises. A member can add ClubPass, to his or her Magnises card, and assure entry, into the best nightclubs within New York City; or the city where the card is in use and the member resides.

Billy McFarland is twenty-three years of age. He is a young entrepreneur who wishes to provide a young, targeted, talented audience with that of an exclusive social presence, in way of specific events and other deals, by the exclusive use of the Magnises black card.

As indicated within the above text, the cool black Magnises card is simple enough to link with that of a bank card or credit card, when using it for purposes of payment. The preceding stated, the main draw of the card is its social perks.

The heavy-weight black card, made of durable metal, allows its member to enjoy a host of discounts at eateries, nightclubs and bars, within the New York City area or any city where the card has been launched. That said, there are also perks, such as private concerts, in using the card, as well as lavish getaways.

The millennial, according to Billy, is provided with a platform, containing new businesses, in the virtual environment and offline business enterprises, which he or she may connect. In example of the preceding statement, New York eateries, which are very well-known, and popular nightclubs, are partnered with the Magnises card. The member of the Magnises card may receive discounts on Helicopter trips, which transport him or her to the Hamptons, and also attend private performances, by musical artists.

The cool black card has over six-thousand members. The yearly payment is a reasonable $250. A mobile application is linked to the membership, which allows the Magnises member to choose an activity, that he or she prefers and attain instantaneous accessibility to incredible deals.

The niche audience of the black card, referred to as Magnises, is between twenty years of age to thirty-five years of age—as indicated, within the above text. The majority of the age group works in the industries of highly refined finance; the fashion and style industry and the technical realm.

The person, wishing to apply for membership of the card, is required to fill out an application, online. He or she, then, must be approved by the staff of Magnises, before membership is official. The idea behind the preceding process is to assure that an individual truly wants to take advantage of the card’s social attributes—according to Billy McFarland. (Statement is not verbatim.)

During its launch period, mentioned in another post, the Magnises members were encouraged to socially take advantage of a clubhouse located, within the West Village. The company, however, has outgrown the townhouse, as a members’ clubhouse and are now located inside a penthouse, at the Hotel on Rivington, which is on the Lower East Side. Magnises makes good use of the New York Penthouse location, hosting many events, from that of late-at-night sets, wherein a disc jockey is provided, to friendly happy hours.

Members can use the penthouse as a place to work or hold business meetings, during daytime hours. The penthouse is convenient for the Magnises’ client, since now Magnises is able to provide open bar services and catering. (According to McFarland, there are nights wherein two-hundred persons may show up at the Magnises penthouse.) It is correct to state, it is certainly good for Magnises that the Hotel on Rivington is a Magnises’ partner. Many members are delighted by the news.

 McFarland indicated that the business, Magnises, plans launching ten more cities within the next year.

Impressively, Magnises has raised funds, nearing three-million dollars, to current date. McFarland indicated that the company is generating enough, in the way of revenue, that there is no need to raise additional funds, within the near future.

The game plan is set then. According to McFarland, the business of Magnises is ready for expansion to other city markets. Within the new markets, the same terrific social benefits and discounts will be provided to millennials, who reside within the new city marketplaces.

Notes regarding Billy McFarland: There are many unique and engaging sides to Billy McFarland. He is a described genius, in the way of business startup, according to many well-respected business professionals and establishments.

He gives back to the community, through his philanthropic organizations. He is the founder and CEO of Magnises. Magnises is an experiential benefits platform, which is achieving business growth, at a rapid pace.

The company was established in 2014 and allows its members to appreciate the various elements and establishments, of their respective cities. It serves residents in NYC, and now, Washington DC, Chicago and San Francisco.

Billy has been referred to as a technical wizard, a mastermind and a natural entrepreneur, by many high-profile corporations and media sources. Billy McFarland, has found a creative way which to monetize on the millennial.

Billy McFarland has established, too, many not-for-profit initiatives. LEAP, in example, allows middle school students and high school students to develop technical skills.

The Accelerate Foundation allows athletes to transition, successfully, to a corporate work environment.