How Jorge Moll Came To Be a Successful and Highly Reputable Neurologist

The number of people showing great interest in studying the modern medicine has continued to increase. Medicine is a field with various complex areas and the most complex one happens to be neuroscience and neurology. Most of the research work that goes on in neurology field is fascinating. Some of the research work that has been done associate neurological conditions with moral sensitivity, worthlessness feelings, depression, again, Alzheimer’s disease, feelings of disgust, social and moral beliefs among others. According to the most competent neurologists such as Jorge Moll, neural mechanisms can highly influence the social preferences and choices a human being makes.

In fact, the latest research of Jorge Moll has shown that the neural and psychological mechanisms could be based on values and morals and be modified by culture, experience, and neurotechnological interventions. A far-reaching research on neurological mechanisms has revealed that neurons play a great role in determining the values a human being would develop in their mind. The neurological system would determine one’s social conduct and moral cognition. The social group members such as soccer players usually get the altruistic motivation they need from the neural mechanism. This means there is a section of the brain in soccer fans that are involved in the way they behave. Neural mechanisms are responsible for the pro-group behavior and group belongingness that one develops. Neurons develop modulation techniques in the brain to help it address some clinical problems like antisocial behaviors and other aggressive behaviors and attitudes that are sports-related.

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Jorge Moll has come a long way in his career to a point of being a professional neurologist. His motivation since his childhood was being a medical professional. He graduated with a degree in medicine in 1994 from Rio de Janeiro Federal University after his high school studies. He majored on the neurology course in Federal University and graduated in 1997 with excellent results. Jorge Moll then proceeded to the Sao Paulo University for his Doctorate studies in 2004 where he did Experimental Physiology and Physiopathology. His main area of specialty is Cognitive Neuroscience. In 2007, Moll went to the Neurological Disorder and Stroke National Institute based in the United States.