Use Wi-Fi Service With Any FreedomPop Wireless Plan

It’s important that anyone who is choosing to get the free service plan that’s talked about in a FreedomPop review should know that they can always get additional data free of charge. Many see the limits on the data with the free plan as something that’s a dealbreaker, but some can get very creative in order to keep getting free data. Using Wi-Fi service is the best option to get all the data that’s needed for the plan, but some don’t have the option of using Wi-Fi service, especially if they live in certain areas. If a customer is using the FreedomPop free service plan, then they should consider other alternatives.


One great alternative is completing offers that FreedomPop has in order to earn free data. There are so many different offers that it’s easy to earn a lot of free data to be used on the free plan. If the data can be conserved, then it should be used as sparingly as possible, especially if the user doesn’t want to complete offers, add FreedomPop friends, or use Wi-Fi service. Many have been able to get away with using the free service throughout the entire month, and they haven’t had to pay any money at all.


Using Wi-Fi is an excellent way to get everything extended on the free service plan, including talk, text messages, and data. Using a good smartphone that has Wi-Fi calling can allow the user to get as many calls as possible over Wi-Fi as well as text messages and data. Also, using Wi-Fi service means that the user can always have 4G speeds at all times.


The next plan that has become the most popular is the unlimited everything plan with its unlimited data, talk, and text. The unlimited everything plan is customizable and can have extra 4G LTE data added to it, but the base price of this plan is $19.99 per month. Anyone who loves FreedomPop’s services should always inquire about their other services, including the Wi-Fi service for five dollars each month as well as the portable hotspots that come with 500 MB of free data per month.

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