Wonders of Cotemar

Cotemar is a Mexican Company that was founded in 1979 which provides services for maintenance, offshore topside construction and functioning support. They also render products, and services in the oil and gas manufacturers. The company uses their proficiency in The Gulf of Mexico to assist and co-operate with clients with obstacles they face.

With over 5,000 staff members, Contemar employees collaborate with one another to make sure their clients are satisfied. Food and habitation benefits are also available for their large staff members. Integrity, Reliability, Innovation, Collaboration,and Responsibility are the five core values that Contemar lives up to to ensure great business and to make clients want to work with them. Read more: Cotemar | LinkedIn

Contemar gains motivation by various challenges that are thrown to them which places a great deal of how this company balances their resources. Clients should consider Contemar not only because of their wonderful staff and great collaboration skills but also due to the type of equipment that is used to perform their services.

This establishment uses 3 state-of-the art semi-submersible platforms, a 28 acre yard and many more equipment that makes Contemar unique than others. Learn more about Contemar: http://www.bnamericas.com/company-profile/es/cotemar-sa-de-cv-cotemar

Through their wonderful platforms, the company can accommodate and arrange food services for more than 4,000 residents offshore. Of course, the highest degree of sanitation is implemented to ensure cleanliness and safety for its people. It is quite evident that the company goes above and beyond their measures.

A company that considers the contentment of their staff members and goes the extra mile to cater to offshore residents is a company one should want to do business with. Recently, Cotemar provided a new resource for clients, they have developed an oil and gas map of the Gulf of Mexico. To connect and network with Contemar, there is a Mexico Oil and Gas Summit July 18th-19th 2017 in Mexico City.