Bioidentical Hormone Therapy- path to healthy aging treatments

Dr. Johanan Rand is dedicated to the medical treatment and well being of his patients. He supports scientific based practices and will only treat, support and prescribe things that have been proven through evidence based findings.

Dr. Johanan has an extensive and prestigious medical training and background. He studied at Albert Einstein Medical center located in New York. In addition to being a physician, Dr. Johanan is also a psychiatrist, rehabilitation specialist and a physical medicine practitioner.

Founder of Healthy Aging Medical Centers. located in New Jersey, Johanan Rand is a leading professional in the area of health and aging. With a passion for the subject of aging gracefully and as healthy as possible, Dr. Johanan Rand is also a compassionate doctor. He doesn’t believe in simply giving a pill to treat his patients. With a whole person approach Dr. Johanan Rand believes in his patient’s overall well being, that touches upon mindfulness, as well as the physical medicine aspect. Dr. Johanan Rand also has a background in physical fitness, that he integrates into his medical approach (Healthgrades).

Dr. Johanan Rand’s bedside manner is enthusiastic and encouraging to his patients. After he meets with patients, he formulates an individualized comprehensive plan to suits his particular patient’s needs. He uses Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy in his practice. As women age and approach perimenopause and menopause, hormone changes can lead to unpleasant ailments, such as ,heart disease, depression, and breast cancer, to name a few. Using lab results that are specifically tailored to each individual, Dr. Rand has non synthetic treatments in place for his patients. With men, age can cause physical issues , also. The focus with men’s health is the decline in testosterone. Decline in testosterone is linked to many health ailments, such as increased risk of heart disease and hypertension. After a through exam is done, including the appropriate lab work, a plan will be put into place. The comprehensive plan will include exercise, nutrition , and bio-identical therapy program.

Dr. Johanan Rand is a very skilled in the field of Bioidentical Hormone Therapy. He is a qualified choice for all of your aging related concerns.