Perry Mandera is a humble hero entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Perry Mandera is an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, and a proud veteran. He has extensive experience in the field of logistics and transportation during the time he served the army and even after he left. He is the founder and chief executive officer of The Custom Companies Inc. Perry Mandera is a workhorse with only having four hours of sleep daily. He uses 9,000 cellular minutes in a month and also writes over 300 business emails in a day. Perry Mandera has a soft spot for children and usually support them in any way he can to better their futures. He makes contributions to a charity for a Catholic school where his son attended. During Christmas holidays Perry Mandera is all about making others experience the Christmas spirit (Ideamensch). Together with his employees, they coordinate how they would help fellow employees, friends of employees, the community and anyone in need of help. Perry Mandera is proud of his time he served in the army. He was tasked with transporting supplies and troops for the military and he realized how a critical aspect it was in our daily lives. His time in the military has a significant influence on his career path and life in general. Perry Mandera still has that sense of comradeship and speaks about his time with the marines full of pride and sense of brotherhood. The most recent well spent $100 was buying dinner for some vets he bumped into at a restaurant. He is an innovative corporate executive always applying the latest technology in his transportation and logistics industry. Perry Mandera has received various awards and accolades all of which he is humbled. Perry Mandera was honored by the Illinois Transportation Association because of his hard work in the business. He received the award of Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium. Perry Mandera strives for perfection in everything he ventures in. He ensures that his customers are served according to their needs by using innovative approaches that are of the cutting edge. Perry Mandera is a student of life and mainly draws his life lessons from religious teachings and life experiences. Over the years since his youth life to adult life, he has learned to think and listen more shunning impulsiveness and rash decisions. He is a reading enthusiast and recommends reading “Tuesdays” With Morrie and “The Five People You Meet in Heaven” that were written by Mitch Albom.