Cotemar – Highly Reliable Ancillary and Support Services Provider to the Offshore Oil Rigs

Cotemar is a leading Mexican firm in the oil and gas industry and started its operations in the year 1979. Since the time of its inception till now, the company has grown manifolds, and it is primarily due to its dedication and focus towards quality and reliability. The clients of Cotemar rely on the company for a broad range of ancillary services, which includes catering and lodging, construction and maintenance, safety and construction, transportation of cargo and personnel from port to oil rigs and vice versa, and more. Read more: Cotemar | LinkedIn

The comprehensive list of services offered by Cotemar ensures that its clients don’t have to go anywhere once they hire Cotemar. The services provided by Cotemar helps the oil rigs to do their job accurately and without any hiccups, as all the ancillary jobs are taken care of by Cotemar. The company also helps in ensuring that the personnel in the oil rigs get good food and have the lodging facility available.

To make sure that Cotemar continues to reign at the top in the oil and gas industry, it has a highly advanced research and development department in-house. It helps the company to continually evolve the services it provides and raise the standards as the industry grows and the requirements of the sector changes.

Cotemar has tie-ups with many other service providers in the industry, which helps the company to offer its clients with a broad range of services without any issues. As the oil and gas sector undergoes a massive evolution, the company also focuses on improving its services to ensure it has the least carbon footprint.

As Cotemar is the leading ancillary and support services provider in the industry and has no competition that matches its standards, it is a dream for many maritime professionals to get a job in Cotemar.

However, the company has a stringent policy when it comes to recruitment and staffing, and only the select few people who have the right credentials and skill sets that match the company’s criteria can get the job at Cotemar. The firm also has the in-house recruitment department that takes care of the entire human resource tasks in the enterprise.

Cotemar is known for offering impeccable services to its clients and is an exclusive service provider to Petroleos Mexicanos. Cotemar has provided ancillary and support services to PEMEX for many years and has helped its client’s firm to make considerable progress in the oil and gas industry.