Bright new futures spring from Academy of Art University


The world may be an ever-changing realm, but fashion is universal. Every year, many hopeful designers and fashion fans make the pilgrimage to New York City to spot the trends and make their mark on society. Academy of Art University houses such hopefuls, whose promising talents and schooling prepare them for their futures careers in fashion and design. These students come from all over the world to San Francisco for the chance to have a fashion career.

The showcased collection features artists from a variety of backgrounds, hailing from Mainland China and all over the United States. The themes range from construction based to futuristic. Some designers, such as Jelly Shan, use colors to highlight a peaceful, girly style, using playful fabrics and tassels to remind viewers of joyful childhood. Others, such as Ryan Yu, play with light and darkness, creating flashy silhouettes that draw in viewers. The firm black and white fabrics entice the viewer. Joanna Jadallah uses a ancestral past of fleeing from home to create a vibe of survival through her knitted wool fabrics. Their soft, lightweight appearance call back to home in their beautiful earth tones.


One notable thing about all of the featured students is that they have access to many prestigious brands to intern at, building their experiences and making connections for themselves. This speaks highly of Academy of Art University. The school, founded in 1929, is home to over 12,00 students. The school has partnered with New York Fashion Week since 2005, giving students the opportunities they need to branch out. The school expands over San Francisco. The school offers bachelors, masters, and associates degrees to its students, as well as online courses for those with a busy schedule. They have programs not only in design, but architecture and art.

The school also hails to famous alumni in various fields, such as makeup artistry, acting, and directing. They provide 25 programs for students to major in to work in various industries. They also attract notable faculty to the college. Together, this creates a mix that brings new students to their halls.


Word Of Mouth Remains An Important Business Tool For Fabletics

The retail industry is consistently explaining how the digital age we now live in is changing the way business is conducted at all levels. Marketing in the 21st-century does not seem to be a difficult task for the Kate Hudson backed Fabletics brand which has seen a major share of Online leisurewear sales move to its brand over the traditional market leader of Amazon; one area Fabletics has taken advantage of is the word of mouth requirements of modern shoppers who are now looking to Online sources to discover which products and retailers are the best reviewed.


Word of mouth recommendations has always been an important part of marketing with personal recommendations always driving many consumers to specific businesses. In the digital age, we now live in a single good review of a product or business can result in a large number of customers deciding to take their business to a specific company. Fabletics report they have been a prominent exponent of the power of the Online review which has seen the parent company of the brand, TechStyle look to highlight customer reviews in its range of marketing techniques undertaken. Statistics show more brand should be following the lead of Fabletics and taking control of their Online presence in the form of reviews as an amazing 84 percent of individuals surveyed explained they trust Online reviews as much as they would a recommendation made to them in person, according to The Huffington Post.


Alongside the growing trend for positive reviews of the Fabletics company made by some of the more than one million members of the subscription service, the brand has become something of an extension of the life of co-founder Kate Hudson. The actress who shot to fame in Cameron Crowe’s “Almost Famous” has become one of the most impressive marketing tools for the brand as she uses her personal social media accounts to bring new products to the attention of members and fans alike. Unlike many other brand ambassadors, the fact Hudson appears to wear the clothing created at Fabletics on a regular basis only adds to the ability and approachable nature of the star.


Forbes reports Kate Hudson has leaped into her role with Fabletics with a gusto few imagined she would bring to the position. The launch of a range of clothing designed by singer and actress Demi Lovato was accompanied by an introduction at a press event by Hudson as she embraced the growing range of products being created for the Fabletics brand. Unlike many brand ambassadors, Kate Hudson has become an important figure in many different parts of the Fabletics company as she has become active in almost every part of the business. Understanding the fact she is one of the most important factors in the success of Fabletics led Kate Hudson to film a commercial in the style of her Instagram account which has been widely praised by Fabletics members for providing an aspirational aspect to the brand.

Lime Crime: Playful Cosmetics Made for Unicorns

For lovers of mermaid hair and glitter, Lime Crime is the holy grail of cosmetics. Since its founding by CEO Doe Deere in 2008, this high quality brand had accumulated a cult following. Created to match unique styles and bright wardrobes, Lime Crime’s popularity is completely understandable. It’s cruelty free and vegan friendly, and they include a special discount on their website for students! Plus, it’s hard not to fall in love with the slightly retro, pastel goth packaging, and the array of bright, fun colors that would rival even the largest box of crayons. Lime Crime specializes in whimsy, from their Unicorn Hair dye, to mermaid themed hi-lighters and glittering lip color, this brand is anything but boring.

Having hit the mark in the fantasy theme category, Lime Crime has moved on to recreating some of our favorites childhoods memories, and the result is beautifully nostalgic. As of Sept. 19, Lime Crime is selling a line of Polly Pocket inspired eye shadow pallets called Pocket Candy Pallets. With three different color combinations to choose from, these pigmented shadows are the epitome of feminine and fun. The pastel blue, yellow, and pink compacts look like something straight out of Polly’s dream house, and open up to reveal five gorgeous shadows to help you get dolled up. You can get your own at $34 a piece, or $90 for all three if you just can’t choose one. This line promises to be a big hit with 90’s kids, so make sure you pick one up while they’re still available. Hopefully, Lime Crime will continue the trend and recreate some other retro favorites this year.

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Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Making Amazon a Little Nervous

There are not many retailers that could make Amazon nervous, especially in the women’s clothing market. Amazon is the leader for a reason when it comes to shopping for clothing online, pulling down more than 20 percent of the sales in this extremely competitive niche. It appears one company is creating some waves in this pool, and Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is not afraid to take on the giant. Looking at sales numbers for the last three years, Fabletics is crushing it with record numbers in the $250 million range for women’s workout apparel and active-wear.


Hudson is not shy about taking about all the success pertaining to her athleisure brand, it comes down to a sales process called reverse showrooming and her unique membership package. To see the processes working in real-time, first we go over to her stores in the local malls. Women are buying the latest releases in workout apparel, applying for their memberships, trying on everything in these stores, and taking the lifestyle quizzes to enhance their memberships. All that activity you might think equates to huge sales, but the retail stores are doing anywhere near the e-commerce store as far as sales numbers.


Now compare those sales at the mall to the online Fabletics store. One perk of membership means if you try something on at the mall, it will get transferred to your online profile. So what this does is eliminate the concern women have about buying online and getting the wrong size. When you shop at eBay or Amazon, you buy a piece of workout apparel, with for delivery, try it one, send it back, as weeks pass. At Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, you know the clothing fits, so online you can shop the enormous inventory and start loading up your cart without any reservations.


The online inventory at Fabletics is much bigger than what you find at the local retail store in your mall. So it is a huge advantage to simply hit the mall, find something you like, note the size and style, then hit the online store. Now you can shop at your convenience online, and scan through a huge inventory knowing your choices will fit you perfectly and be in your hands this week. This is why women are stuffing their online carts with so much merchandise, they want to be able to get their hands on this active-wear today, not next month.


Membership benefits don’t stop there, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics members get free shipping for all those online orders too. Then you can expect discounts on tank tops, yoga pants, leggings, basically all the workout apparel. You are even assigned a personal shopping assistant who is going to pick one item each month based on your quiz answers and drop it in your cart. This pampering is par for the course at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, and it is no wonder they are enjoying these incredible sales numbers. Amazon may find out too late the real secret to success in this challenging niche.

The Bold New Hair Dye From Lime Crime

Vegan and cruelty free makeup is something that catches the eyes of any women that are interested in trying something new. Lime Crime is one such brand that is advertised in this way, and it has become an important part of the cosmetics industry. Much of the appeal of this brand has to do with the way that Doe Deere has elevated the brand and made people consider something new.

This hair dye that is considered semi-permanent is what is catching the eye of the consumer that wants something bold and refreshing. Lime Crime, dubbed Unicorn makeup, has become one of the most popular brands of cosmetics on the market. People are now noticing that the Baby Pink and Salad hair dye from Lime Crime are reflective of the interesting shades of lipstick that are available. All of this makes it possible for consumers to look into the interesting brands of hair dye and lipstick and coordinate. This is what Doe Deere seems to have been doing for years, and now she is giving consumers the chance to duplicate her look through her products.

That may be the thing that really makes people notice the expansion of the brand. Doe Deere is spearheading the movement, and she always puts her best foot forward by using her own products. She figures that one of the easiest ways to get consumers to consider these products is by showing how much she loves what she is selling. Consumers were already seeing her with the hair dye even in the early stages of marketing her products. There was a buzz about the hair dye, and this is why the hair dye would gain more attention and become part of the product line.

Doe Deere has already been selling lipstick and eyeliner, but this hair dye adds a whole new dimension to the products that she was previously selling. It shows that this is the type of brand that has managed to grow and evolve along with the needs to customers. That is the main reason that the brand has remained profitable over the years.

The Fabletics Brand that is Gaining Exposure Around the World

Kate Hudson has found a way to get the attention of many customers that may want to work out. She has given people access to a brand of clothing that is unlike anything else that they have experienced before. It is one of the most exciting companies out there, and the buzz is still continuing for this all the people that have starting working out in the gym.


Memberships to gyms are on the rise, and Fabletics is the company that is making women look good when they go to the gym. There are going to be stores with Fabletics clothing coming to a location near you. It is all a part of the trend to get more people interested in this brand. It has expanded over the years and managed to become a powerful company that is getting a lot of new customers through social media. The website has been around for several years, but it has become evident that an offline present is valuable. In the next 5 years more than 100 stores for the Fabletics brand will be in place. This shows consumers that Kate Hudson is ready to take her clothes to customers around the world.


People in Australia know about the brand, and Canada is also a country where this brand has become quite popular. The buzz about this company is growing, and people know that this is a company that has a lot of really beautiful clothes for those that are working out. Everyone may not know about the brand, but Hudson is planning to fix that. She is out to make this brand a household name. Fabletics is the company that people are going to look for when they want to find those trendy clothes that cannot be found anywhere else. That is the thing that makes the brand pop. It is the all-inclusive brand that has exclusive garments. This company carries the exclusive Kate Hudson active wear line. You cannot get this in a JC Penney or Dillards department store. That is why the brand is so intriguing. That is another form of social media marketing that helps build the brand. Hudson and her celebrity friends are also helping the brand gain exposure.

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