Rocketship Education – The Leaders In Charter Schools

Rocketship Education or also know as RSED, is a not for profit charter school network that is based out of Redwood City, California. John Danner and Preston Smith were the founders of Rocketship back in 2007. They want to have their schools use a blended model of learning that uses adaptive software that will increase the students’ achievements. They currently have sixteen charter schools that are located all over the country.

They believe that every student has a different set of needs, thus needing them to rethink any traditional model of teaching and allow each student to learn in their own way. They have teachers and leaders who are the leaders in their field to help transform the schools and to make sure that the teachers leave a positive impact on the students and the communities that they come into. Rocketship’s ideology is that there are three core things that help the students succeed and that is to engage parents, inspire communities, and empower teachers. As they believe that transformative schools let the students learn more and become more educated.

They believe that engaging parents are essential to eliminate and kind of achievement gap that is apparent in regular public schools. Rocketship helps the parents by teaching them how to become good role models as well as become a powerful anchor for the students.

Rocketship helps children learn at a better pace due to the fact that every child has a different way of learning and advancing forward in their studies. The students also know as Rocketeers are able to get personalized one on one instruction that targets their needs and is able to become tailored to their own learning styles.

Rocketship schools do not just want the parents to help become empowered they also want the teachers to become more empowered. To help make sure that everyone gets the best education possible there are important factors that help decide whether or not you can become an educator at a Rocketship school. Rocketship allows teachers to be able to fulfill their missions as educators and be able to teach the next generation.