ClassDojo Takes Empathy to Schools Across the Nation

Teachers of grades K-8 are finding new reasons to love ClassDojo’s applications and educational materials. In continuing the company’s mission to creative environments more conducive to learning, ClassDojo has released a series of videos aimed at teaching kids the value of being more empathetic with those around them. And it seems to be effective.

In the case of one teacher, dealing with a class of 10-year-olds, they found that one of their disabled students felt more comfortable in situations where they had to partner up with fellow classmates thanks to a simple rewards and rotation system involving stickers. By removing the guesswork of who would be reading with them, the student found the classroom to be more inviting. Another, perhaps unintended result from this system is that other students have been exercising a little more compassion and respect for those who share the classroom alongside them, just a couple of values many teachers want to introduce to their young students.

With a cast of colorful monsters, ClassDojo has been able to take important lessons young minds can benefit from while also being engaging and fun. Teachers seem to agree with that assessment. In the previous year an approximate 65% of elementary schools across the country had at least one classroom using their products in connection with regular instruction.

A great deal of this growth comes from ClassDojo’s app, which connects parents to several aspects of their child’s school life. In the future this may expand to incorporate more features, but @ClassDojo has stated that it plans on keeping with its mission on communication. This takes on a stratified approach when applied to the way students learn.

Luba Falk Feigenberg, a research director with ClassDojo, has stated that part of ClassDojo’s mission is to inform young minds of the diversity they will encounter in the greater world beyond the classroom and the many different types of people they will have to interact with on a daily basis. By developing a sense of empathy, when students interact with one another they will understand the need to act on a way that’s beneficial to society, like being caring and kind. It’s a noble venture to undertake, as research suggests a national decline in empathetic attitudes and behavior. But ClassDojo intends to do its part through its partnerships with schools across the country.

About ClassDojo :

Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don left the UK for the US in August 2011, intent on working on their venture on the behalf of elementary schools. The ClassDojo application was aimed at parents and teachers alike, giving them a platform on which to connect and communicate about the more important aspects of the academic lives of students.

ClassDojo was warmly received by the educational community, netting 35,000 teachers in their pilot program just a few months after launch, which made the international launch a logical next step.