Who Is Dr. Walden?

Dr. Walden is the woman behind the world of plastic surgery. She has helped countless women and men achieve their best look through the power of facelifts, Botox treatment, and other forms of procedures. She is always providing great insight on the world of cosmetic surgery, and she continues to educate and provide the best service out there. She is in fact a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and she definitely has her work cut out for her because of her amazing work. Dr. Walden is a highly skilled surgeon who has been interviewed and worked with countless people.


She was recently interviewed by Studio 512 from KXAN.com, and she shared her knowledge on two treatments in particular, facelifts and Botox treatments and why both are important.


If your skin is going through a rough patch and it’s just been in the sun for too long noticing that the aging skin is setting in, a quick little Botox treatment can be just what you need. All you need is four days or so after treatment to rest before you can do whatever you want. The procedure is fairly quick and isn’t very painful.


Facelifts are another kind of procedure that you should consider getting because it’s great for the skin and perfect for those who want to rapidly change everything without going through multiple procedures. A lift can be perfect for those who want that extra push in their skin. Sagging skin throughout the face are hard to get rid of unless you get a lift. It’s about getting the skin to do what it needs.


She demonstrates extreme commitment with her work providing top quality safety and patient care to ensure a satisfied customer. Through her strong passion and personalized approach with how she does business, you can definitely say she is indeed a sophisticated surgeon who knows her boundaries and strives to deliver excellent results. She is by far among the best in the business, and through her years of training and education, she puts forth quality procedures done with the best team behind her.