Better Banking

With all of the chaos going on in banking today, there are several people flocking to their local community bank. Why? The answer in simple. Contrary to popular belief, community banks offer a wide variety of products and services. To be frank, there are numerous advantages for signing up to with community bank. Those who bank with community banks enjoy the perks of having having lower interest rates on loans, higher yielding Certificates of Deposits, and credit cards with higher lines of credits. Truth be told, it pays to bank within the community. Oftentimes, community banks offers incentives such as $50 for referring friends or $100 for opening an account. With that being said, Nexbank is the poster child for community banking. Headquartered in Dallas, TX, Nexbank is what every community bank should be. In fact, Nexbank is a community itself. Nexbank is a company of 50-200 highly skilled employees. Nexbank offers services in commercial banking, mortgage, banking, and so forth. As of December of 2016, Nexbank has around 4.6 billion dollars in assets. Since 1922, Nexbank has been serving the community and serving the community well. It was founded by a successful man named James Dondero. One can expect for the company to be around for many years to come. Annually, it has continued to build its wealth. In particular, Nexbank is an excellent choice for those looking for a college savings account.In a nutshell, Nexbank has raised the bar for community banking. It has a five star rating on Bankrate and it also has good ratings with the Better Business Bureau. When it is all said and done, you cannot go wrong with Nexbank. For those who live in the Dallas, TX area, be sure to consider Nexbank as your next bank. They are a trustworthy, reputable company.