Securus Technology: Introduces New Wireless Containment For Inmate Telecommunications

Why Securus Initiated Crime Prevention


There are many inmate telecommunication networks that would like to take part in inmate crime prevention measures, but lack the resources. Securus Technologies was one of the first to understand the threat of a cellphone in the wrong persons hands in a correctional facility. Their CEO, Rick A. Smith was behind any opportunity to strengthen the safety of the general public. Their popular network continues to be a preferred network over other providers because they put their customers first and have very affordable rates. Their technology will cost you $2 to $1 over the competition.


What Is The New Wireless Containment Technology


Known for their superior technology, Securus has created an advanced technology solution to combat all types of contraband and will specialize in illegal cellphone use. Their new wireless containment technology will allow illegal cellphones to be disabled remotely, but it won’t affect the use of authorized phones in a correctional institution. Their technology is the first of its kind and is expected to have a successful launch in many participating states very soon. Many will agree, their technology features are completely unmatched by their competitors and have successfully solved or prevented many crimes.


Previous Securus Technologies Program


There was a previous crime prevention program that was popular among Securus customers because it directly involves their input. They’re encouraged to visit their website and leave your comments about your customer experience, refer features, or report crime. They also allow their customers to leave anonymous tips about illegal cellphone use on their website. This feature has already been in use for a few years and has solved or prevented a record amount of crime. Join their interactive feedback forum by registering for a user account and help eliminate facility crimes today.


Who Is Securus Technologies


Securus is a popular inmate calling network with a 1 certification. They have recently been the recipients of the prestigious Stevie Award for excellent customer service. Their once surveillance and monitoring equipment of other networks is now the lifeline if their network. They employee highly trained IT techs who are ready to take your call on your new or existing account with online access. Many popular features continue to serve their nationwide following if over 245,000+ customers. You don’t have to feel like a number when your trying to stay connected to someone you love in a correctional facility.


Transform the amount of money you spend on inmate calls and stay connected when it matters the most. Stop spending a fortune on inmate calls with interactive technology solutions chosen by the support of their customers and designed by their team of executive professionals.

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