GoBuyside Poised To Be The Future Of Talent Recruiting Services

Arjun Kapur began working in the finance industry after earning a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Stanford School of Business. While working in the industry, Kapur took notice of the increased competition for talent amongst companies and the shortening cycle of hiring that was becoming the norm.

Kapur founded GoBuyside in 2011 in order to provide a solution to the human capital needs of the finance industry. The company is revolutionizing the hiring process with the use of online job boards, tracking systems for applicants, and the use of artificial intelligence to assure that employers become connected with high-quality finance professionals from across the globe. Learn more about GoBuyside at Crunchbase.

GoBuyside has grown exponentially since its inception and now has more than 500 clients in 500 cities around the world working with more than 10,000 firms.

The main ingredient in the success of GoBuyside is the transparency the company offers to employers and job applicants alike. The GoBuyside platform allows users with access to reviews, networking opportunities and information regarding confidential job listings.

Employers benefit from the vetting process the company uses to identify qualified applicants and chooses from the most qualified job applicants in the industry. Kapur is the acting chief executive officer of GoBuyside and has assembled the perfect team to provide the expertise and insight necessary to set the company apart from other talent recruiters in the industry.

Arjun Kapur was asked in a recent interview to explain his strategies regarding business expansion. Kapur, never one to be contented with giving cliche answers, said that a commitment to providing superior service to their clients should be the primary goal of every business. Kapur went on to explain that both clients and consumers have a variety of choices as to where to purchase goods and services. He instructs that showing true concern for the needs of those that patronize a business can be the determining factor in assuring repeat business from a client. Read more blogs at gobuysideblog.com.


When asked in the interview about how he implements his ideas he explained that once he sees a clear opportunity he first does the needed research to cause himself to become confident with committing time and capital the idea. Kapur says that careful attention to the development and sales of a product or services is necessary to facilitate a viable process to execute the idea.

Arjun Kapur has also been vocal about his enthusiasm for the use of artificial intelligence. He says he is anxious to see the full capabilities the technology will one day have in the talent acquisition industry.

GoBuyside has set itself up to become the premier talent recruiting platform in the financial industry. The company remains on the cutting edge of the industry and has positioned itself to lead the way in the future of talent recruitment firms.

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