The Resignation Of Lazaro De Mello Brandao Ignited Leadership Shake-Up At Bradesco

Lazaro de Mello Brandao is a distinguished banker whose career at Banco Bradesco SA, the second largest private bank in Brazil, evokes respect and envy in equal measure. Until his resignation on October 11, 2017, Brandao served as the president of the board of directors of Bradesco. As the chair of the board, he represented the Bradesco Foundation, which is the controlling shareholder of Banco Bradesco SA. Sitting at the helm of a $413 billion worth company, as per 2017’s statistics, Brandao commanded respect in not only Bradesco but also the entire Brazilian financial industry.

With age catching up to him, Brandao, 91, stepped down in the interest of Bradesco. According to him, his wilful resignation would give room for a younger leader to occupy the central post on the board of directors hence allowing for the bank’s continuity according to In his resignation address, Brandao affirmed that his career at Bradesco, spanning 74 years, is a source of both professional and personal satisfaction. He also stated that he would take with him his office desk as a souvenir. Bradesco recognizes the contribution of Brandao to the success of the bank; he owns Bradesco’s No. 1 employee badge. In fact, Bradesco was not ready to let him go, and he will remain in charge of some of Bradesco’s companies such as Bradespar SA and Fundação Bradesco.

However, even with Brandao’s departure, Bradesco must continue providing quality services to all its clients. The bank immediately appointed Luiz Carlos Trabuco, Bradesco’s CEO, to take over the role of Brandao. Trabuco has been the president of Bradesco for eight years. The executive is approaching 67, and he will not be eligible to remain in office as Bradesco’s bylaws restrict professionals older than 67 to discharge the duties of a president. Trabuco will resign in March. Bradesco’s is planning ahead of time for Trabuco’s replacement. In fact, during Brandao’s resignation, Trabuco mentioned that the bank had started prospecting for a new CEO. He added that Bradesco would pick its CEO from its talent pool as opposed to scouting for a president outside the bank.

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Bradesco’s style of appointing its CEOs has been consistent. The bank’s management favors professionals who currently hold leadership positions at the bank. Heads of departments and subsidiaries have the upper hand in succession. Trabuco’s appointment to head the bank is case in point. Before the appointment, Trabuco was the president of Bradesco Seguros, an insurance subsidiary of Bradesco according to Therefore, the current head of Bradesco Seguros, Octavio de Lazari, and six heads of departments are in the limelight regarding Trabuco’s succession. The leaders of departments include Alexandre da Silva Gluher, Domingos Figueiredo Abreu, Josué Augusto Pancini, Marcelo de Araujo Noronha, and André Rodrigues Cano. In case one of the mentioned heads of departments is appointed, the units that will be affected include human resources department, bank’s treasury and lending departments, IT department, etc.

Once the office of the president is substantially occupied, the new CEO is expected to work alongside Trabuco—chair of the board of directors—to cement Bradesco’s position in the Brazilian banking sector. As president, Trabuco demonstrated to all and sundry that he had the interests of Bradesco at heart. Apart from sticking with Bradesco amid pressure to resign and be part of the former president Dilma Rousseff’s cabinet as the head of the ministry of finance, Trabuco initiated a couple of measures that mark his legacy. He spearheaded the acquisition of the Brazilian branch of HSBC for $5.2 billion. In addition, he established the award-winning Unibrad Corporate University. The university has been at the forefront of fostering the professional development of staff at Bradesco.

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Equities First Holdings- Changing Lending

With nearly a decade and a half of experience Equites First Holdings has established itself as a premier company. This LLC has become well known because it provides securities based lending to both business and individual clients. They have a very unique approach to lending which has allowed their company to grown and gave great success. Throughout the years Equities First Holdings has been well enough to bring a very talented team of experienced financial experts.Equities First Holdings takes pride in being different with their approach to lending. The company takes great pleasure in providing loans based on their evaluation of both future market predictions and possible risk involved. After reviewing those two factors they make their decision about lending that is good for their client.

With their headquarters located in Indiana, and an additional satellite office located in New York, Equities First has made a tremendous impact across the world. As a result of their success EFH was able to double the size of its headquarters in downtown Indiana in 2013. EFH has a straightforward, up-front process that allows their clients to get quick and easy access to liquidity at below-market rates. All of this is done simply by using publicly traded shares for the collateral. Since the beginning of their nearly fifteen year run, EFH has completed nearly a thousand transactions for clients. These transaction range from successful worldwide companies to wealthy individual clients.

EFH has made quite a name for itself. Their commitment to their client is quite obvious. They evaluate each client carefully and go out of their way to help their clients financial situation. With such dedication, EFH is sure to be in the business for many more years to come. They display a level of excellence simply not seen by most successful companies in the business.


Finding Purpose Through Non-Purpose Capitol

Finding Purpose Through Non-Purpose Capitol

Equities First Holdings, a unique company founded and headed by entrepreneur Al Christy, specializes in cutting edge and innovative spending solutions for individuals and businesses. This service is especially useful for entities that are interested in non-purpose capitol.

Equities First:

Equities First Holdings was established over 14 years ago. The company was built on a dream, and continues to run internationally, with offices in the United States, China, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Though Equities Lending is young, they only staff seasoned veterans of the finance industry. Also, the company has over 650 transactions to date, a great accomplishment for a growing business.

Equities believes in empowering clients, rather than the traditional “negging” type of environment most in finance are useful.

Who Benefits From Using Equities Lending Solutions ?

Those who are looking for low interest rates and new ventures would benefit the most from Equities first. People who are looking for alternatives to the traditional lending companies would also benefit from using these services. In addition, people looking for flexible loan use would benefit.

Again, Equities believes in empowerment and freedom, not slamming companies with stringent rules. As for dividends, the client keeps credit and upside appreciation. Also, the process is fast and efficient, streamlined to fit the needs of the customer and not the other way around. Again, individuals and businesses can use these solutions.

Some other features of the company loan terms include:

  • a non-recourse loan
  • Loan to values=high
  •  Fixed, low rates

Headquartered in the United States since 2002, you won’t find a better and more efficient company. Empowerment is key, and Equities believes in the innovative spirit of every entrepreneur.