Class Dojo, taking learning to another level

Now days, technology has affected almost every aspect including education and entrepreneurs investing in this sector are set to make even more with their target being $1.4 billion by the end of this year. Nonetheless, things are likely to go downwards as the U.S federal education budget face cuts in 2018. Even though edtech programs have transformed learning and made it more fun for kids and easy for the teachers, they still face the challenge of meeting the high expectations from teachers who want products and services which not only make it fun for students but also which improve the student learning. Below are what teachers expect each edtech product to achieve

Creates a solution

Teachers and educators want an ed-tech program which do more than making it fun for the students. They want a program which will meet the students’ needs instead of one that is just giving them the thrill. For instance a gamified English program will make it fun for students to learn maths but will it solve the actual problem. In order to know the problems which teachers face every day classDojo goes the extra mile by taking the time to listen to teachers and parents. Doing so provides it with information which enables it to develop edtech programs which solve the problem. Thanks to this ClassDojo is now used in approximately 90% of the US schools.

Another factor which teachers expect from ed-tech programs is that they have to be tested and proven to be effective. That means that they have to use accelerators which ensure that their products have passed through testing. Reason being, accelerators such as LEAP innovations help entrepreneurs validate their products and also matches investment experts with the right educational facilities. Lastly they want programs which enable implementation and adoption. To achieve that, edtech companies need to offer educators support as they use the programs in their classrooms. Some of the companies which have been able to do so include schoology.

About Class Dojo

It was established in 2011 and is one of the leading education technology companies in the United States as it is used in about 90% of K-8 systems schools. It is also used in 180 more countries. The company has its headquarters in San Francisco California and its co-founders are Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary. Most teachers use this communication app to make schedules which parents are able to view from wherever they are. It connects teachers, parents and students thus building a classroom community and enabling parents to be involved in every step of their children’s education.