Upwork: A Summary of Tips for Having a Charming To-Do List

It is easy to sail in the boat of struggling to get things done on time, especially when it comes to getting ready for work or vacation. However, there is a simple way to it. It means applying the right tips and that way you can always enjoy your time as well. This article outlines some secrets to sailing through your to-do list effectively.

Include everything needed. It begins by analyzing all that you need to work out over the given time and gather all that is required for the work to be done. The best way to do it is writing down all the tasks and find out what is needed when. Note that incomplete tasks keep crossing your mind and ensuring that you capture everything be keen to note them down. Write them on the to-do list. It makes your work easier. Ensure you compile your list in advance. Do not wait until it is too late. Be on guard with time by planning things early. This is possibly effective during the mornings when your body is fresh and energetic for daily tasks. Never imagine that it is a waste of time. Prepare what you need to accomplish it early to avoid forgetting. This is one of the perfect habits to anchor on. Keep all the tasks recorded in one place.

This means that you keep one to-do list. Do not scatter them all over the places because it will give you a hard time to have the ideal picture of the tasks ahead of you. It may not give you an estimate of the exact number of tasks in a day and the chances of forgetting some tasks become high. Specify the time attributes on your to-do list. This makes you super-productive in your work. Specify when you will start the task, the duration it will take to accomplish that particular task, and the specific time of the day that will be done. Having time definitions in your tasks ensures that you accurately plan yourself on how you will implement them instead of hoping to have them done. Lastly, define all your priorities and keep re-evaluating your to-do list. Upwork is one of largest freelancing sites. It eliminates barriers of time and place.

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ClassDojo-Keeping Learning Fun and Effecient

ClassDojo is a way for teachers, students, and parents to connect through an app that has been specifically designed to improve communication. ClassDojo makes it possible for teachers, parents, and students to share photos, messages, and videos throughout the school day. They can use ClassDojo to work as a team, share experiences in the classroom, and bring ideas to life in the classroom and in the home. 90% of students in K-8 schools in the United States and in over 180 countries are using ClassDojo to improve their methods of communication.


The Classroom feature of ClassDojo is the place to go for teachers and students to build the culture within their classroom through creativity and teamwork. They can also share feedback on progress made with each other. It’s a great way for students and teachers to build a great classroom environment together.


The Messages feature within the app makes it easy for teachers, school leaders, and parents to instantly message each other. The messages can be translated into over 35 different languages.


Stories is a way to update streams of pictures and videos from the school day instantly and is a great way to keep parents connected with what their children are doing throughout the school day. School Story helps school leaders share with families and Class Story helps teachers share with families who are connected to their class. Student Stories enable students to create their very own story that they can share.


ClassDojo has been recognized as being one of the 35 most innovative apps and is keeping families, students, and families connected and is making it fun for everyone to keep track of progress and activities. It’s a way to not only record fantastic learning moments, but to stay up to date on what’s happening in the moment.