Betsy Devos a Renowned Philanthropist and Activist

Betsy DeVos is a renowned American philanthropist, business woman, and politician. She currently serves as the United States of America Secretary of Education.Betsy was born on January 8, 1958, and grew up in Holland Michigan. Betsy passion for philanthropy started way back while she was still a child as she comes from a family of philanthropist, conservatives, and activists. Her father was the founder of the family research council, Prince Corporation, and her brother founded Blackwater USA.DeVos is a long time member of the Republican Party and is famously known for advocating for school voucher programs, school choice, charter schools among many others. Betsy has served in various capacities in the Republican Party such as the Republican National Committeewoman for Michigan four consecutive years that is from 1996 to 2000 and was again reelected to the same post in the year 2003. In addition, Detroit has also served as an advocate of Detroit charter school system, and she is also a member of the board of Foundation for Excellence in Education. Besides, Betsy has worked as the Chairperson of the Board of Alliance for School Choice, Action Institute and also heads the All Children Matter PAC.

Betsy went to Calvin College in Grand Rapids Michigan where she was awarded a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Economics in the year 1979.Devos political journey started while on campus as she was involved in campus politics. Betsy DeVos is married to Dick an entrepreneur, philanthropist, a community activist, former CEO of Amway, a multi-level marketing company and a 2006 Republican Nominee for Governor of Michigan.After trump victory as the President of the United States, Betsy was nominated to the position of the US Secretary of Education. On January 31, the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions approved Betsy nomination which was then forwarded to the Senate for confirmation. On February 7, 2017, the senate voted, and DeVos was confirmed the Secretary of Education after garnering 51 votes against 50.

As a philanthropist, Betsy together with her husband Dick founded Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation in 1989. The foundation is motivated by faith and is centered towards the cultivation of leadership, acceleration of transformation and providing support in five key areas of education, arts, leadership, justice, and community. In 2015 alone the Foundation made charitable contributions of over $11.6 million bringing the foundations lifetime charitable giving to $139 million. The foundation was also ranked at position 24 in the Forbes list of America’s top charitable organizations.Other philanthropy works that Betsy DeVos has been involved in include being the Chairperson, Board Member and Treasurer of Action Institute, was appointed to the Board of Directors Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in 2004 by President George W. Bush and founded ArtPrize an international art competition in 2009.

What you need to know about George Soros

George Soros is a Hungarian-born American entrepreneur and philanthropist and political reformist. He is that kind of person who cares genuinely for the well-being of the poor and the voiceless and goes an extra mile to do everything in his power to correct it.

Many recognize his investment efforts and regard him as the biggest speculator and risk taker in stock markets. And that has been his motto, putting his own life and wealth on public limelight, to rescue the voiceless. His total net worth ranges $25.2 billion.

The most admirable thing about him is that he never flinches even a little when donating. Mr. Soros dished $33 million within one year to human rights groups based Ferguson as indicated by the Washington Times. These groups later initiated a protest that shocks the whole country after the police shot a youth. Learn more on about George Soros.

Through Mr. Soros’s foundation, the whole country was able to stand against the injustice and offered their support to Ferguson residents.

Soros’ acts of helping the racial discrimination victims can be linked to what happened to him and his family when he was young. Born and grew up during Nazi regime, he witnessed the murder of more than 500,000 Hungarians Jews. This incident has contributed to his constant fight for justice to injustice victims.

So when he heard of the criminal act where the police shot a young African American, Soros; immediately assembled his team to help the Ferguson residents seek the justice.

Though Mr. Soros aided the protests financially, he never directed it. Washington Times noted that the events erupted due to the public’s outcry and later joined by Soros’ Foundation and other human rights groups.

Besides the financial support the protests received from Soros’ foundation, it also gained more exposure through social media campaigns and media houses coverage. This enabled them to achieve their goals due to more voices.

After the incident, Mr. Soros donated funds to the Staten Island and Ferguson police departments to check their systems and uphold accountability and transparency to avoid future scenes like the one they had witnessed. Read more at The New York Times about George.

George Soros values a community that respects and accepts everyone. And to achieve this, leaders should be accountable and ready to drive positive changes. Soros knew this very well that’s why he supported leaders with policies that would benefit the citizens if implemented.

This made him support Mr. Obama back in 2012 because he believed in Obama’s agenda for the Americans. He donated over $2 million towards Obama’s campaigns. This was also seen in the recently concluded US elections, where he supported Hillary Clinton.

Mr. Soros also seeks to empower the systems that implement and reinforces laws and reforms. As indicated by Politico News, Soros donated $3 million the U.S. legal systems to fund their reformation activities.

George Soros is just but a fellow human who understands what it means to be undermined, neglected, and your rights being trampled on, he valued human life more than anything else.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: Phoenix New Times and Village Media Champions

Michael Lacey and Jim larking are the principal founders of the Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media. To show dedication, they gave all monies compensated to them after the false arrest by Sheriff Joe Arpaio. These funds were used to support the rights of immigrant’s organization across Arizona and its environs.

The settlement money was as a result of night arrest and jailing after bringing out to light the jury processes challenged on the Sherriff. Lacey and Larkin had gone ahead and written articles that were exposing the whole proceedings. To make matters worse, the grand jury had commanded the listing of people who had read the articles containing information about the sheriff. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

Lacey and Larkin had spent more time in their career pushing for their first amendments rights. They also sued the county due to the inadequate legal system prevailing across the United States of America courts.

Larkin and Lacey Frontera fund aims at boosting support for groups which are actively involved in advocating for civil, human, and migrants rights. It will also help in ensuring the freedom of speech and participation of people in the civil procedures around the Arizona region including the area around the Mexican border point.

Michael and Larkin are actively involved in advertising and distributing a weekly paper that addresses matters on social and political affairs of the country. Their writing is recognized around the country due to their excellent skills in expounding on legal processes and policy issues.

In the 80s, the Phoenix New Times founded by the two bought the Denver news and weekly art. It meant a definite increase in written media around the country since it is where Michael and Larkin had specialized.

The Village Voice Media is a company which deals with investigative writing. Due to the wrongful arrests of these media personnel’s and Latin American immigrant groups, the pair saw the importance of establishing this media company. This company’s reputation has grown to significant heights, and its popularity around the media industry has been excellent.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin commitment and dedication towards their job and equal rights among citizens have seen the vast growth of their company to a mega one. Written newspaper work has been embraced around America since it contains more detailed information than the oral media.

The pair had achieved a back page for news due to their hard work back in 2012 when they sold a record number of newspapers. The back page served as a platform to inform the country the current political affairs. It was also used to express the satisfaction of the people in line with the set laws governing the country.

People in the United States yearned to be always represented fairly though things never went their way. Sectors such as health care, education, and basic civil rights needed more addressing than any other. It, in turn, caused the formation of different organizations that have vowed to fight for their rights by all means.

Lacey and Larkin have been in the front line to see this happen. Even though they have been faced with too much resistance and tainting, they have always expressed their agony through writing.