Cancer Treatment Centers of America collaborates with Allscripts and NantHealth to Launch Clinical Pathways

Recently, NantHealth collaborated with Allscripts to implement a custom technical solution that will enable clinical decision support to access clinical workflows in Allscripts Sunrise electronic health record. The clinical decision support solution has a seamless integration that helps inform the cancer treatment procedure without interfering with doctor’s clinical workflow. The clinical operating system interface was established with the input of thousands of oncologist across the nation and comprises a comprehensive collection of developing cancer data.

Note that the system is designed with the patient in mind, and it integrates the modern cancer research technology available, treatment schedules and corresponding therapies into the Allscripts Sunrise EHR. This gives the oncologists the capability of creating a curated list care etiquettes at the point of care. Once the treatment platform is engaged, it gives:

• Custom treatment procedures specific to the patient, their health condition and specific disease condition.
• Comparison between cure alternatives, comprising average market budget of delivery.
• Supporting clinical data.
• Real-time functionality.
• Access to referenced updated guidelines, rate of response, adverse drug reactions and toxicity.

Clinical pathways are known to create a great transparency around the therapeutic selection and care delivery. It also helps in improving quality and efficiency by minimizing variability in care. Having the integrated platform in place, clinical professionals and patients can talk over and compare different treatment procedures. This will play a great role in giving patients the confidence of the appropriateness of their recommended cure for their particular diagnosis. Also, clinical pathway platform can accelerate approval from insurance by providers by effectively offering the required clinical information to support the preferred treatment regimens.

About Cancer Treatment Centers of America

This is a national network of five prominent hospitals that admits and take care of older adults who are struggling with cancer. Cancer Treatment Centers of America Global Inc. has its headquarters in Boca Raton, Fla.
CTCA is known to provide an integrative methodology to the care conglomerates progressions in genomic testing and precision cancer cure, surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and radiation.

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