Adam Goldenberg and His Role in TechStyle’s Success

JustFab’s Don Ressler is a successful entrepreneur with several businesses. He co-founded JustFab and Intelligent Beauty. In addition, Mr. Ressler is the founder of Fabletics, FitnessHeave, and Intermix. He believes in a business that allows him to find the right partners.

Don Ressler, together with his partner Adam Goldenberg, created Intelligent Beauty Inc. Ressler and Goldenberg have dedicated their time to building a sustainable brand. They also strive to maintain an entrepreneurial spirit as they develop their companies.

Ressler’s first internet business was focused on benefiting from the rapidly growing wired space. Over the years, Don Ressler has managed to make over $1 billion in sales and raise $100 million for his internet companies. This has earned him reputation and respect as a great businessman.

Don Ressler has a unique principle that plays a significant role in his success. He believes that cooperation, innovativeness, and creativity can help you achieve greatness.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg formed Brand Ideas, which was renamed to Intelligent Beauty. Intelligent Beauty opened an online skincare store called DermStore. The company also launched SENSA, a successful weight-loss program. SENSA and DermStore are said to be highly profitable enterprises.

In 2010, Intelligent Beauty created JustFab. Don Ressler helped raise $33 million in funding for JustFab. In 2012, Goldenberg and Ressler received an extra $76 million from Matrix Ventures, Crossover Ventures, Intelligent Beauty, and Rho Ventures. This money was enough capital that enabled JustFab to find more opportunities.

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JustFab acquired The Fab Shoe site and FabKids in 2013. By the end of 2013, over 3 million customers in Europe had subscribed to JustFab. JustFab developed and launched Fabletics, an athletic wear brand, in the same year.

In a recent interview, Don Ressler explained what inspired him to venture in the sportswear niche mentioned on He stated that he loves fitness. During his college days, he realized that it is hard to find fashionable athletic wear at a reasonable price.

JustFab Inc was renamed to TechStyle Fashion Group in 2016. The new name represents the technological base of the company. TechStyle has an impressive portfolio, which includes brands like FL2, Fabkids, ShoeDazzle and Fabletics. Ressler and Goldenberg intend to increase the number of stores owned by JustFab to a hundred in the next 3 to 5 years.

TechStyle Fashion Group has had a great impact on the fashion industry. They continue to improve their performance and productivity as time goes on. The company is a huge success in offering great designs at affordable rates.

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The Future Of An Assistant Basketball Coach, Yanni Hufnagel, Looks Bright

When Yanni Hufnagel was cut from the varsity basketball team, he had no clue that he would someday rise to become the assistant basketball coach for the Harvard Crimson. Since his basketball skills were not good enough to make it to Scarsdale High School team, he worked as a basketball commentator where he analyzed games on public television. When he joined Cornell University, he secured a job as a basketball manager, a position that he held until he graduated from the institution. Later, Yanni’s friend introduced him to the former boss of Oklahoma basketball coach, Jeff Capel. After an interview with Capel, Yanni Hufnagel was offered a job as the assistant coach of Oklahoma basketball team.

His determination and hard work at Oklahoma paid off when Capel recommended him to the Harvard Crimson Head Coach, Tommy Amaker, who was searching for a volunteer assistant coach. His skill and enthusiasm won him the job yet again. Yanni started serving as an assistant coach in college basketball where he quickly learnt how to schmooze with coaches. He also developed texting skills to be able to blend with the students. Last year, the Harvard Crimson basketball made a historic win in the Ivy League. Ahead of the Maccabiah Games in Israel this summer, Yanni Hufnagel is set to coach Maccabi USA’S young team.

Yanni Hufnagel’s Career Highlights

During a CBS sports survey in 2011, Yanni’s peers voted him as the assistant coach, who is likely to make it big time due to his recruiting expertise. He was also among the CBS college basketball “dream team” list of assistant coaches ahead of the 2013-13 season. His tenure at Harvard is also epitomized by the role he played in developing couch-surfing basketball phenoms, Jeremy Lin and Wesley Saunders. Yanni Hufnagel has served as an assistant coach of other teams, including Vanderbilt, the University of Nevada, Reno and the University of California

White Shark Media Drives Website Traffic To Its Clients’ Websites

There are many people who go online to attract customers to their websites. While there are many ways that people can become successful online, there is one main thing that all people need to become successful online. People need to get traffic to their website. Without traffic, it is very hard to be successful online. The source of everything online starts with website traffic. However, probably the hardest thing for most people to do online is to get traffic to their website.


There are a variety of reasons why it is hard to get traffic to websites. One of the main reasons is that the Internet is a huge resource that provides information, products, and services to millions of people. Therefore, it is hard to get traffic to a particular website because there are millions of websites on the Internet. In many ways, it is like a needle in a haystack. The average person will find it extremely hard to get substantial traffic to their website because it takes a lot of experience and knowledge related to Internet marketing to know how to drive a constant supply of website traffic.


For the people who want to succeed on the Internet with a business, they must be able to get traffic to their website but not just any traffic. People must be able to get quality traffic that will convert in some way or form. People looking for website traffic should consider working with a digital marketing firm that will help drive traffic to their website. A professional digital marketing firm understands what is needed to drive traffic to a website.


A digital marketing firm that has helped people drive traffic to both large and small websites is White Shark Media. The firm has been helping people get website traffic for many years. The company provides expert advice and services regarding PPC and SEM related services.


White Shark Media takes the time to guide their clients through every step of the process concerning traffic generation.


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Who Is Dr. Walden?

Dr. Walden is the woman behind the world of plastic surgery. She has helped countless women and men achieve their best look through the power of facelifts, Botox treatment, and other forms of procedures. She is always providing great insight on the world of cosmetic surgery, and she continues to educate and provide the best service out there. She is in fact a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and she definitely has her work cut out for her because of her amazing work. Dr. Walden is a highly skilled surgeon who has been interviewed and worked with countless people.


She was recently interviewed by Studio 512 from, and she shared her knowledge on two treatments in particular, facelifts and Botox treatments and why both are important.


If your skin is going through a rough patch and it’s just been in the sun for too long noticing that the aging skin is setting in, a quick little Botox treatment can be just what you need. All you need is four days or so after treatment to rest before you can do whatever you want. The procedure is fairly quick and isn’t very painful.


Facelifts are another kind of procedure that you should consider getting because it’s great for the skin and perfect for those who want to rapidly change everything without going through multiple procedures. A lift can be perfect for those who want that extra push in their skin. Sagging skin throughout the face are hard to get rid of unless you get a lift. It’s about getting the skin to do what it needs.


She demonstrates extreme commitment with her work providing top quality safety and patient care to ensure a satisfied customer. Through her strong passion and personalized approach with how she does business, you can definitely say she is indeed a sophisticated surgeon who knows her boundaries and strives to deliver excellent results. She is by far among the best in the business, and through her years of training and education, she puts forth quality procedures done with the best team behind her.




Check Out Awesome School Tips From Wengie


If you need some tips for looking great at school this year, look no further than Wengie. Who is Wengie? She’s only the best beauty blogger online right now! Wengie she’s back with another awesome vlog.


This vlog that we’re going to talk about isn’t about beauty. Instead, it’s about school hacks, and it has some great tips for being successful at school this year. One tip suggests lengthening short essays that are too long with a few lines of white text after each paragraph. Another tip suggests using a dish rack to organize your school folders at home. Check it out to find out more awesome tips.


Christopher Burch, Society and Technology Come Together To Bring You Bigger and Better Items

What has society learned through the use of the internet? What has time taught us? It has taught users that through the use of the internet and the ever changing trends in fashion, the fashion world is ever growing. The one thing that people have grown used to is that fashion is even more important and popular due to the internet and the ability to spread awareness of trends. Fashion is trendy, available and catches on quickly due to the ability to reach millions through one website.


If you really think about it, since the start of time, technology is always allowing for bigger and better things. For instance, Christopher Burch makes a case in point surrounding what used to be known as a Walkman. The handheld portable Walkman has allowed for the change in technology to bring users to the purchase and making of the portable mp3 player. Instead of the Walkman, the user is able to store thousands of songs on one small device instead of carrying cassette after cassette in order to listen to their favorite songs.


The current trends are allowing for technology to combine with fashion to bring a whole new way of designing and compiling new clothing trends. Because of this, fashion is comes in at a much higher standard than it used to. Think about technology as a virtual playground for children. The more you dive into the way technology works, the more you are able to deliver higher end fashions.


Christopher Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. The firm is based out of New York City and works to manage the investments and branding development. He worked hard to become a billionaire in the year 2012. Forbes Magazine as being the Worlds Billionaires for his majority stakes in the C. Wonder which made his net worth go over the ten figure marks. There is more involved than just his personal investments associated through Guggenheim Partners.



Highland Capital

Highland Capital Works With Dallas Foundation


Highland Capital Management and The Dallas Foundation diligently cooperate in a big way with the goal of improving communities in North Texas.


Highland Capital Management, L.P., is an SEC-registered investment adviser and is one of the most experienced and largest global alternative investment managers. Together with their affiliates, they have approximately $18 billion of assets under management. Founded in 1993 by James Dondero and Mark Okada, Highland’s headquarters are in Dallas, Texas and they also maintain offices in New York, Singapore, Seoul, and Sao Paolo. They are proud to invest in the communities where their employees work and live. Since 2005, the firm and its partners have committed over $10 million to organizations all around the world and were looking for a partner to aid in managing their annual local philanthropic budget that has grown to over $3 million.


The Dallas Foundation is the oldest community foundation in Texas. A community foundation is a nonprofit, tax-exempt philanthropic entity which is dedicated to benefiting a community in a given area and serving its needs. It connects donors with a large network of nonprofits that aid the communities with greater impact, smarter grant-making, and a wide variety of charitable initiatives.


Grantmaking Seminar


The Dallas Foundation will be holding one of these seminars on Thursday, July 13, from 3:00 to 4:30 p.m. in the Auditorium of the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in Dallas. Pre-registration is required and will be available starting approximately six weeks before the seminar, which will offer insight into The Dallas Foundation’s process for requesting a grant. They present two competitive grant cycles every year for grant requests from funds established by donors for the purpose of benefiting agencies that serve a specific population such as disabled or low-income children or agencies with a particular philanthropic interest.



Erick Pulier’s Entrepreneurial Achievements

On the first look, no one would think that such young blood could have accomplished such great success. More than just a distinguished graduate of Harvard, Eric Pulier is an entrepreneur, brilliant technologist, published author, columnist, philanthropist and public speaker with most successful business startups.


From his hometown in New Jersey, Pulier embarked on an education mission that sharpened his natural and impressive intelligence. As a young learner, he was so much into computers that he programmed his first ever computer in fourth-grade. By the time he was through with school, he was the most experienced programmer and started his computer database company.


Moving on to Harvard, he was an editor at the school’s daily newspaper; the Harvard Crimson. He also published his first paper while still at the Harvard Crimson. His insightful pieces of the editorial are still present on her writer profile at the Harvard. Pulier covered many diverse topics like terrorism dangers and the Harvard degree associated stigma. After his graduation from the Harvard, he moved on to Los Angeles where he pursued a successful career.


Erick Pulier’s XPrize is one of the most ground-breaking startups. XPrize comprises of several prize competitions for responsible individuals ready to take on the corporate business world. The mission behind XPrize is to assist adults and other determined teenagers to accomplish entrepreneurial dreams and get success reward.


Pulier’s other accomplishment was the Akana. Akana involves SOA software program and SOA vendors. He later sold Akana firm to Rogue Wave Software solutions. Pulier’s other achievement was his book on Understanding Enterprise SOA. Highly rated for its relevance, the book offers easy-to-understand and concise introduction about SOA Enterprise. His book is very simple to read and was featured on Forbes.


Other businesses that Eric Pulier started include Media Platform media presentation, US Interactive (Enterprise Professional Services), Desk tone (virtual desktops) and the SOA Software (service oriented infrastructure). See:


Pulier has already left extraordinary world footprint. He also developed the first ever space shuttle interactive live feed stream to assist astronauts with medical needs. Erick Pulier also wishes to continue his legacy and support other people by generating assertive computing technology among other helpful and innovative business startups.





Better Banking

With all of the chaos going on in banking today, there are several people flocking to their local community bank. Why? The answer in simple. Contrary to popular belief, community banks offer a wide variety of products and services. To be frank, there are numerous advantages for signing up to with community bank. Those who bank with community banks enjoy the perks of having having lower interest rates on loans, higher yielding Certificates of Deposits, and credit cards with higher lines of credits. Truth be told, it pays to bank within the community. Oftentimes, community banks offers incentives such as $50 for referring friends or $100 for opening an account. With that being said, Nexbank is the poster child for community banking. Headquartered in Dallas, TX, Nexbank is what every community bank should be. In fact, Nexbank is a community itself. Nexbank is a company of 50-200 highly skilled employees. Nexbank offers services in commercial banking, mortgage, banking, and so forth. As of December of 2016, Nexbank has around 4.6 billion dollars in assets. Since 1922, Nexbank has been serving the community and serving the community well. It was founded by a successful man named James Dondero. One can expect for the company to be around for many years to come. Annually, it has continued to build its wealth. In particular, Nexbank is an excellent choice for those looking for a college savings account.In a nutshell, Nexbank has raised the bar for community banking. It has a five star rating on Bankrate and it also has good ratings with the Better Business Bureau. When it is all said and done, you cannot go wrong with Nexbank. For those who live in the Dallas, TX area, be sure to consider Nexbank as your next bank. They are a trustworthy, reputable company.

Clay Siegall’s Contribution To Cancer Research

Cancer has continued to have an adverse effect on many families. According to official data, cancer cases continue to increase. In addition, therapies/ treatment for the disease remain elusive. However, some experts have been conducting in depth research on how to develop viable cancer drugs. One of these researchers is Clay Siegall, a genetic expert. For the better part of his career, Siegall has been developing cancer therapies.

In 1997, Siegall founded Seattle Genetics. The scientist is the CEO of the corporation. Over the years, he has been using his experience to find a drug that cure or improve the lives of cancer patients. Clay has been a proponent of the antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) technology. The company’s stock prices rose by more than 300 percent in five years owing to the success of this method.

Siegall has had an impressive career. He has worked for some of the best research institutions and pharmaceutical companies in the United States. They include Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute and National Cancer Institute. In the former company, he worked as a senior research investigator. In the latter, Clay worked as a Staff Fellow and Biotechnology Fellow. Clay holds a doctorate degree in genetics from the George Washington University.

Seattle Genetics has greatly benefited from the visionary leadership of Dr. Siegall. He has been seeking funds for the company, a move that has enabled it to raise adequate funds for its operations and development of cancer therapies. Clay played an instrumental role in commercializing its first ADCs therapy. The drug, ADCETRIS, is sold in over 60 countries. FDA approved it in 2011. Seattle Genetics has also been able to generate revenues from licensing its technology to other companies that engage in developing cancer therapies. In total, Clay has helped the company to generate more than $1.2 billion in funding.

Siegall is not slowing down. The scientist continues to research heavily on cancer therapies. His hard work has helped him to make new discoveries about cancer. Clay has 15 patents. Dr. Siegall is also the author of several scientific papers, which are published by various medical journals. He has at least 70 peer-reviewed publications. Recently, the Alumnus of University of Maryland honored the scientist for his contribution to cancer and cancer therapy research.