Philanthropic Hussain Sajwani’s Industrious Career

Successful property developer Hussain Sajwani is the founder and chairman of the multi-billion dollar real estate firm; DAMAC Properties. The UAE national is a prominent billionaire in Dubai and has been recognized repeatedly by Forbes as one of the richest Arabs. His success has gone as far as having him being dubbed the Donald Trump of Dubai.

Hussain Sajwani acquired his bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and economics from the University of Washington before joining GASCO as the Contracts Manager in 1981 ( He worked for the company for two years before coming up with Global Logistics Services. This was a catering company that served big clients like the US Military. Hussain Sajwani later established DAMAC Properties in 2002.

DAMAC Properties is one of UAE’s biggest real estate development firms having developed numerous properties in the Middle East. The Dubai-based company has also been involved in major projects around the world working with large names such as the Trump Organization, Versace, Fendi, Tiger Woods and Paramount Pictures. DAMAC Properties boasts of diversity since it has offices in Qatar, Lebanon and even North Africa.

The billionaire investor and Donald Trump have had a productive friendship over the years. The DAMAC owner has worked closely with Donald Trump to build the Trump International Course Dubai. His exceptional work on the course was highly appreciated by the current President during his victory speech in Florida. Donald Trump not only recognized Hussain Sajwani but also the Hussain Sajwani family at the function at a resort in Florida.

Hussain’s is also a man with a big heart and shows it through numerous philanthropic gestures. One of them being donating 2 million Arab Emirate Dollars to charity through DAMAC Properties. The proceeds went to helping less fortunate children everywhere with basic needs such as food and clothing. DAMAC Properties has gone ahead to create a division (DAMAC Maison) specifically to continue carrying out charitable acts. The division has been in charge of building residential units for the poor in the world. Learn more:


Beer Lover, Pilot, and Attorney-Eli Gershkovitch

Craft beer has become one of the Canadians favorite since it was introduced in the country by three men who noticed the absence of the beer. The craft beer was established in 1982 by the three friend s from Britain who had to convince the Victoria BC to change their liquor rules and regulations before setting up the first craft beer in the region. The three co-founders began the Horseshoe Bay Brew Pub being the first in the country. It is was clear that Canadians first drink is beer and with the establishment of the craft beer the market began to flourish and other beer, companies began to brew craft beer in the nation. Visit to know more about Eli Gershkovitch.

Being a Canadian himself Eli Gershkovitch was also interested in beer, and he also decided to brew craft beer in Canada. He is not a brewer by profession, but he studied law at the University of Toronto. In 1987 Eli Gershkovitch visited Europe, and that is when he learned more about craft beer and decided to go for it in his home country. Although he began craft beer brewing, Eli did not stop to practice what he went to school to do. Instead, he is also considered a successful attorney.

Eli established his factory in Gastown, and he was lucky enough to move into a building which had a hidden steam power. It was an added advantage as the steam power was used as a source of energy to brew his craft beer. After qualifying to get a license from the Canadian government, in 1995 Eli Gershkovitch began his SteamWork Brew Pub, which produces a tasty beer. Eli is a go-getter and a devoted man who takes advantage of every opportunity presented to him, and he began his craft beer development, he began manufacturing six beers.


Eli Gershkovitch believes that his organization is a little company that has grown. Since the creation of the beer firm, Eli has managed to lead the group to a successful business which is considered to be the largest in Canada. In 2013, Eli Gershkovitch and his team took a big step and developed a taproom as well as a full-scale brewery. Eli Gershkovitch’s firm has become an exporter of craft beer. Eli can be described as a man who wears many different hats; he is a pilot an attorney by profession, and a craft beer brewer. Read more at Release Fact about Eli.

The Unmatched Success of Seattle Genetics under Clay Siegall

Since its establishment in 1998, Seattle Genetics has continuously focused on the human antibodies. The company has been carrying out studies, manipulation, and packaging of drugs ever since. The company through therapies have been able to use their antibodies in destroying cancer cells. This strategy has enabled Seattle Genetics to grow into one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the Seattle Biotech industry.

Seattle Genetics is the most substantial biotech company in Washington with over 900 employees and a market value of approximately $10 billion. The company is converging on transforming into a big pharmaceutical and has invested enormously on research and marketing. The biotech company’s leading drug, Adcetris treats Hodgkin lymphoma. Hodgkin lymphoma is cancer that affects the lymph system and also spreads to other organs of the body. The drugs positive, expansive tests will lead to an increase of its sales.

The company is going global and is currently providing many products. It has many drugs in its pipeline. According to Clay Siegall, the President, and CEO, Seattle Genetics is looking forward to becoming a big company, and it will not be sold to a big company as most of the biotech companies do. The company is also focusing on managing the complexities of marketing its new drugs globally.

Seattle Genetics is constantly growing and developing. Its stock worth has tripled in the last five years. Its approximation has also been enhanced by higher than 50% in the past year. The rising valuation is a clear indicator that business is booming in the facility. The company has mainly specialized in the production of antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) types of drugs. The drugs which target antigens attach to the outer sides of cancer cells thereby depositing toxin into the cells and killing them. According to Seagull, four out of their eleven drugs will have higher sales in the near future.

Clay Siegall is the Chief Executive Officer of Seattle Genetics. He is also the president of the biotech firm and the Chairman of its Board of Directors. Dr. Clay Siegall founded the company in 1998. He was inspired to establish the company because of his interests in medicine coupled with technology in fighting diseases.

Clay holds a Bachelor’s degree in Zoology from the University of Maryland. He acquired his Ph.D. in Genetics from the George Washington University. Prior to co-founding Seattle Genetics, Clay served in various companies. He was an employee at the National Cancer Institute as well as at the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute.

Drew Madden Taking Healthcare IT to great heights.

Drew has grown in his career to become one of the best minds in his professional field. He has experience and knowledge spanning just over a decade working with various EMR projects.

He is responsible for undertaking implementation, optimization, management and advisory roles for multiple different EMR projects. Aforementioned has helped him to assist numerous companies and Healthcare IT leaders to build successful project teams.

He began his schooling life at Roland Story High School where he excelled highly. He then attended the prestigious University of Iowa, where he studied Industrial Engineering with specialization in Medical systems.

He started his career at Cerner Corporations performing the role of implementing clinical solutions. In 2005, he joined Healthia Consulting where he performed implementation duties before being promoted to the Business Development Position.

Later on, he joined Nordic Consulting where he served as an Executive Vice-President before taking up the role of President. His key responsibilities included; client relationships, business development, and recruiting functions.

During his time at Nordic, he oversaw numerous improvements that propelled the company to great heights. The number of employees grew to over 700 employees. The number of client partners also increased to over 100 partners catapulting the company’s revenues over the $1,000,000 mark.

After leaving Nordic Consulting in 2016, Madden proceeded to start Evergreen Healthcare Partners Company with several partners.

The company offers direct competition to Nordic and strives to be competitive and win some of the market shares. The company provides various services including Advisory and Consulting roles for multiple clients including clinical facilities.

Over the course of his career, Drew Madden has managed to attain various vital certifications that have further promoted his professionalism.

He has been awarded certifications in Epic Inpatient Clinical Documentation, Epic Inpatient Medication Orders, Epic Inpatient Procedure Orders, and Epic Willow Inpatient (EpicRx).

On a personal front, Madden currently resides in Madison, Wisconsin and he his happily married to Patti Madden with whom he has two Kids. Throughout his career, he has always believed in delivering the best service possible to his clients and ensuring they are satisfied.

Glen Wakeman Encouraging People to Start a Business

Every person who starts his or her own business wants to succeed. However, success requires a lot of hard work and is not guaranteed. More people decide to start their own business and become their bosses because it gives them flexibility a regular nine to five job would not be able to offer.

Glen Wakeman knows how crucial it is to work hard both in life and business. He works with different start-ups to help them grow. Glen is also the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. His education in Finance and Economics allows Wakeman to understand the demands of the business world, and he wants to help other people succeed in their new business venture. His experience comes from the various positions he held in different businesses over the years, and now he wants to pay it forward by educating others.

Glen Wakeman created a program consisting of five steps that outline the focus points for any new business. Risk management, human resources, leadership and its execution within the business sector. Wakeman understands the ins and outs of the company, and his experience on the investment side also helps. He writes and talks about new business owners about economics and administration as well as the management of business.

Glen Wakeman follows the changes in the business world, and his passions inspire others who are just thinking about starting out in the business world. His company was born because Wakeman like solving puzzles and finding solutions to complex problems. One such mystery is finding the money for businesses with great ideas. It is one of the hardships new business owners are stopped by and don’t always know where to turn for information. The company helps people create a business plan based on their idea and put the right things into motion. Read more on

Two days are never the same, and Glen Wakeman enjoys every single one of them and believes that it is essential to stay connected with the business world to understand it. So he doesn’t just sit down and review numbers, he gets involved and enjoys working directly with his partners and people who are looking for advice.


Boraie Is Involved In Spectacular Redesigning Of Urban Cities

Boraie Development LLC is based in New Brunswick. This is a real estate company. It specializes in rebuilding as well as redesigning urban development. The president of the Boraie Development LLC is Omar Boraie. He is 72 years old. He is happy that his vision for New Brunswick has turned into a reality over all these years.

At one time, Omar Boraie had been in Europe, where he was a traveling scholar of chemistry. He had the same vision for New Brunswick too. But in 1972, when he started his business, things were quite bad. People used to leave New Brunswick once it became 4 p.m. This was when Omar Boraie started with a block of 21 buildings. All of these were vacant as well as run-down.

This was when many people thought that he was crazy as he was planning to build condos along with high rise office buildings in this area. But this did not deter him. In the 80s he built The Albany Street Plaza Tower One. In the 90’s he completed a 250,000 square foot building for office purposes. In this way, Omar Boraie provided this city with a well-designed, high-rise office space. It was badly needed over here.

At this time, Omar Boraie also realized that this city required quality residential units also. This was when he envisioned a building complex that would be high-rise, just the way it is in New York City. This was why the Spring Street Condominium Building was built. It is a 25-storey building. This building comprises of 121 units, besides office space, as well as retail shops, along with a parking garage. In 2007, the building was completed.

While developing his business, Omar Boraie could see that there was a market available for luxury developments. This was because several professional doctors, and lawyers, besides teachers, and nurses, as well as policemen, firemen, along with business professional, had a desire to work in New Brunswick. These people would like to enjoy this developed downtown. Hence Omar Boraie could see a scope for attracting good quality tenants this way. This had always been his goal. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms to know more.

He has designed The Aspire. It is for young and trendy residents as it provides them with convenience as well as style. The location of Aspire is such that it has an active night life. It also features various restaurants as well as other avenues of entertainment. Visit their website


Word Of Mouth Remains An Important Business Tool For Fabletics

The retail industry is consistently explaining how the digital age we now live in is changing the way business is conducted at all levels. Marketing in the 21st-century does not seem to be a difficult task for the Kate Hudson backed Fabletics brand which has seen a major share of Online leisurewear sales move to its brand over the traditional market leader of Amazon; one area Fabletics has taken advantage of is the word of mouth requirements of modern shoppers who are now looking to Online sources to discover which products and retailers are the best reviewed.


Word of mouth recommendations has always been an important part of marketing with personal recommendations always driving many consumers to specific businesses. In the digital age, we now live in a single good review of a product or business can result in a large number of customers deciding to take their business to a specific company. Fabletics report they have been a prominent exponent of the power of the Online review which has seen the parent company of the brand, TechStyle look to highlight customer reviews in its range of marketing techniques undertaken. Statistics show more brand should be following the lead of Fabletics and taking control of their Online presence in the form of reviews as an amazing 84 percent of individuals surveyed explained they trust Online reviews as much as they would a recommendation made to them in person, according to The Huffington Post.


Alongside the growing trend for positive reviews of the Fabletics company made by some of the more than one million members of the subscription service, the brand has become something of an extension of the life of co-founder Kate Hudson. The actress who shot to fame in Cameron Crowe’s “Almost Famous” has become one of the most impressive marketing tools for the brand as she uses her personal social media accounts to bring new products to the attention of members and fans alike. Unlike many other brand ambassadors, the fact Hudson appears to wear the clothing created at Fabletics on a regular basis only adds to the ability and approachable nature of the star.


Forbes reports Kate Hudson has leaped into her role with Fabletics with a gusto few imagined she would bring to the position. The launch of a range of clothing designed by singer and actress Demi Lovato was accompanied by an introduction at a press event by Hudson as she embraced the growing range of products being created for the Fabletics brand. Unlike many brand ambassadors, Kate Hudson has become an important figure in many different parts of the Fabletics company as she has become active in almost every part of the business. Understanding the fact she is one of the most important factors in the success of Fabletics led Kate Hudson to film a commercial in the style of her Instagram account which has been widely praised by Fabletics members for providing an aspirational aspect to the brand.

What Bank Does Better

Regarding The NextBank You’ll Choose

Look closely at the details of your next bank service.

You don’t want to end up with a bank that doesn’t have your best interest in mind. Getting a competitive edge with your money is tricky. You want to accomplish three basic needs first. They’re to earn, protect and then grow your assets. The best service in finance, therefore, is only possible with banks.

The right bank will start a financial account that you won’t forget. Only impeccable service can do these things. There’s a hurdle to take into consideration though. The art of financial management is in the details. Choosing the right bank is therefore crucial to your life and well being.

The answer we have for you today is called NextBank.

NextBank is the banking provider of a new generation.

Generations of people have had to manage their money the right way. NextBank is a banking service that you can rely on. We can get you through this or any other era.

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What we have is an age-old secret in locality. It’s true. NextBank isn’t a commercial bank praying to be “the next” American option. Our clients are local Texans like you. It’s not only the desire to provide great service that gives NextBank its credibility.

Being able to match its service with the environment it’s in gives this agency the right perspective for your business. The bank specializes in protecting wealth, growing it and then tracking the results. Anytime citizens of Texas search for a bank who cares, NextBank will be the option.

Let it be yours today.

Jason Hope Tips IoT to be the Game Changer

Jason Hope is a writer, entrepreneur and a tech enthusiast of various trending techs. Despite having a degree in Finance, he prefers to dwell more on technology. However, his degree comes in handy when identifying suitable business opportunity. He has a vast audience that relies on his insights on trendy tech. Recently; he wrote an article which highlighted Internet of Things. Jason predicts that shortly wearable devices will soon make their way into mainstream technology by development of Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) technology monitors activities in a campus environment such as security. The technology allows various devices to sync with each other. With the data collected universities can create campuses that optimize one’s potential while reducing waste.

IoT will revolutionize the means of learning by giving students a virtue reality, e.g., walking in the rainforest or inspecting a beating heart while inside a classroom. Smart classrooms such as; digital whiteboards, video projector, streaming lectures, collaborative workspaces and integration in connectivity handheld devices have all emerged due to IoT. In future, the Students will have access lecture and reading materials at their request with the aid of their phones/tablets. Colleges will finally give long-distance learners a learning experience similar to their campus colleagues. Amazon while collaborating with IoT will enable students to access learning material without the need to relocate. For IoT to be more efficient, the teaching staffs are required to adopt new technology. IoT is designed to enable students to reach their potential in their respective areas of study. The technique seeks the areas students face difficulty and provide solutions.

Jason tips the technology to become the most significant investment for organizations worldwide. The technology will connect various devices to one internet, a milestone which Jason urges companies to begin embracing. With the advancement of IoT, there will be likely high demand for companies to develop apps that engage clients with their daily schedules. IoT will help remove inconveniences in our lives, a good example being the efficiency of train repairs. Nowadays it’s easier to monitor the working of trains and provides solutions even before the train start developing any issues. If the same technology applies to vehicles, there would be less pollution due to fewer accidents occurrence. To know more about us: click here.

Jason Hope offers grants to highs school and college students who have an interest in the development of technology. His efforts are towards helping students realize the importance of investing in technology and improve our daily lives.

Equities First Holdings Has The Simplest Application In The Industry

There are a lot of people who are going to come to Equities First Holdings to fill out their application and get their money in a loan from this company, and they do not have to explain anything on their application. Most lenders expect people to explain what they are going to do with the money, but this firm does not ask people to do that. They only ask for a simple application to be completed, and they will make sure that all the people who fill out an application get their answer as fast as possible.

Equities First Holdings will be sure to help people around the world with this fast process, and they will make it so much easier for someone to get their mone yin as soon as possible. That is how people get funding that makes their lives easier, do not have to explain too much, and have a bit of freedom.