Relmada Therapeutics Continues Legal Action Against Laidlaw

It appears that the legal troubles of Laidlaw & Company won’t be ending anytime soon. Despite the best efforts of its principals, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern, the public is becoming increasingly aware of their misguided corporate antics. This is primarily due to the protracted legal battle between Laidlaw & Company and one of its former associates, Relmada Technologies.


In a way, it’s ironic that all of Matthew Eitner and James Ahern’s actions would come back to haunt them in this way, since it was a campaign of misinformation against Relmada Technologies that got them into trouble in the first place. As it turns out, underhanded tactics are not a good method for instilling public trust, or improving the public’s opinion of your company after a major lawsuit has been filed against you.


For those who simply aren’t aware of the legal battle between Laidlaw & Company and Relmada Technologies, it originally began several years ago. At the time, Relmada Technologies was using Laidlaw & Company’s services as their investment banker. Through this capacity, Laidlaw & Company attempted to overthrow Relmada’s existing board of directors and demand the power to appoint their own members instead. While fights of this nature aren’t entirely uncommon between large firms, what is unusual is the manner in which Ahern and Eitner attempted to “win.”


While the two companies were expected to reach some sort of amicable agreement, Ahern and Eitner decided to release a public statement that essentially put into question Relmada’s future, as well as calling into question their judgment thus far. When Relmada responded with a lawsuit, a federal court ruled in their favor with an initial restraining order.


With Relmada Technologies making an amendment to its original lawsuit, it looks as though there is a clear winner in this fight, and it’s certainly not Matthew Eitner or James Ahern.

George Soros’ Contributions to the Just Concluded Elections

Born in Budapest in the Kingdom of Hungary, George Soros is a successful businessman, investor and political activist owning the Soros Fund Management. His prominence roots from the short sale of US$10 billion Sterling Pound that earned him $ 1 billion in the Black Wednesday United Kingdom money crisis. Soros is known as one of the richest men in the universe. Apart from being an investor, Soros is a politician with a broad participation in the American Progressive and Liberal Political teams on With his passion for humanity and peace, Soros was a major component of peace building in Eastern Europe. He transitioned communism to capitalism in Europe.

The Reemergence of Soros on the Political Scene

After taking a long hiatus from political activism, George Soros resurfaced on the political scene by pledging up to $25 million to support Democratic Party’s candidates and various causes to be voted on during the November 2016 elections. The funds were to be channeled through super PAC’s supporting Hillary Clinton’s campaign which had earlier received up to $7 million in donations and other candidates vying for various seats on the party’s tickets. Voter mobilizations on Forbes initiatives also received part of the funds which marked Soros’ most active political participation since 2004 when he spent a staggering $27 million in campaigns in his attempt to oppose the re-election of President George Bush.

George Soros’ Post Trump’s Victory Strategy

The Washington’s strategic meeting follows George Soros’ telling active participation in the just recent concluded elections marked by significant financial contributions. George Soros with other powerful politicians Left Wing Democrat Donors gathered in Washington to strategize and take stock of the election aftermath. On the cards during the meeting was how to counter some of the political policies contained in Trump’s 100 days play which aimed at rolling back some of President Obama’s policies. Some of the policies include The Obamacare including policies aimed at equitable distribution of resources to the citizens. Besides, the politicians discussed polling with a focus on reaching out to the middle-class voters at who played a key role in Trump’s resounding victory over Hillary Clinton in the just concluded Presidential Elections.


Soros attended the London School of Economics and graduated with a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Philosophy.

The Technologically Advanced Application From Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion has received the recognition they deserve for their Video Chat product. The Technology Marketing Corporation has given Talk Fusion the Communications solutions award. This is their second award from this particular media giant. This award is to honor products of exceptional worth regarding data, voice and video communications. The products are required to have been developed within the past twelve months. The CEO of TMC is Rich Tehrani. He gave a press release stating how honored he was to present this award. He feels Talk Fusion is a leader in their industry and have the best solutions and products available at this time.


Talk Fusion uses a technology called WebRTC that gives their users the ability to talk to each other with a video image. This works on all smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. Google Play and iTunes both support the application.


Bob Reina, the founder and CEO says they are only beginning. He feels their IT team is so talented they will come up with a Video Marketing Solution for the future. He says they stay ahead of the competition and are looking forward to seeing what their team develops. Ryan Page is the Chief Technical Officer for Talk Fusion. He thinks their latest application represents an even larger goal. He says their team is innovative and efficient. They understand the importance of magnificence in an application. According to Ryan, their team is nothing less than priceless.


Talk Fusion has become the home of the very first Video Marketing Solution the world has ever seen. Their dedication is helping businesses learn how to stand out and see an increase in their profits and sales. Talk Fusions realizes having repeat customers can make this happen. They are incredibly persuasive with their videos, and have the ability to make marketing memorable, fun and completely engaging.


They cover over one-hundred-forty countries. A free trial for a full thirty days is offered for their Marketing Solution on a try it without a credit card promotion.




John Goullet Is Staying On Top

John Goullet is the principle of Diversant. John Goullet is an IT professional, and he is also an individual that has started many different businesses. Goullet started off by working as an IT consultant, and later he went into IT staffing. Goullet was able to get a very wide perspective of the IT industry, and he also used that knowledge to start his own company and later he merged with another successful company as well. Goullet founded Info Technologies, and his company quickly became a very well-known IT company working with Fortune 500 individuals. Info Technologies was able to gross $30 million within the first five years of its inception. The company was also placed on INC magazine’s list of The Fastest-growing Businesses.

John Goullet decided that he would merge his business with Diversant LLC. Goullet became the principal of Diversant, and he was able to help the company to innovate new measures to help conquer the different challenges that are unique to the IT industry. Diversant also works with Fortune 500 clients, and under the leadership of John Goullet the company has had amazing growth.

Divesant is the largest African-American owned company in the United States, and it is certified as a minority owned business. Diversant a company that is at the top of its market. John Goullet graduated from Ursinus college in 1983 with a Masters degree in Computer Science. Goullet immediately got into his career after he graduated from college, and because of his drive and determination, he was able to help form two extremely successful companies.

Getting More Out Of Your Sundays

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Chris Burch is a Creative Entrereneur and Fashion Lover

Chris Burch is the CEO and Founder of the Burch Creative Capital. An expansion of his artistic values and vision as an entrepreneur and businessman is what gave birth to the company. For this reason, he applied his imagination and new market opportunities. Chris Burch has led a life of incubation and numerous creativity t support scale. He has resulted in the rise of non-disruptive businesses and brands to have a lasting and positive impact on our lives. He has strongly invested as an entrepreneur and businessman for more than four decades. He has also led a successful career in development and investment as a hedge funder.


As a matter of fact, the two industries have been considered as seamless. However, there is one remaining constant. The two industries have remained to depend on each other for growth. While technology keeps growing with the aid of fashion to become more fashionable, fashion is now growing to be technologically hip. A fascinating part of the story is how the two industries have grown together. When we look at the present and past, we see the real picture. Technology ad fashion is two independent entities.


Let’s look at the past events. During the 70s, technology brought us the ability to carry around your favorite stations and tunes. For this time, this was the latest technology. When you walked with these tunes and stations, you were considered fashionable. Therefore, the introduction of the cassettes was the next best invention whose use went to the 19th century. While you were listening to music using one side of the cassette, the other side was used to record the music. For this reason, a seamless way of development was imminent. When the 90s dawned, technology became more fashionable. You could find young men and women carrying their favorite Walkman invention. According to them, this was the most imminent history. Therefore, music became one of the best ways to develop accessibility.


One of the next best inventions was the best way to produce music. The late 20th century saw the development of iPod which was the new revolution. As we can see, technology and fashion have become imminent. While we considered wearing a helmet unfashionable, technology and fashion become the next best things to walk.

Finding Purpose Through Non-Purpose Capitol

Finding Purpose Through Non-Purpose Capitol

Equities First Holdings, a unique company founded and headed by entrepreneur Al Christy, specializes in cutting edge and innovative spending solutions for individuals and businesses. This service is especially useful for entities that are interested in non-purpose capitol.

Equities First:

Equities First Holdings was established over 14 years ago. The company was built on a dream, and continues to run internationally, with offices in the United States, China, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Though Equities Lending is young, they only staff seasoned veterans of the finance industry. Also, the company has over 650 transactions to date, a great accomplishment for a growing business.

Equities believes in empowering clients, rather than the traditional “negging” type of environment most in finance are useful.

Who Benefits From Using Equities Lending Solutions ?

Those who are looking for low interest rates and new ventures would benefit the most from Equities first. People who are looking for alternatives to the traditional lending companies would also benefit from using these services. In addition, people looking for flexible loan use would benefit.

Again, Equities believes in empowerment and freedom, not slamming companies with stringent rules. As for dividends, the client keeps credit and upside appreciation. Also, the process is fast and efficient, streamlined to fit the needs of the customer and not the other way around. Again, individuals and businesses can use these solutions.

Some other features of the company loan terms include:

  • a non-recourse loan
  • Loan to values=high
  •  Fixed, low rates

Headquartered in the United States since 2002, you won’t find a better and more efficient company. Empowerment is key, and Equities believes in the innovative spirit of every entrepreneur.

ClassDojo Takes Empathy to Schools Across the Nation

Teachers of grades K-8 are finding new reasons to love ClassDojo’s applications and educational materials. In continuing the company’s mission to creative environments more conducive to learning, ClassDojo has released a series of videos aimed at teaching kids the value of being more empathetic with those around them. And it seems to be effective.

In the case of one teacher, dealing with a class of 10-year-olds, they found that one of their disabled students felt more comfortable in situations where they had to partner up with fellow classmates thanks to a simple rewards and rotation system involving stickers. By removing the guesswork of who would be reading with them, the student found the classroom to be more inviting. Another, perhaps unintended result from this system is that other students have been exercising a little more compassion and respect for those who share the classroom alongside them, just a couple of values many teachers want to introduce to their young students.

With a cast of colorful monsters, ClassDojo has been able to take important lessons young minds can benefit from while also being engaging and fun. Teachers seem to agree with that assessment. In the previous year an approximate 65% of elementary schools across the country had at least one classroom using their products in connection with regular instruction.

A great deal of this growth comes from ClassDojo’s app, which connects parents to several aspects of their child’s school life. In the future this may expand to incorporate more features, but @ClassDojo has stated that it plans on keeping with its mission on communication. This takes on a stratified approach when applied to the way students learn.

Luba Falk Feigenberg, a research director with ClassDojo, has stated that part of ClassDojo’s mission is to inform young minds of the diversity they will encounter in the greater world beyond the classroom and the many different types of people they will have to interact with on a daily basis. By developing a sense of empathy, when students interact with one another they will understand the need to act on a way that’s beneficial to society, like being caring and kind. It’s a noble venture to undertake, as research suggests a national decline in empathetic attitudes and behavior. But ClassDojo intends to do its part through its partnerships with schools across the country.

About ClassDojo :

Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don left the UK for the US in August 2011, intent on working on their venture on the behalf of elementary schools. The ClassDojo application was aimed at parents and teachers alike, giving them a platform on which to connect and communicate about the more important aspects of the academic lives of students.

ClassDojo was warmly received by the educational community, netting 35,000 teachers in their pilot program just a few months after launch, which made the international launch a logical next step.

Squaw Valley Clears Up Reports About Water Contamination

The administration of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort released a lengthy answer with regard to the report that coliform and E. coli microorganisms inhabited the source of drinking water on the upper mountain of the Squaw Valley.

According to a few reliable sources, it was the company itself that gave out the news about the contaminated water stations in the resort on the 8th of November at the Placer County Department of Environmental Health. Rather than fabricating alibis to cover up the whole situation or totally ignoring it, Squaw Valley did not let the matter go unnoticed and began to find ways to correct the issues. To be specific, they hired water specialists who are continuously treating the water.

The most recent news about the reservoirs, as per the words of Wesley Nicks, the environmental institution’s Director, is that they have already gotten rid of the E. coli, while the amount of coliform bacteria reduced greatly. The only thing that this incident affected is that the restaurants operating on the upper mountain are required to stay closed until the experts give the go signal that the water is free from contaminants.

Summary of the Statement Produced by Squaw Valley Ski Resort

In the letter generated by the recreational company, they discussed the reason why the problem has arisen, as well as the steps they have taken in order to remedy the matter.
In particular, based on Squaw Valley’s own analysis, the E. coli and coliform were brought upon the wells by the rainstorm that affected the area last October. While this only increased the water level in different water systems within the county, it was the cause of flooding on the ski resort’s upper side that reached the newly formed stations that they had just constructed in the same year at High Camp and Gold Coast and started the contamination in the first place. However, despite the fact that there were many other wells located near the place, it was only those specific water systems that had bacteria grow on them.

The resort’s administrators found out about the harmful microorganisms living in some of their reservoirs, on the other hand, when they conducted a routine check on the waters. As soon as they determined that a few wells were indeed contaminated, Squaw Valley informed the authorities such as the Squaw Valley Public Service District and the Placer County Department of Environmental Health concerning the issue and set up consultations with various water treatment experts at the same time.

Though the problem is still not fully solved up to this day, they promise to the public that they will not avert from cleansing their wells until the last bacteria is gone for the welfare of the individuals and families who visit the ski resort.


The Fabletics Brand that is Gaining Exposure Around the World

Kate Hudson has found a way to get the attention of many customers that may want to work out. She has given people access to a brand of clothing that is unlike anything else that they have experienced before. It is one of the most exciting companies out there, and the buzz is still continuing for this all the people that have starting working out in the gym.


Memberships to gyms are on the rise, and Fabletics is the company that is making women look good when they go to the gym. There are going to be stores with Fabletics clothing coming to a location near you. It is all a part of the trend to get more people interested in this brand. It has expanded over the years and managed to become a powerful company that is getting a lot of new customers through social media. The website has been around for several years, but it has become evident that an offline present is valuable. In the next 5 years more than 100 stores for the Fabletics brand will be in place. This shows consumers that Kate Hudson is ready to take her clothes to customers around the world.


People in Australia know about the brand, and Canada is also a country where this brand has become quite popular. The buzz about this company is growing, and people know that this is a company that has a lot of really beautiful clothes for those that are working out. Everyone may not know about the brand, but Hudson is planning to fix that. She is out to make this brand a household name. Fabletics is the company that people are going to look for when they want to find those trendy clothes that cannot be found anywhere else. That is the thing that makes the brand pop. It is the all-inclusive brand that has exclusive garments. This company carries the exclusive Kate Hudson active wear line. You cannot get this in a JC Penney or Dillards department store. That is why the brand is so intriguing. That is another form of social media marketing that helps build the brand. Hudson and her celebrity friends are also helping the brand gain exposure.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler’s high-power moves 👊🏼

A video posted by @fabletics on