The achievements of Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy is one of the very well-known architectures in the USA. He studied at Tulane University where he pursued masters of architecture and also he studied bachelors of art in English from Sewanee; The University of the south. He has been on the forefront in communicating the value of design and he has therefore been voted as the master architect by Alpha Rho Chi, the architectural fraternity. Robert Ivy has worked with iconic architects from different parts of the world and this has improved his skills on how he comes up with unique designs. Following his great work, he has won various famous awards like McGraw-Hill Award for management excellence in 1998.

After he became an editorial architecture, the industry has earned many honors including the 2008 MPA digital award for website of the year. He is one of the seven individuals who received the master of architecture title in 100 years’ time and he was also the only architecture selected in the whole of the 20th century.The American Institute of Architecture that is currently held by Robert Ivy as the chief executive officer has helped many people to achieve their dreams as architectures because in the past everybody could claim to be an architecture because there were no rules licensing the requirements of a qualified architecture. The institute has also worked closely with its members to ensure that they have improved the image of the architectural fields.

He has served as the member of the CICA the international circle of critics and he also serves on the advisory board of four universities including the Mississippi State University and also Tongji University School of Architecture and urban planning in Shanghai China. Robert Ivy has also contributed greatly in making sure that architectures are thinking far beyond and their field through his advice in his meetings with them. He says that he prioritizes on the public health before coming up with any design of a building. He starts by considering the materials used because an unhealthy system can affect a large number of people through noncommunicable diseases like diabetes. Learn More.

Wes Edens and His Roles at Fortress Group – Fortress Growth and Purchase by SoftBank Group

Wes Edens and His Roles at Fortress Group – Fortress Growth and Purchase by SoftBank Group

In America’s private equity investment sector, the name Wes Edens is popular. He is one of the five founders of Fortress Investment Group – a market leader in the provision of alternative financial services. He owns the Milwaukee Bucks jointly with Marc Lasry. He is also the owner of FlyQuest team that plays on the online platform league of legends. But it is his professional career with Fortress Group that has made his name prominent in the investment industry. Since co-founding the Fortress Group, Wes Edens has been at the heart of the company’s ventures. He has seen the firm grow into a $72 billion company with diverse investment interests. As the Chairman of the Fortress Group Board, Edens has been the primary catalyst behind acquisitions at the firm.

One prominent purchase was in 2010 when the company invested 124 million dollars in Springfield Financial Services. The returns multiplied 28 times within five years when Fortress shares at Springfield skyrocketed to 3.5 billion dollars in 2015. The most recent role of Wes Edens was in January 2018 when he steered the purchase of the company he co-founded by the Japanese SoftBank Group. The fortress had been in talks with SoftBank since 2017 but finalized the deal in January. With this purchase, Edens’ stock proceeds would earn him 512 million USD. However, he had already banked 11.4 million USD since early 2017 according to Biz Journals. He also received an additional 1.4 million dollars from unvested shares.

With the 2018 purchase of Fortress, Edens will continue serving in the company’s executive roles alongside his colleagues Randy Nardone and Peter Briger Jr. Their leadership contract lasts for five years according to the deal with SoftBank Group Corporation. The successful business management career of Wes Edens sprouts from the Oregon State University degree in Finance and Business Administration. After completing the undergraduate study in 1984, he began his career with the Lehman Brothers in 1987. As a partner and director, his tenure at Lehman lasted for six years. Then, he joined BlackRock Company until starting Fortress in 1998. At BlackRock, Edens gained knowledge in private equity investment by running the Asset Investors Division of the firm.

Use The Fagali’I Airport To Get To Apia Upolu In Samoa

The Fagali Airport will give visitors instant access to Apia, a small town in northeastern Upolu Island, Samoa. This airport came into fruition in 1959 as a US Air Force Base during World War II. At the time, the single airstrip was made of grass, but around 2005 was officially paved with asphalt. This airport de-commissioned in January 2005 because many villagers had concerns about environmental pollution, safety, and loud noises as the planes descended on the island. However, the airport re-opened in July 2009 after renovation efforts went underway. Now it is going stronger than ever before.

The Fagali Airport has a customs booth for getting your passport stamped (the agency follows the American Samoa rules), a washroom, cabs outside, and a money exchange Western Union nearby. Some popular hotels in the area are the Samoan Outrigger Hotel starting at just $59 a night and the Hotel Millennia at about $70 a night. The Fagali Airport’s high-end resorts, such as a Taumeasina Island Resort, have rooms for about 234 dollars a night.

Getting away to Upolu Island is the best option because it is bustling with tourist attractions. It is a nature lover’s paradise filled with local rainforests to trek and pristine white sandy beaches at the helm of beautiful crystal clear waters teeming with aquatic life. Scuba divers and snorkelers will have fun exploring the reserves. Moreover, there is a Fiafia fireplay performance display nearby every Friday, yoga retreats, and the Samoan Cultural Village to get a taste of the traditional local culture with dancing, singing, and handcrafts making.

To get to this island, the Fagali Airport is the best option. Some of the airlines bringing passengers in and out of Fagali daily are Talofa Airways and Samoa Airways, both have twin-engine aircrafts that can fit up to nine people. Each passenger is allowed a 44lbs check-in bag and a 12lbs carry-on. The flights are to Pago Pago and Tongatapu.

About Fagali :

Wes Edens’ Untold Investment Journey

Wes Edens, an investment expert, attended his studies in Oregon State University, where he received his BSc degree in Finance and Business Administration in 1984. He began his career as a partner and managing director from 1987 to 1993 in Lehman Brothers. Later on, he joined Blackrock’s where he worked in the private equity division until 1997 as a managing director and partner. Wes Edens was a co-founder of Fortress Investment Group in 1998; his investment lifestyle was based on creative financing and building a business from the investment. Edens also helped Fortress to become a buyout firm that was publicly traded for the first time where his partners played a significant role in taking it public via its original public offering.

In 2009, it had sold 8% shares worth $600 million to the public. Wes Edens and his partners became billionaires when Nomura Holdings which is a Japanese financial holding company decided to acquire 15% shares for $888 million of Fortress. In Forbes billionaire list, Edens was a world billionaire who owns 72.8 million shares which are worth $2.2 billion, and he has earned additional $150 million as net cash payouts since 2005. Wes Edens then became Fortress’s Board of Directors Co-chairman in 2009 and utilized his capability by ensuring that the stock price falls below one dollar which was after the crisis of subprime mortgage that was experienced. Wes Edens, having worked with the most exceptional financial corporation, he had been able to extend his career and full milestones. It was what aided him in becoming an expert in private equity management and investment.

In the Wall Street Journal, Wes Edens was named to be the new king of sub-prime lending due to the role he played in the purchase of stakes in the Springleaf Financial Services. It helped Fortress to generate fortune profits and also consolidating its position in the investment management sphere. In conclusion, Wes Edens is a family man despite his expertise in investments. He has his personal life and a family that needs his attention as a Dad and a husband. During the day, he appears to the world as an investment mogul while at night, he takes time to be with his wife and kids. Wes and his wife Lynn have been blessed with four kids, Mallory being their youngest daughter. The daughter, Mallory caught the public’s attention when she appeared at the NBA lottery draft in 2014 as Milwaukee Bucks’ representative.