Bright new futures spring from Academy of Art University


The world may be an ever-changing realm, but fashion is universal. Every year, many hopeful designers and fashion fans make the pilgrimage to New York City to spot the trends and make their mark on society. Academy of Art University houses such hopefuls, whose promising talents and schooling prepare them for their futures careers in fashion and design. These students come from all over the world to San Francisco for the chance to have a fashion career.

The showcased collection features artists from a variety of backgrounds, hailing from Mainland China and all over the United States. The themes range from construction based to futuristic. Some designers, such as Jelly Shan, use colors to highlight a peaceful, girly style, using playful fabrics and tassels to remind viewers of joyful childhood. Others, such as Ryan Yu, play with light and darkness, creating flashy silhouettes that draw in viewers. The firm black and white fabrics entice the viewer. Joanna Jadallah uses a ancestral past of fleeing from home to create a vibe of survival through her knitted wool fabrics. Their soft, lightweight appearance call back to home in their beautiful earth tones.


One notable thing about all of the featured students is that they have access to many prestigious brands to intern at, building their experiences and making connections for themselves. This speaks highly of Academy of Art University. The school, founded in 1929, is home to over 12,00 students. The school has partnered with New York Fashion Week since 2005, giving students the opportunities they need to branch out. The school expands over San Francisco. The school offers bachelors, masters, and associates degrees to its students, as well as online courses for those with a busy schedule. They have programs not only in design, but architecture and art.

The school also hails to famous alumni in various fields, such as makeup artistry, acting, and directing. They provide 25 programs for students to major in to work in various industries. They also attract notable faculty to the college. Together, this creates a mix that brings new students to their halls.


The Fagali’I Airport – Making The Necessary Adjustments To Keep Business Going

The Fagali’I Airport has had its share of ups and downs since the early part of the 21st century and a bit of the late 20th century. Once owned by the Polynesian airlines and the Samoan government, concerns brewed in the airport, leading to the closing of the airport a number of times in order to re-situate things. The Fagali’I Airport has persevered through many matters which has allowed it to conduct their business as usual.

The Fagali’I Airport, in the late 20th century, was one of a few airports that used a grass landing strip for its planes. The Polynesian airlines and the Samoan government knew that it was time to upgrade the airport and so they did. The construction of adding a pavement went well…well at least they thought it would last, until complaints flooded management offices regarding noise levels throughout the Fagali’I village. In January of 2005, the airport would be de-commissioned.

It would take over four years for the airport to get matters with noise levels squared away. Re-opening the airport alone was a joy for many individuals, but not only did they re-open the airport but they added a new flight – Pago Pago, American Samoa according to With this addition, seems as though they were looking to make up for all of money lost over the course of four years.


Business would be a success until guests of the airport were deficient in travel accommodations according to Upon stepping outside of the airport, transportation services, such as those of cabs, buses, shuttles were unseen and guests were extremely disappointed. As a result they would take their business elsewhere.

The Fagali’I Airport would make the necessary adjustments in order to capitalize on the lack of accommodations. Now, if you were to land at the Fagali’I Airport, you would notice a richness in available transportation of a broad variety.

The Fagali’I Airport is the airport that you would land at if you were looking to take a pleasurable trip to experience the amazement available in the city of Apia. Book your flights today and take advantage of the various deals offered through the many airline ticket sale sources available in-person and online.

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Malcolm Casselle, Has More Virtual Trading Solutions

After founding OPSkins and leading it to become the world’s most successful and prolific cryptocurrency trader, Malcolm Casselle is at it again. He has launched a new entity that is focused on virtual trading of assets. WAX is the name of the new creation by Malcolm Casselle, and it’s a denotation for World Asset Exchange. The platform facilitates a P2P market platform for virtual trading in assets. It is built on the blockchain principle that makes use of decentralized contracts. These kinds of dealings allow sellers and buyers to trade assets uninterrupted with each other.

The Rationale behind WAX

One might question the reason behind creating WAX when OPSkins is already a market leader in the selling of virtual assets while gaming; with Malcolm Casselle still at the helm. Indeed, OPSkins is said to be the best bitcoin trader on earth. The creation of WAX was based on the need to solve two existing problems in virtual trading in assets. These problems revolve around segmentation and fraud. The platform solves the problem by using a relatively simple software program that is powered by block chain technology. The tech software program allows all traders to buy assets simultaneously and purchase virtual items without having to click off.

In particular, the problem that WAX is seeking to solve has to do with the fact that the current virtual trading in assets comes with a market melee locally and regionally. The traders are often dumbfounded because of the sheer confusion of language and concerns regarding security and payment processing complications. Thus, most traders tend to want to operate within their countries. Such a development is unfortunate because it even beats the rationale of virtual trading in assets whose objective is to provide a marketplace without boundaries. WAX is being introduced by Malcolm Casselle because it is the only blockchain application that has the capacity to handle virtual trading in assets in real-time. It provides the needed security against fraudsters and allows the traders to play on and explore virtual trading in assets without inhibitions.

Brief on Malcolm Casselle

Malcolm Casselle attended MIT where he attained a Bachelor of Computer Science degree. He is also a Stanford University Alumni. While at Stanford, he studied Computer Science further and graduated with a Masters degree. He has worked in several other companies including NetNoir, where he was a founder and CEO too. NetNoir was the first ever media production website that specialized in Afro-related culture.