Get Real with The RealReal

Thanks to The RealReal’s successful location in New York, the fancy and luxurious online consignment shop The RealReal plans to broaden their horizons by promoting more in-store experiences for their customers which, if successful, will dub 2018 as the year of the pop-up. To be clear, these will not be permanent business locations, but more so spur-of-the-moment type shops that feature items that are sold on The RealReal’s website. The RealReal’s pop-up location in San Francisco was such a huge success that their online sales increased by more than 500 percent from customer purchases within the area shortly after their two month long pop-up event. Their next up and coming location is said to be in Las Vegas and hopefully will be just as, if not more, successful as the one previously held in San Francisco. The RealReal also plans to spread their pop-up events all throughout the United States, so be sure to keep them on the look out because this will be an experience you won’t want to miss out on.

The RealReal is an online consignment shop that deals in items from luxurious brands such as Tiffany & Co., Hermes, Herman Miller, Knoll, Chanel, Versace, and many more. They consign all forms of products such as women and men’s clothing, jewelry, furniture, shoes, accessories, and even tabletop items such as dishes and silverware. Are you an art buff? You’re in luck because The RealReal as a wide selection of fine art pieces for the avid collector, as well as photography and authentic prints. The RealReal consignment shop is perfect for the thrifty shopper that loves the finer things in life as well as having a sharp eye for fashion. With the RealReal, customers are able to get their hands on the most sought after and expensive top shelf items for a price that won’t break the bank.

Video Marketing Like No Other

Formed in 2007 by founder and CEO Bob Reina, Talk Fusion is an a la carte Video Marketing Solution. Their mission, to change how people communicate in every part of the world. They want to eliminate barriers as a all-in-one network marketing company. Not limited to businesses, anyone can try Talk Fusion and witness just how innovative they are. As of 2017 they offer services like video email, video newsletters, live meetings, video chat, and sign-up forms.


In 2018, Talk Fusion is in the process of adding new products to their arsenal. They have already introduced a new Product Dashboard designed for their Video Suite. It offers many innovations they have yet to announce, but should be in the coming days. Bob Reina has stated that the new dashboard is the boost the company needs in order to begin adding improvements that the company will announce later in the year.


Talk Fusion is number one in their space, because what they are is unlike anything their competition can bring to the market. Talk Fusions products are priced competitively, which doesn’t bode well for their competition. Reina also states that Talk Fusion is unsatisfied with their place, and are constantly looking for new ways to better their products. For example, he wants to introduce WebRTC-powered devices of the highest quality and most efficient.


They also assert that the new system should be easy to use, no matter the individual. It should also be controlled by state-of-the-art technologies. All this translates to benefits exciting products will see in addition to the new ones they have in the pipeline. These improvements will increase the brands value and their reputation. Reina states that they will change the future by changing how humans connect to one another.


In the coming weeks Talk Fusion’s IT team and Chief Technical Officer Ryan Page will release these new products. In the mean time they are prepping hard. They are already forcing people to rethink how they communicate.


For a one-time fee of $175 in addition to a monthly bill of $20 an individual gets one account that can store 1,000 emails. Added, they can also create videos up to five minutes long. Clients will also have access to pre-made videos and access to more of what Talk Fusion offers. The next tier starts at $375 and allows for clients to expand their service via the monthly service fee.  Learn more:

Rick Shinto, InnovaCare Health and Helpful Analytics

Innovacare Health is an American business that focuses on making key changes to the world of healthcare management. It does so by giving people access to first-class Medicare Advantage and Medicaid plan options. It does so by coming up with imaginative provider network approaches as well. Richard Shinto, M.D. created Innovacare Health. He’s the company’s Chief Executive Officer. He leads it as its President, too. He established the firm at the end of the nineties in 1998. That’s around the time he became part of California’s NAMM (North American Medical Management) team. Shinto was a doctor who realized that he needed to take action. He picked up on a problem that simply wasn’t been addressed or accommodated within the medical field. Physician organizations required operational knowledge in the middle of an unpredictable landscape. Shinto took it upon himself to collaborate with the aforementioned medical management group. His goal was to assist medical care groups in bettering their care processes.

Dr. Shinto is the epitome of a qualified and capable healthcare professional. He’s been working in the clinical field for two decades plus so far. He knows a lot about managed care matters, too. He’s had many diverse positions throughout his illustrious career. Dr. Shinto was NAMM California’s Chief Executive Officer in the past. He was Aveta Inc’s Chief Executive Officer before, too. For more details visit Bloomberg to know more.

Dr. Shinto even has notable writing skills to his credit. He’s penned a good number of pieces that involve clinical medicine and healthcare in general. This professional is aware of the strength of a top-quality educational background. He went to the University of California at Irvine located in Irvine, California. He got his bachelor of science (BS) degree through the public school. He went to the State University of New York at Stony Brook on Long Island all the way across the nation after that. That’s where he secured his coveted medical degree. This doctor even studied at Redlands, California’s University of Redlands for his Master of Business Administration (MBA). He’s lucky to work next to a range of diligent and attentive professionals each day. Some of these professionals are Chief Financial Officer Douglas Malton, Chief Information Officer S. Bhasker, Chief Actuary Officer Jonathan A. Meyers, Chief Accounting Officer Michael J. Sortino and Chief Administrative Officer Penelope Kokkinides.

Innovacare Health is a business that depends on meticulous analytics and in-depth structure. It collaborates with payers, practices and health systems.

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Eric Lefkofsky’s Impact on Advanced Medical Treatments

Eric Lefkofsky lives his life as a well-accomplished and ambitious entrepreneur. His success as a businessman has also played a significant role in his ability to make substantial donations to various health-related charitable causes. Eric Lefkofsky and his wife established a foundation called the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. The Lefkofsky Family Foundation makes monetary contributions to cancer research initiatives. Some of their philanthropic actions include a $500,000 donation to aid with immunotherapy for gastric cancer research at Stanford University. The Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University received a $1 million donation from Lefkofsky’s foundation. The University of Michigan and New York’s Weill Cornell Medicine also obtained donations for cancer research purposes from the Lefkofsky Family Foundation.

After Eric Lefkofsky’s wife unfortunate breast cancer diagnosis, Lefkofsky had an inside look at the process and options for the treatment of cancer. He realized that there could be some improvements made to the efficiency of cancer treatment, which inspired him to help create a health-tech startup called Tempus. Tempus is a company designed to assist physicians with constructing a treatment plan for cancer patients, and patients with severe illnesses by using a person’s health data and molecular information to create an effective personalized treatment regimen for their well-being. The Tempus platform focuses on genomic sequencing and using proprietary algorithms to examine genomic data. Since Eric Lefkofsky co-founded Tempus, the company has helped patients with pancreatic, breast, and lung cancer.

Along with using his entrepreneurship experience to help introduce Tempus to the world, Eric Lefkofsky has ascertained an impressive resume of successful and well-known businesses. Lefkofsky is the co-founder of a venture capital firm, located in Chicago, called Lightbank. Furthermore, he is the co-founder of Uptake Technologies and the co-founder and Chairman of Groupon. Other companies he has helped create are Mediaocean, Echo Global Logistics, and InnerWorkings.

Lefkofsky holds a position on the board of directors of Lurie’s Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago and the Art Institute of Chicago. He has also instructed courses at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and DePaul University’s Kellstadt Graduate School of Business.

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In Australia, Equities First Holdings Is Easy To Do Business With

The clients that Equities First Holdings has are important to the company, and that is proven through the way that they have opened a new office in Melbourne, Australia. They now have room for expansion and clients have easy access to the office. Equities First Holdings gives stock-based loans that are different than the typical loans that one would take out, as they are unrestricted, and many people have come to them because of that. Businesses who want to get involved with investing, and individuals who are looking to make money this way, can come to Equities First Holdings at new, large and easy to locate office.

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The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy Fuels Success

Nick Vertucci knows real estate, and he is on a mission to teach others how to flip real estate to turn a profit. The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy is one of the nation’s most respected real estate educational programs. Students from across the United States are learning ways to achieve their financial goals through real estate investing. Nick Vertucci started his company in 2013.

His company offers an educational solution to many of the challenges associated with investing in real estate. His system, along with a helpful community, gives his students an opportunity to succeed by using the same techniques he used to become hugely successful.

Students can expect to learn everything they need to know for finding the right properties and putting together closable deals. The program covers everything. His team is also proactive in helping students work through any challenges to realize success. His team is comprised of actual leaders in the real estate industry, and they run a program dedicated to the success of his clients.

His program covers wholesaling, contracts, flipping properties, rehabbing properties, buying and holding on to properties for cash flow, investing in commercial properties, using an IRA or 401K for investing, asset protection, and more. The course provides a comprehensive overview of everything an investor might encounter. Nick Vertucci has also put together a community of investors and private lenders who are willing to fund sound student real estate deals.

Nick Vertucci brings his own personal philosophy of dedication to the program. He believes that a person’s past should never dictate what they can accomplish in the future. He grew up in a home where he lacked for nothing, but was by no means well off. His family also suffered when they lost his father when he was ten. His mother worked long hours, and he also worked to help support his family. At the age of 18, Vertucci was living out of his van.

Vertucci is the CEO of the Vertucci Real Estate Academy, and he loves the freedom of helping others while being his own boss. Vertucci has a lot of incentives and reasons to pursue success.

Dr. Rod Rohrich, Innovator and Educator in the Field of Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Rod Rohrich, a renowned plastic surgeon based in Dallas and a Professor of Plastic Surgery at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, will be involved in three medical conferences and symposia during the first few months of 2018. From February 8th to 10th, Dr. Rohrich will attend the 52nd Baker Gordon Educational Symposium in Miami, a conference focused on innovations in cosmetic surgery. The Symposium offers many live surgeries for observance, and two of these will be moderated by Dr. Rohrich: the Pragmatic Solutions in Lower Lid Blepharoplasty and Elegant Solutions in Body Contour Surgery. He will also be involved as a lecturer on the Elegant Solutions in Rhinoplasty panel.

Dr. Rohrich will then be a part of the 21st Annual Global Dallas Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine Meeting, serving as a chair for the event. He will be gathering a group of highly-renowned cosmetic surgeons to discuss recent innovations in laser technology, skin tightening and other breakthroughs in cosmetic surgery. The event will take place from February 28th to March 1st.

On March 2nd and 3rd, Dr. Rohrich will attend the 35th annual Dallas Rhinoplasty meeting, which he is also a chair of. This event is attended by many world leaders in rhinoplasty procedures, and they will discuss recent innovations in the field. The Meeting also offers a fresh cadaver lab to help focus on specific rhinoplasty procedures.

About Dr. Rod J. Rohrich

Dr. Rod Rohrich is a world-renowned plastic surgeon as well as an instructor in the field of cosmetic surgeries. He is licensed by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and he received his M.D. from Baylor University’s College of Medicine. While he has performed a variety of cosmetic surgery procedures, Dr. Rohrich’sspeciality is rhinoplasty, or nose reshaping, and he has authored or co-authored hundreds of articles and textbooks on the subject of rhinoplasty.

Currently, Dr. Rohrich lives in Dallas and serves as the Chairman of the Plastic Surgery Department at UT Southwestern. He is active in the Dallas community, having served as a member of the March of Dimes of Dallas while also helping to found the Dallas for Children Foundation. Dr. Rohrich has chaired or sat on panels for a wide variety of conferences and symposiums, and he continues to be an innovator and educator in the field of cosmetic surgery to this day.

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Securus Technology: Introduces New Wireless Containment For Inmate Telecommunications

Why Securus Initiated Crime Prevention


There are many inmate telecommunication networks that would like to take part in inmate crime prevention measures, but lack the resources. Securus Technologies was one of the first to understand the threat of a cellphone in the wrong persons hands in a correctional facility. Their CEO, Rick A. Smith was behind any opportunity to strengthen the safety of the general public. Their popular network continues to be a preferred network over other providers because they put their customers first and have very affordable rates. Their technology will cost you $2 to $1 over the competition.


What Is The New Wireless Containment Technology


Known for their superior technology, Securus has created an advanced technology solution to combat all types of contraband and will specialize in illegal cellphone use. Their new wireless containment technology will allow illegal cellphones to be disabled remotely, but it won’t affect the use of authorized phones in a correctional institution. Their technology is the first of its kind and is expected to have a successful launch in many participating states very soon. Many will agree, their technology features are completely unmatched by their competitors and have successfully solved or prevented many crimes.


Previous Securus Technologies Program


There was a previous crime prevention program that was popular among Securus customers because it directly involves their input. They’re encouraged to visit their website and leave your comments about your customer experience, refer features, or report crime. They also allow their customers to leave anonymous tips about illegal cellphone use on their website. This feature has already been in use for a few years and has solved or prevented a record amount of crime. Join their interactive feedback forum by registering for a user account and help eliminate facility crimes today.


Who Is Securus Technologies


Securus is a popular inmate calling network with a 1 certification. They have recently been the recipients of the prestigious Stevie Award for excellent customer service. Their once surveillance and monitoring equipment of other networks is now the lifeline if their network. They employee highly trained IT techs who are ready to take your call on your new or existing account with online access. Many popular features continue to serve their nationwide following if over 245,000+ customers. You don’t have to feel like a number when your trying to stay connected to someone you love in a correctional facility.


Transform the amount of money you spend on inmate calls and stay connected when it matters the most. Stop spending a fortune on inmate calls with interactive technology solutions chosen by the support of their customers and designed by their team of executive professionals.

The Resignation Of Lazaro De Mello Brandao Ignited Leadership Shake-Up At Bradesco

Lazaro de Mello Brandao is a distinguished banker whose career at Banco Bradesco SA, the second largest private bank in Brazil, evokes respect and envy in equal measure. Until his resignation on October 11, 2017, Brandao served as the president of the board of directors of Bradesco. As the chair of the board, he represented the Bradesco Foundation, which is the controlling shareholder of Banco Bradesco SA. Sitting at the helm of a $413 billion worth company, as per 2017’s statistics, Brandao commanded respect in not only Bradesco but also the entire Brazilian financial industry.

With age catching up to him, Brandao, 91, stepped down in the interest of Bradesco. According to him, his wilful resignation would give room for a younger leader to occupy the central post on the board of directors hence allowing for the bank’s continuity according to In his resignation address, Brandao affirmed that his career at Bradesco, spanning 74 years, is a source of both professional and personal satisfaction. He also stated that he would take with him his office desk as a souvenir. Bradesco recognizes the contribution of Brandao to the success of the bank; he owns Bradesco’s No. 1 employee badge. In fact, Bradesco was not ready to let him go, and he will remain in charge of some of Bradesco’s companies such as Bradespar SA and Fundação Bradesco.

However, even with Brandao’s departure, Bradesco must continue providing quality services to all its clients. The bank immediately appointed Luiz Carlos Trabuco, Bradesco’s CEO, to take over the role of Brandao. Trabuco has been the president of Bradesco for eight years. The executive is approaching 67, and he will not be eligible to remain in office as Bradesco’s bylaws restrict professionals older than 67 to discharge the duties of a president. Trabuco will resign in March. Bradesco’s is planning ahead of time for Trabuco’s replacement. In fact, during Brandao’s resignation, Trabuco mentioned that the bank had started prospecting for a new CEO. He added that Bradesco would pick its CEO from its talent pool as opposed to scouting for a president outside the bank.

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Bradesco’s style of appointing its CEOs has been consistent. The bank’s management favors professionals who currently hold leadership positions at the bank. Heads of departments and subsidiaries have the upper hand in succession. Trabuco’s appointment to head the bank is case in point. Before the appointment, Trabuco was the president of Bradesco Seguros, an insurance subsidiary of Bradesco according to Therefore, the current head of Bradesco Seguros, Octavio de Lazari, and six heads of departments are in the limelight regarding Trabuco’s succession. The leaders of departments include Alexandre da Silva Gluher, Domingos Figueiredo Abreu, Josué Augusto Pancini, Marcelo de Araujo Noronha, and André Rodrigues Cano. In case one of the mentioned heads of departments is appointed, the units that will be affected include human resources department, bank’s treasury and lending departments, IT department, etc.

Once the office of the president is substantially occupied, the new CEO is expected to work alongside Trabuco—chair of the board of directors—to cement Bradesco’s position in the Brazilian banking sector. As president, Trabuco demonstrated to all and sundry that he had the interests of Bradesco at heart. Apart from sticking with Bradesco amid pressure to resign and be part of the former president Dilma Rousseff’s cabinet as the head of the ministry of finance, Trabuco initiated a couple of measures that mark his legacy. He spearheaded the acquisition of the Brazilian branch of HSBC for $5.2 billion. In addition, he established the award-winning Unibrad Corporate University. The university has been at the forefront of fostering the professional development of staff at Bradesco.

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Omar Boraie Single-Handedly Saved a City

Often times in a bad situation, it only takes one person to be a hero. This was true for Omar Boraie, the leader and patriarch of the real estate corporation, Boraie Development LLC. Because of his work and commitment to New Brunswick, New Jersey, the city is not only alive today, but it is a thriving hubbub of economic activity.

Omar Boraie is a man with a tender heart, and he has infused this compassion throughout his organization. Often times, you do not envision an organization having a love and heart for the city where it was born, but this is true of Boraie Development LLC. This organization wanted the city to soar to new heights and accomplished the greatest success the European cities had in their prime. This work has taken 40 years of hard labor, but now that those four decades are over, Boraie Development LLC is seeing the fruit of their labor., the official site for Boraie Development LLC, proudly discusses how they were able to invest $150 million of their own money into the city of New Brunswick. These investments focused on building commercial and residential areas so that families and their businesses could relocate easily to New Brunswick. further describes what these investments intended to do.

Omar Boraie intended that these investments would help the city of New Brunswick in four areas. At the time, New Brunswick was the last place that families wanted to live. It was struggling to gain new businesses and was fighting tooth and nail to keep the business es they already had. Lastly, the middle class had no reason to stay, and this would result in the city failing. For more details visit Bloomberg.

Omar Boraie focused on creating loving families inside loving communities. He accomplished this by securing ways for families to spend time with one another. An article on New Jersey Stage describes how Omar Boraie united with the New Jersey Stage to provide a summer of movies for families free of charge.

Omar Boraie then focused his attention on the business sector. He was able to convince the big boy in town, the corporation Johnson and Johnson, to stay in the local area. He knew no other business would come if they left.

Once Johnson and Johnson decided to stay, Omar Boraie was able to build several commercial real estate offices and residential buildings for new professional and business families.

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